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  • 26 November 2015
Amaryllis, Taman Sari, Rawang

BRDB is committed towards establishing a new generation of Rawangites with an offer the folks cannot refuse. Good international education for our children and a well-rounded ecosystem for a life settled in this booming township.

So we have covered a couple of developments in Rawang in the previous weeks, being Mah Sing’s M Residence 2 and Low Yat Group’s Acacia Park. And here again, one of the most accomplished developers of Malaysia has found its way in to our small Rawang town.

Better known as the pioneering developer of Bangsar, BRDB has grown to be one of Malaysia’s most trusted and respected property brands within the property development, management and investment industry.

Its journey of building iconic communities began in the 1960s with the launch of the exuberant Bangsar township. Ever since then, BRDB has been consistently recognised for its commitment towards fulfilling the needs of its customers and stakeholders.

BRDB has been voted as one of the top 10 property developers in Malaysia at The Edge Malaysia Top Property Developers Awards. In 2011, BRDB was again ranked amongst the top 10 developers for the 9th straight time.

BRDB is now launching Taman Sari, an affluent neighbourhood near Rawang, for those seeking quality of life surrounded by the greeneries of the hills and immaculately-designed landscape. Taman Sari is a freehold development which will comprise 2,000 residential units of terraced houses, bungalows, and condominium and some commercial units.

It spreads over 245 acres of gentle undulating hills, linear parks, waterways and is only 800m (2 minutes) from the Rawang toll towards the NKVE.

Judging by the positive response despite its exorbitant prices since launching in May 2015, Taman Sari is set to become a benchmark project for Rawang’s ongoing development moving forward.

Project details

Project title : Amaryllis, Taman Sari

Tenure : Freehold

Location : Rawang

Developed by : BRDB Developments

Launch date : May, 2015

Year of completion : 2018

Type : 3-storey terraced houses

Quantity : 117 units

Types for sale                    :

Type A (Small)

Land area: 24’ x 66’

Built-up : 3,033 sq ft/ 281.80 sq mt

Type D (Small)

Land area 24’ x 70’

Built-up : 3,033 sq ft/ 218.80 sq mt

Type B (Medium)

Land area : 26’ x 65’

Built-up : 3,310 sq ft/ 307.57 sq mt

Type E (Medium)

Land area : 26’ x 70’

Built-up : 3,310 sq ft/ 307.57 sq mt

Type C (Large)

Land area : 30’ x 65’

Built-up : 4,003 sq ft/ 371.96 sq mt

Type F (Large)

Land area :  30’ x 70’

Built-up : 4,003 sq ft/ 371.96 sq mt

Price from : RM 895,000

Land size : 11.7 acres (Amaryllis Block)

Total land size : 245-acre of Taman Sari township

Facilities : International school, commercial centre, offices, clinics, exclusive residential clubhouse with swimming pool, 24/7 security features (Single entrance & exit with guard house), spacious garden and shared spaces.

Maintenance fee : RM300/month

Due for completion : 2018

Project Details

Amaryllis on display at Taman Sari Sales Gallery

Amaryllis on display at Taman Sari Sales Gallery

“We want our buyers to be proud of their homes,” the salesman was quoted as saying. According to him, the reception towards Amaryllis had been overwhelming with almost all of the non-Bumiputra lots being taken up over the two weekends since it was launched, mid this year. As of November 2015, almost 90% of the units in Amaryllis have been sold. The new phase, according to the developer will soon be launched.

It has a lakeside commercial hub, you can find an international school, retail shops, offices, clinics, educational facilities and other amenities for your personal convenience.

One thing’s for sure. The key attraction of Amaryllis’ units are in the interior designs.
The developer has put much thought in ensuring that whoever buys Amaryllis shall not wait to come home to it every day.

Judging from the presentation of the showroom concept alone is enough to make this space a desirable Home Office for the proud owner. The uniqueness of every unit is obvious in the positioning of the staircase thus determining how much remaining space is left on the ground floor for the residents’ access.


