It's All About Finding The Perfect Balance In A Home

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It's All About Finding The Perfect Balance In A Home
Razif Hashim is an ‘actor-preneur’, who is well-known for his shows such as ‘Time Capsule Malaysia’, ‘Food Truck’, and ‘Best in The World’.
He recently found his ideal home at The Capers, located in Sentul, with his lawyer wife, Tiu Gi Gyn.
Despite choosing to move into a condominium, Razif explained that it isn’t for the long term, but more for the convenience of their current lifestyle.
Living amidst the hustle and bustle of the city is a current priority for him; preferably near KL Sentral, or even right smack in the heart of the Golden Triangle.
Unfortunately, affordability was a major concern. So, since landed properties were few and pricey, a condominium was their most obvious choice.
Gyn, on the other hand, initially desired locations such as Damansara Heights, Bangsar (as her office is located here), or somewhere closer to the suburbs.
They came to the realisation that the middle ground for both would be Sentul; from there, with good traffic conditions, meant that Bangsar is only a 15-minute drive away.
Furthermore, there were ample amenities nearby, and it wasn’t too far from their usual hangout spots.
She also did some research on the neighbourhood, and was comfortable with the idea of living near to a community of fellow lawyers.
“I realised that most lawyers stay in, or close to, Sentul. I knew that it would be nice to live amongst your own community – in my case, a community of lawyers!” she exclaimed.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

“Growing up, I had a number of influences on my life, and this place somehow reflected the kind of living space I wanted,” said Gyn.
When she was a young girl, she envisioned a more country-like environment to live in when she grows up.
However, that changed as she grew older and began to embrace the corporate world, where she dreamt of staying in a penthouse with wide windows, high ceilings and lots of space to move about.
Her husband echoes the same sentiment about space, as it was Razif’s dream as well, but with a slightly different perspective.
“As an actor, I believe in more space to move and create. For me, a large studio unit where things can be put up and torn down, an environment that is fluid and flexible, would be ideal. I prefer function over form.”
So what better place to find a blend of both greenery and open spaces, while remaining near the Kuala Lumpur city centre, than The Capers?

Priorities Change As We Age

While the couple enjoy their current home for its ambience and geographical advantage, Razif does not rule out the possibility of moving out and investing in a landed property in the future.
“I’m keen to explore urban farming and get involved in aquaponics, even if it has to be outside the city. Furthermore, we can’t have our future kids running around in the city now, can we?“ said Razif.
Gyn affirmed that this plan may not happen anytime soon though, since they’d need to focus on accumulating their funds first.
On a separate topic, the couple also stated that they may consider investing in properties that are ‘Airbnb-able’.
“To do so, I would need to explore our circle of property-related contacts, and check out the various guides and resources on PropertyGuru”, she says.

Research Is Key In The World Of Property

Razif’s advice for first-time homebuyers is to always conduct thorough research before signing that Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA).
Hire a lawyer to help you through all the legal jargon, if possible, although Razif was lucky enough to MARRY one!
Most importantly, research the neighbourhood, demographics, and infrastructure of the area you’re interested in.
“If you’re buying a property, you must be comfortable with your community and commute. PropertyGuru empowered us to make the right decisions, and we’re thankful for that.”
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