Bayan Baru

Bayan Baru is a popular residential suburb located near to the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, on the southeast side of the island of Penang.

This residential suburb enjoys a strategic location between the Penang Bridge to the north and Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge, or Penang Second Bridge, to the south. The proximity to the major commercial and industrial areas of Bayan Lepas makes Bayan Baru a popular choice with buyers looking for a house for sale in Penang that enjoys excellent connectivity alongside good local amenities.

Development of the area began in the early 1970s with the construction of a number of landed properties. Traditional real estate within the suburb was comprised of terraced and semi-detached housing, with the roads of the neighbourhood lined by these staples of the Bayan Baru property market. Increasing popularity means the area is seeing a growing number of high-rise developments, with upmarket Bayan Baru condo complexes such as Elit Heights, The Arena Residency, and the Promenade revealing the emerging market for high-end residences that reflects wider development throughout Penang.

Residents of the area benefit from excellent access to malls and retail opportunities within the neighbourhood, as well as enjoying relatively close proximity to Penang’s largest shopping centre – Queensbay Mall. Sunshine Square in Bayan Baru is a popular neighbourhood mall with a good range of retail outlets, F&B stores, and entertainment opportunities such as bowling. D’Piazza Mall is an additional small neighbourhood mall, with a limited number of shops and F&B outlets.

Giant Hypermarket provides another popular retail outlet within the neighbourhood, offering a large hypermarket that stocks the regular grocery staples alongside a wide range of goods, from fresh food counters to clothing and toys. Sunshine Square also boasts its own supermarket which stocks a substantial selection of groceries and supermarket staples, with a particular focus on Asian regional brands and specialities.

Bayan Baru is home to the popular SPICE Arena indoor stadium, providing a diverse programme of sporting and cultural events for residents to enjoy. The SETIA SPICE Aquatic Centre can also be found in an adjoining building, providing a venue for aquatic sporting events as well as a community swimming pool for residents to enjoy. The area is also relatively well located for the Penang Golf Club, providing further leisure opportunities for local residents.

Bayan Baru enjoys access to a number of public schools within the neighbourhood and in nearby suburbs, catering for both primary and secondary education. It is also within easy travel distance of international and private schools such as Fairview International School Penang and Straits International School.

The strategic location near the commercial and industrial opportunities of Bayan Lepas is a key draw for residents of the area. This benefit of connectivity is further enhanced by the suburb’s relative travel distance to both the Penang Bridge and Second Penang Bridge, making journeys north to Butterworth or south to join the North-South Expressway far easier than other suburbs of Penang. Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah is the major road route through the neighbourhood, providing travel south along Federal Route 6 to the west of the island, and north towards George Town.

Public transport in the neighbourhood is served by Rapid Penang buses, with a number of different routes stopping at locations throughout Bayan Baru and connecting to destinations across the island. Bayan Baru is also served by a number of additional shuttle bus services. The Congestion Alleviation Transport (CAT) provides a free shuttle service that connects locations within the neighbourhood. Rapid Penang’s cross-straits BEST shuttle services also provide a low-cost commuter route for those travelling from Bayan Baru and Bayan Lepas to Seberang Perai on the mainland.

Bayan Baru is also extremely well located for the nearby Penang International Airport. Bus services connect the neighbourhood to the airport, or alternatively it can be reached in just a short 5 or 10 minute drive from the suburb. Penang International Airport provides connections to domestic routes throughout Malaysia, as well as a number of international connections.

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