7 House Painting Mistakes You Should Be Avoiding

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7 House Painting Mistakes You Should Be Avoiding
It’s understandable that not all of us can be on the same level as Picasso or Van Gogh.
So, we don’t expect anyone to be creators of the next masterpiece like Mona Lisa, but there are certain tips that could help elevate your home painting skills.
The best way to do that is to acknowledge and try to avoid the common mistakes that can be made when it comes to house painting.

1. Not Using Painter’s Tape

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We know that a lot of people overlook this step because it can be a tedious one.
However, when you make the effort to tape the edges of the walls, door frames, and window sills, you escape the splatters and achieve a clean outcome.
All your hard work and time spent would not end up with sloppy-looking walls.
Nonetheless, when you do use painter’s tape, be sure that you only remove it after the paint has dried completely, to get polished walls that aren’t patchy and flaky.

2. Forgetting To Use Primer

Everything should start with a base; this is to ensure that you have a fresh surface to work with. So, that is essentially what a primer does: it creates a clean and level surface for you to apply paint.
The use of a good primer will help you create a more even application for the colours you choose to use.
Besides that, it’ll help when you’re trying to paint over a darker colour with a lighter one and it’s also good to help cover up stains before applying a new coat of paint.
Just like makeup, be sure to always start with primer!

3. Using Wrong/Cheap Tools

house painting, avoid, diy, paint, painter's tape, primer, paint brush
As the saying goes, an artist is only as good as their tools. So, how do you expect to create something beautiful when you don’t have the right tools?
As much as we want to say that the tools don’t matter, however it does make a lot of difference.
It’s important that you try to invest in good quality apparatus when painting your home.
For example, a cheaper brush would leave unsightly streaks when you paint with them, compared to a quality brush that will create a smooth finishing.

4. Painting The Ceiling Last

If you do decide to paint your ceiling, be sure to make it the first thing you do!
With it being one of the hardest surfaces to reach, it only makes sense that you should get the hardest job out of the way.
It’s also important to avoid painting the ceiling last because the chances of ruining the new paint job on the wall (due to drips from the ceiling) will be high.
Thus, it’ll take up more of your time to touch up the walls later.

5. Using Wrong Paint

house painting, avoid, diy, paint, painter's tape, primer, paint brush
Sometimes, when buying paint, it’s not just about which shade of white you prefer (and trust us, there are a diverse range).
Be sure to consider the finishing and purpose of the paint. There are so many different types to choose from.
For example, it’s best to use 100% acrylic latex paint when painting outdoors because it allows water vapour to escape, ensuring less peeling over time.

6. Painting In Poor Lighting

No matter the situation, whether it’s taking a selfie or painting your wall, everyone needs good lighting.
When painting in poor lighting, there’ll be a higher chance of making mistakes or you’ll not notice the mistakes you’ve made.
By the time you do realise that there are blunders, such as – thin patches or the colour that you chose doesn’t look good in a brighter setting – it’ll be too late.
Keep in mind, everything looks better in good lighting!

7. Not Covering Fixtures

house painting, avoid, diy, paint, painter's tape, primer, paint brush
You’ve done a good job covering all your furniture and cabinets, however, you left out your fixtures!
The tiny details of doorknobs, window handles, and drawer pulls; now you’re left with paint splatters in all the places you forgot about.
This makes it look like a sloppy job was done, which is not the outcome anyone wants. So, before you forget the little guys, be sure to cover all your tiny fixtures too!
With all that has been said, painting your house can seem like a tedious task. So, why put yourself through the stress when you can hire professional painters to get the job done for you.
Get reserviced if the job was deemed unsatisfactory.
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