An example of Amaryllis’ stylish interiors

Amaryllis Type A/D

Expansive windows and a balcony allow you to take in the surrounding sights from the comfort of your home.

Type A

Land area: 24’ x 66’

Built-up : 3,033 sq ft/ 281.80 sq mt

Type D(floor plan as shown)

Land area: 24’ x 70’

Built-up : 3,033 sq ft/ 218.80 sq mt

Type A, D Photo

1. Type A,D (Availability) 2. Type A,D Floor plan


The smaller space for Type D master bedroom, which is priced at RM 929,000 compared to Amaryllis’ bigger options


The sufficiently and tastefully-designed wardrobe room for Type D

Enjoy a splash of sunshine and a breeze of fresh air in a free and easy atmosphere.

Type B

Land area : 26’ x 65’

Built-up : 3,310 sq ft/ 307.57 sq mt

Type E(floor plan as shown)

Land area : 26’ x 70’

Built-up : 3,310 sq ft/ 307.57 sq mt

Type B, E Photo3. siteplanBE 4. Type B, E Floor plan



The actual look of Type E


The irresistible free space in the center of Type E


The flight of stairs in Type E is tucked to the side in the middle which separates the living hall and the kitchen. Light illuminates the entire house from the free space in the center

Type C/F

Come home to a sleek, contemporary abode that is perfectly in harmony with nature.

Type C

Land area : 30’ x 65’

Built-up : 4,003 sq ft/ 371.96 sq mt

Type F (floor plan as shown)

Land area :  30’ x 70’

Built-up : 4,003 sq ft/ 371.96 sq mt

Type C, F Photo

5. siteplanCF 6. Type C, F Floor plan




The stairs for Type F is in the center of the house

The price margin for all types are close in between. So buyers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to all the individual appeals of each unit type.

The younger generation of Rawangites is seeking an upgrade to better homes for their aging parents and for personal preferences. And because Rawang is an old town, projects of this stature with such an irresistible offer and layout at Taman Sari Amaryllis, will certainly give this township a new lease of life.

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Taman Sari is the closest residential area to Rawang Toll. It has accessibility to various highways, with the main point heading towards the North-South Expressway:

  • New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE)
  • North- South Expressway Central Link (ELITE)
  • Federal Highway
  • LATAR Expressway
  • Guthrie Corridor Expressway

2. Location on Google map

What used to be a row of old stalls along Jalan Rawang- Bandar Tasik Puteri as seen here is today the snazzy entrance to Taman Sari.

2. Taman Sari Before 2

Before it was Taman Sari entrance, this was how it looked like. A familiar point of view for the locals

1. Taman Sari Before


The entrance to Taman Sari, today

Just cruising along this undulating hillside is a curious case for me. This particular location was once bare and was a private land area which was off limits to the public. It was therefore very interesting to find out that in this once-mysterious location lies over 245 acres of gentle undulating hills, green linear parks and pristine lakes that only now was revealed to the members of the public.

And of course, after what was a whopping RM1.5 billion gross development value forecast for a total of 9 phases that makes the entire Taman Sari Residences in Rawang.


The way to Amaryllis sales gallery


Amaryllis Sales Gallery @Taman Sari

Taman Sari provides high-level security features for its residents’ assurance and peace of mind.

Its catchy promotional bid : “Here, we celebrate a world where children are free to roam the hills and jovial lakeside picnics within the sanctuary of safety thanks to 24/7 integrated perimeter security and CCTV surveillance system.” It is paramount.

Also noteworthy is due to the fact that the area is still not as commercialised as of yet, many big companies have in the past years, migrated their manufacturing operations to this side of town and built their factories here to enjoy the low maintenance and operating fees.

Some of the more familiar brands would be the investment holding company and producer of industrial stretch film, Scientex Berhad; one of Malaysia’s largest printers (for textbooks and corporate materials) Vivar Printing Sdn Bhd and of course, Lafarge Malayan Cement Bhd factory, the UK-based cement brand among others are big companies operating their factories in Rawang for many decades already.

In order to create an impression of a solid presence in a new market as that of Rawang, BRDB does not stop short at ensuring that its quality is uncompromised.

