6 Condo Interior Design Tips To Make Your Unit Feel Unique To You!

PropertyGuru Editorial Team
Looking for a property is exciting, and choosing from the different layouts in a high-rise can be a thrill. Malaysia’s vibrant property landscape is home to many unique building designs that people are proud to call "home".
But once we get the keys to our new place, it might begin to sink in that while our development as a whole looks unique, the many units are all prettyyy similar inside!
So it falls on us to make our houses feel unique and like an extension of ourselves, and we do that by bringing together different elements, eventually creating a most wondrous space.
For those of you looking to make your new condo feel truly unique, here are some ideas you can begin adding today, or start as a long-term project.
Let’s dive right into some design elements, that will make your home the envy of friends and family during your next video call:

1) Plants

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We are blessed with great weather for growing just about anything. Even if your unit receives relatively low sunlight, you can still keep plants like mother-in-law’s tongue and money plant, to liven up just about any space in your home.
The bedroom and bathroom are great places for those plants, because they release oxygen at night, and have the ability to purify the air.
Now, to give your plant pots a bit of character, you will need to put on your creative hat and bust out the art supplies.
Get the kids involved by asking them to look for unused plastic bottles, glass jars, or tin cans to be upcycled into pots. Decorate it with twine to give it a rustic feel, or paint it for a more artistic effect.

2) Aquaponics

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If you already rear fish, you might want to consider growing some food too. An aquaponics setup is a system that allows you to grow your own food, using nutrient-rich water produced by the fish.
You will definitely learn new skills, especially in reusing something you otherwise would have poured away, while reaping the reward of having an aesthetically pleasing sight to behold.
The best part is that you will be joining a growing number of people, who have their very own organic supply of herbs and vegetables, on-demand.
Build some excitement around the process, and in no time, your kids might just start wanting to grow and eat herbs or veggies of their own!

3) Art

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One of the fastest ways to turn your house into a home is by hanging some work of art on the walls. It allows you to make a bold statement, or go for a more subtle splash of colour.
If you are the type of person who appreciates the efforts of local artists, there are numerous Malaysians who have one-of-a-kind pieces that you could exclusively own.
If you prefer framing your own masterpieces, this Movement Control Order (MCO) gives us the best chance to sit down, and sharpen our skills.
Time to create a work of art that we can show off to our future generations, especially if they ask us how we dealt with the pandemic!

4) Lights

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Being at home a lot lately, we’re going to want a dedicated space that will bring about a soothing and calm atmosphere.
Whether it’s the balcony or a little corner in your condo, you can always influence the mood with some mood lights and the addition of music.
Adding a lava lamp, or a warm white LED bulb can help set the tone for some relaxing and unwinding. Fancy LED strip lights, on the other hand, can be synced to your music to create a party atmosphere.
And if you want to make the environment a little more romantic, why not have a variety of scented candles on hand that you match according to that day’s mood?

5) Feature Wall

Condo design, condo interior design, Condominium interior design, Condominium design
A feature wall can make a room look bigger or cosy, depending on the colour of the paint, and the effect you are going for.
With many of us working from home, it might pay to think about how the colour of our workspace is affecting our productivity, and if a feature wall would make a difference.
Parents who want to make sure their kids avoid scribbling on freshly painted walls, can dedicate a single wall for them to show off their artistic nature.
Simply get a can of chalkboard paint, and your wall is instantly transformed into a canvas for budding artists! And while you’re at it, take some time to show off your drawing skills, or use it as a to-do list!

6) Fabrics

Condo design, condo interior design, Condominium interior design, Condominium design
Over the years, we may have collected scraps of fabric, or held on to old clothes that were too precious to throw, hoping for a day to put them to good use.
Why not make your home stand out by upcycling (read: giving them new life) these pieces of fabric that you have stashed away?
From table runners and curtains, to floor mats and cushion covers, there are many creative ways we can use fabrics of different colours and textures.
It’s not that hard to add a unique feel to our home, coupled with priceless sentimental value. For example, check out how this lady made an apron out of her late husband’s neck ties (see image above)!

So there you have it! A list of ways to make your condo feel unique and keep you busy during this MCO. For some high tech ideas to help you live a more futuristic lifestyle, take a look at this article for some of the coolest gadgets to turn your home into a smart home.