3 Local Amenities Whose Value Has Transformed In 2020

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3 Local Amenities Whose Value Has Transformed In 2020
If you have been paying close attention to the events that have unfolded recently, you might have started to realise a permanent shift in attitudes towards your purchases.
The truth is, the lockdowns are changing behaviours, and the longer this continues, the more likely it is to stick around for good. Take our eating habits for example.
Before COVID-19 struck, we never had to worry about going hungry at 3 am because the trusty neighbourhood mamak would always be open.
Now, we have been conditioned to think ahead about our meals, instead of relying on the convenience of 24-hour eateries.
But being the food-loving nation we are, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We walked into our kitchens (some for the first time!), and began whipping up full meals we never imagined we could create!

Is Change A Bad Thing?

Like the food example above, if we’re eating healthier by planting/picking up our own produce and preparing our own meals, the benefits to our health are quite clear, especially with the ongoing pandemic.
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Another change we all experienced due to the lockdowns is in our spending patterns. We reduced expenses like travel, luxury goods, and clothes, and instead used our money for necessities like groceries and personal hygiene items.
It took a lockdown for some of us to realise how much we could save from just changing little lifestyle habits and preferences.
While change can be uncomfortable/difficult at first, we have to be mindful whether it affects us in a positive or negative way, so that we know how to adapt.
Now, when it comes to buying a home, not many stop to think about the changes taking place inside that we might encounter as we get older. Why would it matter?
Well, if you’re living in a home with lots of stairs separating each area, it may not occur to you that you might find it challenging to navigate those steps, if you experience mobility issues later in life.

Change Is In The Air

The pandemic is impacting our lives on many levels. Those looking to buy homes are starting to make a conscious decision about the kind of quality of life they want.
Local amenities, amenities, Property amenities, local parks, Quality of life, Work life balance
No longer are public transportation hubs and shopping malls viewed as the one and only gold standards in securing a property. People are craving more space, low-density locations, and a strong sense of community now!
Let’s take a look at some local amenities that are deemed more valuable in our current pandemic-ridden world:

1) Open Green Spaces

Did you know that before COVID-19, doctors were already prescribing nature to patients? Just being outdoors helped patients and their caregivers manage pain and stress better.
Being cooped up indoors for much of 2020 prevented our bodies from manufacturing Vitamin D that is needed for a healthy immune system.
Not only that, mentally, it made us long to be outside in the open, if only to get away from the stale indoor air, lurking in our cramped homes.
It makes us feel good just to be outdoors, which is why having local parks or a large green lung nearby, is a great way to reconnect with nature and allow all our stress to melt away.
Local amenities, amenities, Property amenities, local parks, Quality of life, Work life balance
Situated in what is best described as a food central, Kepong is home to the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) and Kepong Metropolitan Park.
These large green spaces are perfect for both adventure seekers and young families. From hiking and seeking out waterfalls, to kite flying and picnics, there’s no shortage of outdoor fun to be had here.

2) WFH Options – Cafes & Hotels Are The Norm… But What About A Library?

Job prospects have been blown wide open with the Work-From-Home (WFH) phenomenon. Depending on the job scope, no longer are we competing with locals alone as the online phenomenon opens up doors of opportunities.
So, how can we ensure that we give our best at work? The first thing that comes to mind is how our workspace impacts our productivity.
While not all of us might be able to allocate a room in our home for private Zoom calls, having alternative WFH options nearby could help us get the job done.
Scouting for quiet cafes or a suitable hotel where you can set up your workstation for a few hours of solid work will give you some peace of mind, and maybe even job security.
Local amenities, amenities, Property amenities, local parks, Quality of life, Work life balance
The other lesser-known alternative could be your local public library, which offers you additional peace and quiet, much like the one in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.
The library is located near a small cafe, badminton and tennis courts, as well as a community garden to help you unwind after a long and tiring day.

3) Super-Fast Broadband

Having your workspace figured out is important, but it won’t be of much use if your internet connectivity is poor (imagine having to wait for long each time you open a new website!).
With our heavy reliance on the internet for news updates, work and online shopping, a good and stable connection is no longer a want, but an important need.
We all know that internet connection tends to be better in urban areas. But with some of us wanting to move back to our hometowns or to areas with lower population density, it might be hard to determine the kind of internet connection you can expect.
Thankfully, Penang is the first state in Malaysia to require developers to treat fibre optic infrastructure as a basic utility, much like electricity and water.
Local amenities, amenities, Property amenities, local parks, Quality of life, Work life balance
This also means that the infrastructure in place will help speed up the deployment of 5G (the latest generation of wireless technology) when it is available!
We can also look forward to Johor, Kedah, and Melaka introducing similar policies in the near future. With these basic needs in place, Malaysians will be well equipped to compete globally, which will have a positive impact on our economy down the road.
If you’re on your way to locating a beautiful home for you and your family, remember to look into the future, and decide what amenities you consider valuable.
It might be living near a hospital, or embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle in a like-minded community. Whatever your choice, we hope that this coming year will bring brighter prospects for all Malaysians!

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