To couple with the luxuriant impression Taman Sari has created, BRDB has struck a healthy collaboration with The Straits International Schoolwhich will accommodate 1,000 students.

Distinguished international school, Straits International School

The Straits International School began its maiden operations in Bayan Lepas in 2012 offering the world class British Cambridge Curriculum from Nursery to IGCSE level. By September 2015, this campus will be relocated to a new and bigger building to cater for our growing population of students.

Following a highly successful opening in Penang, Straits International School, Rawang is already welcoming a large number of enquiries for their new school, which shall open in September 2016 and be based upon the highly successful model used at its Penang campus. Their approach teaches strong moral values combined with academic rigour minded approach to school life, reflected in their motto, “Non Mihi, Non Tibi, Sed Nobis” – Not for me, Not for you, But for us.

The Rawang campus shall benefit from top class facilities, which shall include classrooms with multimedia coursework and presentation facilities, a library and media centre, computer laboratories, dedicated science and music labs, sports field and gyms.

Straits International School will continue using their student-ID system that promotes a cashless environment and which monitors student’s movement. This ensure a more efficient, safe and most importantly, a highly-secured schooling environment for the children.


Straits International School under construction

Earnestly speaking, this is probably the most exciting news for Rawang folks since stepping foot here with my family more than 20 years ago!

Soon, Rawang will produce some of the brightest children for the country, thanks to sound and quality education.

Aeon Rawang

Taman Sari is located between Rawang and Anggun City. Not only that, from where you live, on a hilltop, you will be able to have a good view of the mall as well. It is only 200 metres away from your balcony.


Seeing green : The view from the showhouse

Aeon Rawang is the most happening shopping mall in this town. A lot of developments have since mushroomed around it, rendering this a heavy-traffic location during the weekends.

Hence, residents staying near to this mall are assured of a bustling and merry environment filled with family cheers and good fun with friends.

15 minutes to Rawang on a slow drive

Again, when buying into Rawang, you will become a good part of this township and be able to integrate with the beautiful community that has celebrated its differences and cultures here for aeons.

When in Rawang, it is worth driving around for the best foods that would keep you planted here for good. The famous Rawang steamed fish is still in business and ready to take your orders! There is a plethora of services and entertainment for your delightful heart. Rawang is basically, well, just like any other Malaysian town.

Be assured of a down-to-earth kind of community, with a mix of your typical fellow Malaysians and of course, quite a heavy presence of foreign workers too. But that should be the least of your concern, by now. They are also a peaceful community and are mostly seen helping out at business premises for their towkays every now and then. They are also the significant workforce for the construction and development of Rawang township alone.

Rawang Township as featured by Property Insight in October 2015

Rawang Township as featured by Property Insight in October 2015 (Image source : Property Insight)

10 minutes to Bandar Country Homes

As it was, Bandar Country Homes(BCH) is one of the earliest residences in Rawang. It was established around the same time as the New Green Park, Taman Perdana and Taman Tun Teja. At BCH, you will be able to find everything you need. Tuition centres, bakery, food courts, primary and secondary schools, convenience stores, pharmacies, salons, optometrist and petrol stations.BCH is also a hilly neighbourhood and is a pretty decent place to look for a good meal.

Natural splendour

And then there is the Templer’s Park Waterfall and Kuala Selangor fishing village.

Yes, waterfall and seafood. These have been the kind of places people in Rawang gallivant around. An underdog of a township tucked away in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, not known up to this point. Rawangites have been able to live near to nature and enjoy a string of healthy family entertainment and services at their fingertips. On top of that, the fun fair always pays a visit to town from time to time.

Additionally, you will be able to see Genting Highlands from your balcony window if you are facing Northeast of Taman Sari. As usual, people also access to Karak Highway through the Ulu Yam Highway to go to Genting Highlands. Fraser’s Hill, although is right on the border of Selangor and Pahang, is also almost the same distance as Genting Highlands. It is one-and-a-half hours from Rawang.

In a nutshell, Rawang is the most happening town which can be accessed by these surrounding natural destinations.

