Tips From Agent Leaders: How Can Property Agents Thrive In COVID-19?

The effects of this global pandemic on the property market is truly unprecedented. With many real estate agents worrying about how they can continue to survive in their careers – today we’re sharing tips from top agent leaders on  how you can thrive in COVID-19! To stay competitive, agent...

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6 of the Most Stunning Show Units that You Can Visit Right from Home

Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or not, there’s one thing that most of us undoubtedly enjoy- visiting show units.

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The Jack of All Trades: Dominic Ong

Call him the Jack of all trades. Agent extraordinaire, Dominic Ong could possibly do anything given his intelligence and persona.

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Property Nightmare Stories #10: Don’t DIY Your Tenancy Agreement!

Sandra is a landlord who rented her unit three months ago to a tenant without a tenancy agreement. She ponders if the tenancy is legitimate without a signed agreement between both sides.

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The Rags-to-Riches Story of Benjamin Lai

How one real estate agent proves that poverty and lack of education are no barriers to success.

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Property Nightmare Stories #9: My Booking Fees Were Forfeited Because the Landlord Kept Delaying

After the delay of signing of tenancy agreement, Mohammad decided not to proceed with the first offer from Sarah. Sarah is aggrieved as the booking fee is forfeited and she is unable to rent the unit.

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I Don’t Like Airbnb Coming into My Apartment

I don’t really fancy Airbnb, plain and simple. What influenced my stance on Airbnb is through my personal observation on the incoming and outgoing of foreign guests around my apartment recently, thanks to the home sharing website.

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Property Nightmare Stories #8: Why Is Your Contract Different from Mine? Why Do I Have to Pay You RM24,000 to Move Out?

The Property is a shop office in Kota Damansara. The Landlord has let it to the Tenant for a two-year period for rent of RM2000 and the agent has prepared the Tenancy Agreement.

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Property Nightmare Stories #7: Conned by a Fake Landlord

Johnny rented the unit out - except that he wasn't the owner. One day the real owner came to visit and found a different tenant. Read more...

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Property Nightmare Stories #6: My Landlord Wanted Me to Continue Paying Full Rental Even Though the Roof Was Leaking onto the Living Room

The ceiling and flooring in the living hall of the Property have been damaged due to leakage from the rooftop. Due to the leaks, the living hall cannot be used by Sally, the tenant.

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Property Nightmare Stories #5: Private arrangement between tenants – Less hassle at the moment but more issues in the future?

Jasmine took over the tenancy from her friend, Kenny (who has signed the tenancy agreement with the landlord) and paid the deposit to offset Kenny’s deposit. But is this the right way to go about it?

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Property Nightmare Stories #4: You Have 24 Hours to Get out of My House. April Fool… ?

On the morning of April 1st, Jasmine received a letter from her landlord stating that her tenancy was to be terminated immediately. Panicked, Jasmine called her landlord only to find him uncontactable. Read more...

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Property Nightmare Stories #3: My Electricity Wasn't Working So I Stole My Neighbour's

With an electricity bill of RM0 for 2 months, the landlord thought that the TNB metre was damaged. Little did they know that their tenants were stealing electricity from neighbours... and for good reason.

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Property Nightmare Stories #2: A Swindler’s Set-Up

Landlords will normally rush to “give in” to the requests of Tenants to secure a Tenant. But here is a story of how everything can go wrong if the proper procedures are not followed.

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Till Property Do Us Apart!

Marriage is often than not seen as ‘the adventure’ of one’s lifetime. Many have adjusted well to the idea of a married life while some have stumble and fall. And imagine sharing not only a life together, but a property too?

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Mohd. Adib Aziz: I Almost Sold a Murder House!

Nothing can beat the feeling of selling your first property. Ask any agents and they will tell you that the feeling is priceless. As for Mohd. Adib Abd. Aziz, that wasn’t the case.

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Delayed 10 Years and under Liquidation Now

The increasing number of abandoned properties are aggravating, especially to buyers who have large stakes in it. Here is a live case of one such victim, which PropertyGuru reached out to their legal partners for assistance. Read more...

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Property Nightmare Stories #1: Amanda and her MIA Tenant

Owning properties and renting them out for passive income is every person's dream. But here is a story of how everything can go wrong when the tenancy agreement is not properly drafted and enforced.

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The Joys and Maladies of Property Buying

Property buying is often a harrowing journey if you are a first time home buyer. Compiled here are some of the happy, amusing and occasionally heartbreaking stories.

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