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RM 260k

Based on 366 units sold preceding 12 mths.

Alor Gajah is a town that is located in the northern parts of Melaka State. Alor Gajah used to be one of the forest area believed to be routes for wild elephants before it was developed. It is a town that is of Malay majority but can also be considered a students’ city due to the number of tertiary education faculties located in Alor Gajah.

Alor Gajah is an easily accessible town with the road works that connects the town to its neighbouring towns and cities. The most important and major highway that connects Alor Gajah to its surrounding town and cities is Jalan Lama Alor Gajah also known as Federal Route 191. It helps connect Alor Gajah to towns and cities such as Melaka Tengah, Durian Tunggal and Batu Berendam.

There are a number of things that tourists can do in Alor Gajah to fill their time in the town. Alor Gajah houses one of the most popular attractions in Melaka which is the A’Famosa, a former Portuguese fortress and among one of the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Southeast Asia. Apart from visiting the museum, there are other attractions attached to the famous museum such as a water theme park and safari. A’Famosa Water Theme Park and A’Famosa Safari Wonderland are attractions that visitors can have fun at due to the extensive activities they offer for visitors. For those who enjoy a more outdoor activity such as hiking and camping would find Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest a better option. Apart from being surrounded by nature, one would be able to enjoy the view from the top of the mountain.

Alor Gajah is a town with a large population of Malays. Visitors can expect to enjoy some really good traditional Malay dish in Alor Gajah. There are also other varieties of food that visitors and residents can enjoy especially since Alor Gajah rakes in quite a number of tourists. One can find cuisines of Asian and Western origin in Alor Gajah as well.  Apart from that, for those who enjoy cooking and preparing their own meals, there are supermarkets in the area that they can frequent to get their groceries from. Pasaraya E Family Store Enterprise, SMART Convenient Shop Sdn Bhd and D’Mart are among the many supermarkets that are made available in and around Alor Gajah.

For those who are looking to settle down in a quieter part of Melaka can consider Alor Gajah. Apart from A’Famosa, there is not much that could cause disturbance to a quite life in Alor Gajah. Alor Gajah also does not lack medical attention as there is hospitals and clinics in the surrounding area such as Alor Gajah Hospital, Klinik Noor Shila and Klinik Kesihatan Ibu Dan Anak Alor Gajah among many others in the area.

Apart from being an ideal location for those looking to live far from the city, it can also be a good choice for families as there are a variety of schools in the area that the children can attend. SK Alor Gajah 1, SK Ganun, SJK (T) Alor Gajah, National School Menggong and SK Lesong Batur are some of the public schools available in Alor Gajah.

Alor Gajah is a town that is mainly made up of leasehold properties. The median price per square feet of the properties in Alor Gajah is RM 168. There are a total of 129 project listings as of now in Alor Gajah. This showcases the variety of property type that home owners and investors can browse through to find the one they fancy such as Residensi A’Famosa, Residensi Pulau Sebang, Villa D’Amour, Taman Sebang Mutiara and Taman Sebang Gemilang.

Buying, selling, or investing property is a very big decision. Even moving to your desired location can sometimes be very emotional. Using data from more than 291 listings in Alor Gajah, PropertyGuru aim to help you make the right decisions on selecting property, by providing you helpful news and property statistics such as median and growth in the area, but also our opinion on local neighborhood area.

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