The Best Wallpaper Ideas For Every Room At Home

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The Best Wallpaper Ideas For Every Room At Home
We can agree that 2020 was an extremely stressful year for just about everyone. The truth is that most of us, no matter what age group, are constantly under some kind of stress and pressure.
When you top it off with being constantly bombarded with readily available news at our fingertips, it is no wonder that healthcare professionals have been sounding the alarm about stress for years!
It’s even been shown to have a negative effect on the immune system. The silver lining was that COVID-19 was a wakeup call for many of us to slow down and prioritise our health.
But just where and how do we begin the process of de-stressing? With us being at home more often, it makes perfect sense to begin there! Let’s get right to the joys of the best wallpaper designs for those 4 walls!

Identifying Your Design Style For A Relaxing Home

There are many different design styles to choose from, and rightly so – we all find different things soothing on the eyes and calming for the soul.
Before diving into choosing some room wallpaper, the first thing you need to identify is your unique style and preferences. Then you can start figuring out how to incorporate them into your home.
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Think of the walls in your home as a massive BLANK canvas for you to express yourself. Relaxing wallpaper is a great way of introducing prints, patterns, and colours into the home to create just the kind of calming atmosphere you’re after.
For example, a soft wallpaper colour with minimal designs can instantly make small spaces look larger and feel relaxing.
Warmer hues alongside wooden designs and patterns can give larger spaces a comfy, soothing, and inviting feel. It all depends on your signature style.
However, as a general rule of thumb, there are certain colours and patterns you want to use sparingly (or not at all!), if your aim is to turn your home into a calming paradise for you and the whole family.
For example, avoid giving your bedroom a makeover with striking red floral wallpaper if you intend to get a good night’s sleep.
This energetic colour might leave you feeling drained or, worse, angry! If you want something warm, a good alternative would be a pastel pink shade instead.
If you want to feel calm no matter which room you’re in, then here are some of the best wallpaper ideas to inspire you and turn every room into a sanctuary:

1) Living Room

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This is the first place you walk into after a long and hectic day, and it is also the place we welcome and entertain guests the most.
That is why you probably want to pay a little more attention and spend some time figuring out what design will bring an immediate sense of calm to you and those who walk through your doors.
A pastel mint, lilac, or soft violet wallpaper are classic colours that help immediately bring some serenity into a space like a living room.
This soothing backdrop represents clear blue skies or the big blue ocean, which can be easy on the eyes, especially if paired with the right lighting.

2) Kitchen & Dining Area

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The heart of any home, the kitchen and dining area is where a lot of delicious joy and lasting memories are created, which is more reason for you to keep the atmosphere of the space relaxing.
Yellow and orange are seen as colours that bring out creativity and enthusiasm, and stimulate our zest for life.
These are perfect for those who sometimes struggle to decide what to cook, and great for those who lack a hearty appetite. For a more relaxing kitchen feel, try out softer versions of those hues instead.
If you feel adventurous and want a tiny bit of vibrance, instead of wallpapering your entire kitchen or dining room, try hanging instead.

3) Bedroom

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Rest is not for the weak. In fact, a lack of sleep can lead to lots of health issues, and tiring our brains out means we are actually less productive and less capable of doing our jobs to the best of our abilities.
Great colours to tap into for that much-needed restful sleep include hues with blue undertones like lavender, lilac, or blue-grey.
Textured wallpaper adds some dimension, and possibly even depth to your room, should you choose to have a feature wall.
To create a more unique feature wall, instead of the usual method where you’d wallpaper one side a darker hue, just paste decorative stencils all across one wall for an instant wow-factor!

4) Kids Room/Nursery

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Whether you’re a new parent or have had kids for a while, we all know that restful sleep for children is extremely important for their growth and development.
Why not give them a head start by simply choosing the right wallpaper colours that will be conducive to better sleep?
The best wallpaper for kids to relax in would have minimal designs that blend in with the overall colour of the wallpaper.
Gently playful hues like pale pink, soft blue, pastel yellow, light green, or taupe are great colours that promote relaxation.
Avoid wallpapers that are too colourful or with lots of patterns, as that will stimulate your child’s curiousity and make it harder for them to fall asleep.

5) Home Office

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Working from home can definitely be challenging, but there are still ways to help you keep your sanity. An easy hack is simply to redecorate to keep things fresh!
Not only will you be clearing the clutter, but you will also be able to focus and be more effective at your job if your surroundings are pleasant and conducive.
Floral or nature-inspired wallpapers help bring the outdoors in, and is especially helpful for those who work in stressful environments.
The colours, smells, and sounds found in nature send signals to the brain to feel calm. It is also a great source of inspiration, and the reason why doctors are increasingly prescribing nature to those who are looking to de-stress.
Since we might not have the luxury of spending time in nature every day, why not bring nature indoors to improve your overall health!
Some other things you can do to create a relaxing environment at home include paying attention to the small things like decorations and lighting.
Use pillows to create a cosy atmosphere, and install warm white lights instead of cool white. You can also light scented candles, buy a couple of potted plants, and play calming music to get you feeling zen.
Our homes can, and should, be the place we find comfort and relaxation before going out into the world and facing the daily grind.
Being able to come home to serenity after a hard day at work can help us recharge and be more effective and present in our daily lives.
So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take charge of your physical and mental health today, time to get to wallpapering that home!
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