Gelang Patah

Gelang Patah has risen from a sleepy rural township to an increasingly attractive area enjoying rapid development as part of the Iskandar Malaysia project. This developing suburb is located just 25 kilometres from downtown Johor Bahru, sitting beside the waters of the River Pulai to the west and Straits of Johor to the south.

Gelang Patah is an area which has grown increasingly attractive for development in recent decades. The opening of the Second Link ensures the township enjoys a strategic location close to this important crossing point between Malaysia and Singapore. Development is quickly transforming the town and surrounding area, bringing new opportunities to a part of Johor that traditionally relied on fishing and agriculture as its primary industries.

Traditional properties within the downtown urban area of Gelang Patah tend to be low-rise developments and terraced housing. As a result of the accelerating development in the area however, a house for sale in Gelang Patah today is as likely to be part of one of the many luxury communities springing up in the surrounding area. Setia Eco Garden is one such development, an award-winning township just a short drive from Gelang Patah. Leisure Farm is another nearby development, equally keen to push the aspirational and inspirational lifestyle of this lush residential development.

Perhaps the most iconic and high-profile of these emerging developments is the controversial Forest City Project, a US$100 billion development set to transform the nearby coastline. This ambitious project includes the creation of four private and gated communities on man-made islands in the Straits of Johor. It is set to result in the construction of a wide range of properties on reclaimed land. While the project is faced with significant logistical and political challenges, it offers a fascinating look at the level of ambition present in developments around Gelang Patah.

The luxury residential communities surrounding Gelang Patah also provide a wide variety of leisure and outdoor activities for local residents. Horizon Hills Golf and Country Club and Forest Golf City Resort both offer access to exclusive golf courses and country club pursuits. The nearby coastline provides further outdoor activities, with a range of water sports available.

The local area also boasts some extremely popular theme parks for fun family days out. Legoland Iskandar Puteri is just a short drive from Gelang Patah, offering a range of exciting attractions at Malaysia’s first international theme park. Puteri Harbour, home to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town among other attractions, is also located just a short drive away.

Urban amenities in Gelang Patah are more limited than nearby suburbs such as Skudai, but still meet the basic needs of modern urban living. GP Central is a relatively new mall offering an emerging location for retail and F&B offerings. It is also home to a YSL Supermarket. Residents looking for a more substantial retail offering will find larger malls in nearby suburbs such as AEON Mall Bukit Indah or Mall of Medini near Legoland Iskandar Puteri. Mydin at Bazar Anjung Nusajaya is home to another large nearby hypermarket, boasting a substantial stock of groceries and household goods. This area also hosts a popular Friday market which offers a great place to stop for tasty treats and tempting cuisine.

Residents of Gelang Patah enjoy access to a number of schools within the township and in nearby areas. As well as various state schools, local residents benefit from easy access to Tenby International School Setia Eco Gardens, Sunway International School Johor, Iskandar International School, Raffles American School, and Marlborough College Malaysia, all popular private schools within convenient travelling distance from Gelang Patah.

Local connectivity benefits from the township’s location close to the strategic Second Link to Singapore. The Second Link Expressway travels directly through Gelang Patah, providing simple connections to Singapore in the south and locations throughout Malaysia to the north. Onward links to the Malaysia Federal Route 5 provide direct travel up peninsular Malaysia’s west coast. The Malaysia Singapore Second Link also offers direct travel to nearby Iskandar Puteri and Johor Bahru.

Gelang Patah is home to two bus terminals, which form the major focal points of local public transport. Gelang Patah Bus Terminal is a hub for local routes that connect the town to local areas. The slightly confusingly named Gelang Patah Sentral Bus Terminal, or GP Sentral, provides both local bus travel, and connections to destinations throughout Malaysia, as well as a direct link to Singapore.

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