Banting is a quiet but growing town, located on the banks of the Langat River in the Kuala Langat District of Selangor.

This is a town perhaps best defined by its connectivity, forming an important stopping point on the busy Federal Route 5 which runs the length of Peninsular Malaysia’s western coast. That strategic location means residents of Banting enjoy easy access north to Port Klang, east to Putrajaya, as well as routes south via Port Dickson to Malacca and beyond.

Banting is a quiet township which has been enjoying accelerating development in recent years. Home buyers looking for a house for sale in Banting today will find ample supply of terrace housing, with a more limited stock of condominiums and apartments on the market. Projects such as Bandar Mahkota Banting represent major new developments in the area, with a selection of modern terrace housing under construction in this emerging township

Banting is a traditional agricultural area, with local industry dominated by palm oil plantations, poultry farms, and other agricultural trades. That rural setting means Banting also benefits from a number of unique outdoor opportunities, with stretches of forest and local hills providing a handy outdoor escape. Banting is also favourably located for access to the beautiful Morib coast, with excellent resort areas like Gold Coast Morib offering a luxury getaway just a short drive away. Popular park Dataran Banting provides a more local setting for your outdoor time, with ongoing development turning this pleasant space into an enjoyable downtown spot for residents to relax.

Retail outlets in the area are limited, but growing, as one might expect of Banting’s rural setting. As a result it lacks the major malls one might find in more substantial urban areas. Bazar Banting and Uptown Banting form a central local shopping hub, with a number of shops and stalls catering for local residents. Major shopping malls can be found in nearby cities such as Klang or Putrajaya, with AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre in Klang roughly a half hour drive away.

Giant Hypermarket Banting forms one of the town’s major retail locations, with this large hypermarket stocking a substantial range of groceries and household staples. It also boasts a number of independent shops and a food court within the complex. Tesco Extra in Banting is another hypermarket option for local residents, offering a large range of groceries as well as being home to several smaller shops and a popular food court. Econsave is a more central supermarket alternative, providing price-focused supermarket goods in a convenient location.

Banting is well served by public schools for both primary and secondary education, with a variety of institutions located across the township and in surrounding areas. The Victoria International School, Banting, also provides a private schooling option for both primary and secondary pupils, taught in UK and Cambridge International Examination curriculums.

Connectivity is at the heart of Banting’s growing development opportunity. Not only is it extremely well located for the stunning recreation areas of the west coast, it provides an important rest station for travel from Port Klang and Kuala Lumpur towards Malaysia’s western population centres. Federal Route 5 links to the South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE) to the north, with connection to downtown KLCC. Routes to the east mean that Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) can be reached in just 30 minutes’ drive.

Banting Bus Station is the hub of the limited public transport opportunity in the area, with connections to Kuala Lumpur linking through Putrajaya Sentral. Klang Bus Terminal can also be reached by bus, with a journey time of roughly 90 minutes. Residents also enjoy direct bus routes to KL International Airport, with travel times as short as 75 minutes.

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