Selling Your Property Quickly In Malaysia Is Possible!

PropertyGuru Editorial Team
Selling Your Property Quickly In Malaysia Is Possible!
Being a master of speedy home sales, even when there’s a slowdown in property prices, is not just a matter of luck – it’s a skill you can learn.
In fact there are only two key points you need to remember to sell your house quickly: that it’s important to be flexible in adjusting the asking price, and that catering to the buyer’s needs is a must.
Most of the time in Malaysia, the sale of a home can take an average of 3 to 4 months, if you’re lucky. However, there are also times when home sales can take up to 2 years or more.
This is because home sales are dependent on area, price and how the property is marketed– and all of these factors are interrelated.
Some homes, when not marketed well enough by agents, can be without a buyer for a long period of time.
Luckily, there are ways to sell your home fast if you are willing to go above and beyond as a seller. Here are 5 tips that can help fast-track the process so that you’re able to sell your house quickly:

1) Ask For A Realistic Price

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Selling a home can be extremely challenging, especially when the market is slow and the lending environment is tight.
Setting a realistic asking price is vital in any market, and the asking price has to reflect the current property market and value.
A free and easy way to find out the right price for the property is to consult a bank to receive the valuation of the property that you would like to sell.
After having done so, you should also check the latest prices of properties that have sold in your neighbourhood.
It can go through digital property portals, the National Property Information Centre and property agents who have recently made sales in the same neighbourhood.

2) Hire The Right Real Estate Agent

Finding a real estate agent that’s suitable for you and your property can be easier said than done.
It’s important that you do proper research and a background check on the agent you chose to hire, and ensure they are registered, reputable and trustworthy.
It’s always best to hire a property agent with experience and references, and who ideally represents a minimum of 10 houses for sale or rent in your neighbourhood.
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You can easily check on your agent’s properties by strolling or driving around your area to see ‘for sale’, or ‘for rent’ signage that would be placed on homes being managed by your agent.
Or through property portals where you’ll be able to see the number of listings the agent has under his/her name.
During initial meetings, don’t be afraid to ask the agent for references, and when you have the list, do call the individuals to ask about their experiences working with them.
Asking for recommendations from friends and relatives is also a great way to ensure you hire the right agent.
Though you can appoint two or more agents to represent your property, it’s usually best to eliminate one as you move along based on performance.
This can be a strategic tactic that drives agents to be more motivated to go the extra mile and work to make sure the deal is sealed more quickly.

3) Be Honest

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They say honesty is the best policy, and that is as true in real estate as anywhere. Be honest with your appointed agents about the history of the property, and the reason for the sale of a home.
Agents will be happy to highlight renovations made during your time spent in the house, but also need to be able to caution prospective buyers if there are issues you either cannot afford to fix or don’t want to deal with before moving.
By being honest, you enable the agent to provide potential buyers with a holistic picture and background of your home, which will help them in marketing your property and identifying the right buyers – thus speeding up the process in selling your home.

4) Welcoming Viewers

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If you’re still living in the home that you’re selling, you’ll need to be prepared to welcome keen buyers when they come to view the property.
Your friendliness, hospitality and helpfulness can definitely be an added advantage.
In fact, your personal touch could be one of the ways to sell your home fast, especially if you’re able to answer questions and provide useful information.
Some of these could include details on amenities and accessibility of the neighbourhood, and the stories on expansions or renovations completed on the home (only share this if asked, though – otherwise, it’s best to also leave this to the agent).
However, you’ll need to remember that you’re not the agent. Though you may be tempted, it’s important to remember not to bring up any topics related to the selling price.
Always leave it to the agent when it comes to negotiating – they are experts in the field, after all, and will be able to carry out the sale of the property smoothly.
Plus, letting them handle the negotiations means that you’ll avoid being in an awkward situation where you’re being pressured to reduce the price on the spot!

5) Give Your Home A Facelift

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Impress potential buyers by sprucing up your home to look contemporary and fresh.
First impressions ALWAYS count, and there are several ways to make a great one through minor touch-ups and landscaping.
Something as simple as a new coat of paint for the front of the house can enhance the property’s appeal immediately.
If anything is broken or defective, you should repair or replace those items instead of leaving it for someone else to handle – few buyers want to deal with that sort of expense right after they’ve purchased a place.
Additionally, make sure that the entire home is clean and tidy when presented for a viewing, and switch on all lighting and air-conditioning when prospective buyers come over.
These touches can enhance the look and feel of the home, making people feel more immediately comfortable, which can lead to them imagining living there.
Always remember the devil is in the details and that you can help increase the chances of closing the deal just by ensuring the home looks great.
Before you kick-start these 5 tips to sell property fast, work out how much you should sell your home for after considering the costs involved in the sale.
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