Looking for Someplace Special to Call Home in Kuala Lumpur?

With the modern city's dense population, it's no longer a surprise to find many high-rise condominiums and serviced apartments which make popular residential properties for urbanites in Kuala Lumpur.

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Are You Designing Your Investment Portfolio for a Crisis?

In the recent weeks, there have been many reports surfacing with regards to the severity of situation of the property market.

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Advantages of Buying a Subsale Property in Malaysia

Buying a subsale property may require heavier upfront costs and possibly higher renovation costs, but it definitely has its own advantages. Read more...

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5 Disadvantages to Buying an Under Construction Property

Eyeing for something to invest on? What about properties that are under construction? Will you be able to strike gold with these properties?

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Hey Parents! Here are 6 Things to Remember in Search of the Perfect Family Home

As parents, our life is often built around and for our children. The greatest task of all is providing shelter above their heads. Here are six things to remember in search of that perfect family home.

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5 Must Haves when Buying a Property

With the flood of developments in the market, there are some things that every development is expected to have nowadays. Here are some of the things that you can expect to get - and actually get them now.

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Dummies Guide to Buy an Auctioned Property

Auction is the new way to buy properties. It is done competitively and unapologetically.

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4 Steps to Sell Yourself as an Agent

Dressing up plays an extremely important role for real estate agents. Their first appearances are the most important, as they will be judged based on how well they dress and how they present themselves.

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Inginkan Gaya Hidup ‘Bebas Stress’ ? Inilah Projek-Projek Ideal Untuk Anda

Suasana bandar seringkali berhadapan dengan kesibukan kerja serta menghadapi pelbagai rintangan seperti kesesakan lalulintas, kepadatan pengguna-pengguna pengangkutan awam mahupun berebut-rebutan membeli makanan ketika 'lunch break'.

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7 Tips on Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

Becoming a good Real Estate Agent in Malaysia is usually easier said than done, especially in the current competitive market.

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Sebab-Sebab Mengapa Anda Belum Memiliki Rumah

Masih tertanya-tanya mengapa anda masih tidak berumah? Ataupun mengeluh bahawa memiliki kediaman sendiri bagaikan satu impian yang barangkali tdak akan menjadi nyata kerana harga rumah kediaman kini terlampau mahal.

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Jenis-Jenis Kediaman Yang Sesuai Untuk Anda

Membeli rumah, terutamanya untuk generasi kini amatlah sukar dan senantiasa memberi cabaran kepada golongan pembeli.

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Perbezaan Jenis-jenis Hartanah di Malaysia

Sehingga kini, terdapat berbagai-bagai jenis hartanah kediaman di Malaysia, di mana jenis-jenis hartanah yang menjadi kebiasaan adalah banglo, rumah berkembar, teres, pangsapuri, kondominium dan lain-lain lagi. Bagaimana membezakan kategori rumah?

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Single and Ready to Buy a Home, on a Budget?

If you have an average income of RM3,500 to RM4,500 and still whining about how erratic the market price, here are some tips in making that ‘big move’ possible.

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What New Property Agents Should Prepare

While the biggest concern for many a property agent is passing their exams and getting their licenses, the real test actually comes after. Read on to find out what you should prepare for.

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Panduan 4-Langkah bagi Hartanah yang Disewakan kepada Pelajar

Pelaburan hartanah bukanlah satu perkara yang mudah, kerana ia melibatkan proses yang lama dan panjang yang memakan masa dan memerah tenaga anda. Apakah langkah yang seterusnya setelah anda berjaya membeli rumah anda?

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Housing Loan Approvals High Amongst First-Time Borrowers

Various accounts from banks or developers citing different statistics on loan approvals and rejection rates has caused much confusion and uncertainty. However not many are aware of the successful approval rates among first-time homebuyers especially.

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A Guide to Dealing with Difficult Property Clients

The property market in Malaysia is competitive amidst the slow market, and the property buyer knowing this fact does not help as it makes some of them more difficult. Read more...

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