Looking To Stay Near KL & Selangor's Biggest Parks? Check Out These Properties!

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Looking To Stay Near KL & Selangor's Biggest Parks? Check Out These Properties!
Looking for a home nearby a mega shopping mall? Plenty for you to choose from, as there was predicted to be over 700 malls nationwide by the end of 2019!
Even if you’re looking for a home that’s surrounded by plenty of schools, healthcare centres, and convenience stores, a little bit of careful searching will turn up a property that’s within the vicinity of those amenities.
But as the global population continues to grow rapidly (we now stand at approximately 7.8 billion people as of 2020), that’s when the amount of nature left untouched will also experience a swift decrease.
So, if you’re someone who’s into a more holistic lifestyle, where you prefer to be surrounded by greenery and have scenic recreational spots within easy reach, a park would be top of your list.
Introducing two of the largest and most well-equipped parks in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor respectively: the Kepong Metropolitan Park, KL (spanning 235 acres); and Templer Park, Selangor (a whopping 3,000 acres in size)!
Imagine: A home nearby either one of those, which allows you to enjoy clean fresh air, and encourage a more active lifestyle, thereby reducing your risk of getting non-communicable diseases (illnesses that cannot be passed from one person to another, such as heart disease and diabetes).
If you want to join that ever-growing bandwagon of those seeking to enhance their quality of life, here are just some of the top projects that’s nearest to these two parks.

Kepong Metropolitan Park

1) The Henge

  • Distance from park: 300m
  • Selling price: From RM445,000
  • Total number of units: 1,472
  • Built-up size: 1,100 sq ft to 1,300 sq ft
  • Date of completion: 2020
Located right by the waters of the park’s lake, this development’s 4 tower blocks are all positioned to face one another, inspired by the ancient monument of the same name in Britain.
With 2 levels of facilities provided for residents, like the meadow rooftop garden, aquatic pond, and mini pocket parks, you’ll be able to spend blissful days enveloped in nature whether you decide to leave home or not!

2) Mizumi Residences

  • Distance from park: 450m
  • Selling price: From RM388,000
  • Total number of units: 1,512
  • Built-up size: 901 sq ft to 1,027 sq ft
  • Date of completion: 2020
In the midst of all the daily stressors and usual traffic jams that surround Kepong, this development is a welcoming sanctuary that you can escape to at the end of the day.
Not only is the park located within walking distance from this high-rise front door (perfect!), residents will be able to avail themselves of the many facilities within, such as the badminton and basketball courts, as well as the swimming pool.

3) Residensi Ava @ Kiara Bay

  • Distance from park: 500m
  • Selling price: From RM567,800
  • Total number of units: 870
  • Built-up size: 813 sq ft to 1,285 sq ft
  • Date of completion: 2024
Those who prefer a less crowded living environment but is still a quick drive away from the park will find this development more suitable, as this has a lower density compared to the other two.
As part of an overall mixed development concept that offers a waterfront elevated urban living, there’s also The Walk (commercial hub), The Waters (lakefront district), and The Village (multi-generational living), residents will soon have plenty of amenities at their doorstep too!

Templer Park

1) Setia Eco Templer

  • Distance from park: 500m
  • Selling price: From RM850,000
  • Total number of units: 1,800 (900 will be affordable homes)
  • Built-up size: 2,394 sq ft to 4,214 sq ft
  • Date of completion: 2019 onwards
Have you ever seen a township that’s home to creeks? Well, this development has 9 in total, in addition to 3 gardens of its own, all interspersed throughout its 194 acres of land!
Built on the former Perangsang Templer Golf Club, residents would literally be in the lap of nature, as it also counts Taman Rimba Komanwel Waterfalls and Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve as its neighbours. Talk about going green!

2) Chloe Residence

  • Distance from park: 10.9km
  • Selling price: From RM670,000
  • Total number of units: 142
  • Built-up size: 1,977 sq ft to 2,287 sq ft
  • Date of completion: 2019
As part of the 1,000-acre masterplan of Emerald Rawang, this development is more geared towards those who have large families, or are looking to start one.
Secured by perimetre fencing with a single entry and exit checkpoint, you can be assured of you and your loved ones’ peace of mind, especially when enjoying the outdoor facilities like the Play Triangle, jogging path, and community lawn.

3) Amaryllis, Taman Sari

  • Distance from park: 11.2km
  • Selling price: From RM895,000
  • Total number of units: 117
  • Built-up size: 3,033 sq ft to 4,003 sq ft
  • Date of completion: 2018
Surrounded by the greeneries of the undulating hills and immaculately designed landscapes, this development allows you to enjoy a better quality of life without having to leave home!
Residents will be able to enjoy amenities at the lakeside commercial hub, such as an international school, retail shops, offices, and clinics. Here is where you can be proud of your home that can be passed down for generations to come.
With a Month-on-Month growth of +8.2% in KL and +4.0% in Selangor in terms of PropertyGuru’s ‘For Sale’ listings, it’s clear to see that these two areas are consistently getting much attention from homebuyers, therefore allowing you to buy a home that has a high chance of good appreciation value in the future.

As the saying goes, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. But if apples aren’t your kind of thing, why not live in the lap of Mother Nature instead, and be rejuvenated? Here, check out these top 40 GBI-rated developments for more places you can consider!

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