7 Inspiring IG Influencers To Help You Decorate Your Own Home!

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7 Inspiring IG Influencers To Help You Decorate Your Own Home!
When it comes to decorating your home, you could go the route of hiring interior designers or you could create your own inspiring design ideas.
Hiring a professional to help you decorate your home will help make the process a whole lot smoother, especially if you’re planning for big changes.
They can advise on different styles and decoration for your home, to fit every budget as well as make a variety of spaces more appealing and/or functional.
On the other hand, decorating your home by drawing on some inspiration from design influencers can be a wholly unique and wonderful experience!
The process of thinking through the entire concept, to sourcing for the materials, and finally decorating your home from ground up – is an accomplishment to be celebrated!

Get Inspiration From Interior Designers That Speak To Your Style

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Whether you decide to get the professionals in or decorate your home yourself, you will first need to get an idea of some design concepts that suit your home, lifestyle, and needs.
Do you want small spaces to look bigger? Or maybe you want a room to look a lot more lively without breaking the bank. Perhaps you just want a nice piece of fixture to complement your home office.
No matter what you decide, there are many resources out there for you to draw inspiration from. If you’re like us and love great visuals, then you will love the idea of drawing interior design ideas from Instagram ((hint: Pinterest is a great place too!).
To help you get started, we’ve listed down some inspiring Instagram influencers to help you get your inner interior designer juices flowing.
Who knows, you might even bring some of their design ideas to life in your own home, with a touch of home décor that is uniquely Malaysian.

1) martynbullard

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A post shared by Martyn Lawrence Bullard (@martynbullard)

Now, who wouldn’t take take a leaf out of the book of the person responsible for designing Cher’s (legendary singer and actress) Malibu home?
From over-the-top and lavish designs, to simpler and more rustic charms, he is best known for his broad range of styles and inviting interiors.
You’ll be able to find lots of inspiration here! The best part is that Martyn also shares how to recreate the same designs he does for celebrities, all on a budget.
You’ll get cost effective home décor tips on Instagram, to help you on your quest to make your home look like a million dollars!

2) justinablakeneyhome

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A post shared by Justinablakeneyhome🌞 (@justinablakeneyhome)

Do you like the idea of lots of colours, prints, and patterns flooding your interiors and filling the corners of your home?
However, it’s pretty common for many people to be afraid of making their homes look cluttered with many different colours and textures.
Well, now you can find out how to tastefully decorate your bedroom, living room, or even your bathroom, by following Justina’s maximalist boho style.
Watch as the author of The New York Times’ best-selling book ‘The New Bohemians’, plays with plants, prints, and patterns you never imagined could go so well together!
Go ahead and start experimenting with whatever your heart fancies – you’ll be cooking up your own unique style in no time.

3) sweeten_home

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A post shared by Sweeten Home (@sweeten_home)

Unsure of your style? Well if variety is what you are looking for, then your home will look absolutely beautiful by borrowing from the design ideas available on Sweeten, an award-winning company founded by Jean Brownhill.
Being in the business of matchmaking service providers to home owners means that Jean is able to intimately understand different architectural and design styles.
Browse through the Sweeten collection and get inspired by sleek kitchen designs, from open shelves that make spaces look brighter, to traditional features that have been blended in a modern-classic feel.
Implementing some of these ideas in your own property might just give you the illusion of more space, no matter the size and layout.

4) renovationhusbands

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A post shared by Renovation Husbands (@renovationhusbands)

Through their Insta feed, this inspiring and relatable pair will candidly take you through the DIY renovation process of their previously abandoned Victorian home, while answering all your burning questions.
You’ll be able to get valuable tips and insights into their personal design style, which they describe as “hard to define because it is influenced by the space and is always evolving”.
More importantly though, you’ll learn how they executed their ideas themselves, and be inspired to get your hands dirty and work on doing up your own home. That’s an accomplishment to be proud of!

5) sarahshermansamuel

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A post shared by Sarah Sherman Samuel (@sarahshermansamuel)

How do you feel about dark colours? You might have toyed with the idea of a bold look for your living space before, but were too nervous to execute it.
Scrolling through this feed will help give you an idea of how the rooms in your house could look like in different hues, both dark and light.
Having worked on actress Mandy Moore’s house, Sarah is known to infuse modern, relaxed, clean but warm design styles, with a little something unexpected thrown into the mix!
A favourite tip of hers? Hang some paintings or fixtures that reflect your sense of style and class, to make the space more inviting.

6) sarahyatesmora

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A post shared by Sarah (Yates) Mora (@sarahyatesmora)

Have you spent the past year tirelessly Marie Kondo-ing your home? Would you prefer to maintain a minimalistic look to make cleaning a breeze?
Well, this minimalist and lover of neutral palettes has everything you are looking for! From clean and tidy designs to open spaces, spring cleaning your home will be sooo much easier in the long run!
Sarah, who is a wedding photographer by trade, has a steady number of followers who come for her down-to-earth sharing.
From relating her experiences about home renovations and design ideas, all the way to motherhood, you’ll quickly find her thought process is just as captivating as her photos.

7) bradytolbert

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A post shared by Brady Tolbert (@bradytolbert)

As the Creative Director at Bobby Berk, a design leader in the home building industry, you’ll be able to watch Brady as he decorates his home for different occasions.
He also manages the storage solutions for a tiny 200 sq ft kitchen, and play with different furniture arrangements to give his home a fresh, minimalist look.
Bring out the artist in you by going through some of his Instagram highlights to get ideas on how to create your own decorative pieces for your humble abode!

Connecting With Influencers

What we all love about social media is the ability to easily connect with people. Channels like Instagram makes it accessible to ask industry heavyweights and influencers all your burning questions.
Got a question on their design inspiration or want some advice? You can ask them directly! They also offer lots of tips and tricks along the way, that can help you spruce up your home for different occasions. What a treat!
So be sure to follow these influencers and more, to give your home that little touch of personalised magic. We hope this list inspires you to find your own unique style.

Looking to make your condo feel unique? Why not try out these interior design tips that speak to you!

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