Tanjung Tokong

Tanjung Tokong is a popular neighbourhood on the northeast side of Penang Island, forming an affluent coastal suburb of the local capital George Town.

Once a sleepy fishing village, this residential suburb today constitutes one of George Town’s more exclusive neighbourhoods, with a Tanjung Tokong condo or bungalow representing the height of urban desirability. This popularity is evident in the luxury Tanjung Tokong apartment complexes and housing developments located throughout the area.

Land reclamation is a major part of development in this area, with many of today’s high rise apartments built on land reclaimed from the sea. On-going reclamation is contributing to continuing expansion of urban and commercial areas in and around the neighbourhood.

The Straits Marina Quay offers an iconic landmark to represent this meeting of land and water in the neighbourhood, and forms the stunning backdrop to the nearby Straits Quay Mall. This colonial-inspired, upmarket mall is home to over a hundred retail outlets, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, as well as some inspiring arts and culture offerings with Performing Arts Centre of Penang and The Art E Space. Nearby Island Plaza offers another accessible neighbourhood mall alternative in Tanjung Tokong, boasting a small variety of retail and F&B outlets.

As a neighbourhood in the culinary heaven of Penang, Tanjung Tokong food is an important consideration when it comes to potential home buying. Alongside upmarket restaurants and seafood staples found in Straits Quay Mall, locals can enjoy a number of recognisable branded chains in Island Plaza. Residents of Tanjung Tokong also benefit from its close proximity to the iconic hawker stalls located by the promenade at Gurney Drive, one of Penang’s most talked about foodie focal points. This being Penang, you don’t have to travel far to find other exceptional food scattered through Tanjung Tokong and nearby neighbourhoods.

Residents who prefer a home-cooked experience benefit from access to Tesco Seri Tanjung Pinang, a large hypermarket located not far from Straits Quay. As well as the usual selection of groceries and household goods, you can also find a number of restaurants and cafes at the store’s impressive foodcourt. Cold Storage at Island Plaza offers another alternative supermarket for local residents.

With its coastal location, residents can enjoy access to watersports at a number of nearby locations. The beaches at Batu Ferringhi provide a relaxing escape, while Penang Water Sport Recreation Centre is a notable location for more energised activities such as kayaking and sailing. Indoor entertainment can be enjoyed at the larger malls along Gurney Drive, with cinemas, arcades, and other entertainment found at Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon Mall.

Alongside a variety of nearby public schools in the George Town area, residents of Tanjung Tokong are well located for a number of private and international schools. Dalat International School, Pelita International School, and Tenby Schools Penang, are a small sample of the various private schools for primary and secondary education found within easy travel of the area.

The challenge of road congestion is one sacrifice that residents of Tanjung Tokong are forced to make for the benefits of this highly desirable neighbourhood. The major transport route of Tanjung Tokong Road forms part of Penang’s Federal Route 6, and has a tendency to become jammed at busy times. Public transport is, like much of Penang, limited to Rapid Penang bus services, although a number of routes connect the neighbourhood to areas throughout the island. Locals also benefit from the CAT Pulau Tikus Loop Shuttle Bus and Congestion Alleviation Transport (CAT), both free buses designed to help reduce congestion in the area.

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