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Project title Tenure/Land Title Average Price (per Sq. Ft.) Maintenance Fee(per Sq. Ft.) Car Park Bays
Taman Sari Freehold, 3-storey terraced houses RM300 RM300 2
Acacia Park Leasehold, 2-storey houses RM 250 psf RM100 2
M-Residences 2 Freehold, 2-storey houses RM 307 RM180 2

One consistent information discovered from all three developers is that most of the buyers into Rawang come from areas like Kepong, Bukit Beruntung, Damansara and Klang Valley. At the same time, we are looking at a huge potential for landed properties here.

The prices for these similar developments, being landed properties and within a fair distance from each other, vary greatly when the quality and distance from town are considered.

Amaryllis’ RM300psf is cheaper than Mah Sing’s M Residence 2’s RM307 psf because Amaryllis is a three-storey development with a minimum built-up of 3,033 sq ft at RM 929,000 compared to M Residence 2’s maximum built-up area of 3,068sq. ft. at RM 1,028,800.

The price per sq ft is always cheaper the bigger the built-up. One can always make a good comparison when it comes to the ringgit and sen.

The unique selling points for BDRB’s Taman Sari Amaryllis, Low Yat Group’s Acacia Park and Mah Sing’s M Residence 2 are all key to differentiating their offerings at the same location.

Taman Sari’s distance to the NKVE-Rawang toll is the main attraction to the project, whereas M Residence 2 would have a strata-titled mid-range properties that are targeted for those who want something more for slightly higher price than Acacia Park’s affordable home concept with less facilities.

Nonetheless, Acacia Park’s developers must be commended too for their win in gaining access for their residents to the newly-completed LATAR Expressway and their success in bringing a German-based international school into Bandar Tasik Puteri.

Taking into account the built-up area and the size of all these developments, in fact, these houses do carry quite reasonable price tags. And property prices have increased by sevenfold in a matter of just a few years.

It only really depends on a buyer’s affordability, preference for distance from the main Rawang town or towards the KL city centre. And ultimately, the intention that leads their heart to settle in Rawang with a landed property the likes of Taman Sari.

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Taman Sari will accommodate about 10,000 residents when fully developed in 10 to 12 years.

With such appealing selling point : a gated an secured affluent township that provides residents access to a clubhouse, commercial facilities and other amenities, Taman Sari is more than just a home. It is a resort.

It will benchmark the definition of contemporary living in Rawang and create a distinct lifestyle for Taman Sari residents to the envy of others.


Investment interests are abundant, that is for certain. Local people from around the township are also looking to migrate into newer residences. In fact, there is hardly any more land for development in the city centre. and soon, we will hear more new projects coming out of Rawang landbank.

We have heard so much about Kepong, Puchong, Seri Kembangan and Bukit Jalil but these are locations towards the south. Now developers are inching towards the north and branching out their developments to cover the whole of Selangor.

Hence, it is certainly exciting to be seeing huge developers now making their way into Rawang to give it a splendid touch of their vision.

Observe the prices of the properties in Rawang today, and watch the market appreciate in years to come.

On a side note, with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) culmination, it is perhaps a wise move to own a landed property of your own even in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. We will surely be seeing an influx of visitors into Malaysia soon. For now we can only hope for the country’s economy to take on a brighter note for the better.

Lastly and not the least, here is a great feature on Rawang written by John Goh which you will also enjoy reading.


Highlight from the article :

‘According to Ahyat, Rawang’s location far outside KL city centre which used to be perceived as a weakness has turned into its strength. “Rawang is actually beyond the 30km radius from mapmaker Ho Chin Soon’s ‘Locational Centre of Gravity’ which is currently at Kinrara Army Camp. Therefore, land is still relatively cheap compared to other places in central KL but property prices are picking up with quality link houses pushing RM400,000 – RM500,000. However, there are still concerns about connectivity. Although there is LATAR (KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway) and other major highways connecting Rawang, some of the road arteries at the business centres surrounding it will have to be improved to keep up with the rapid growth,” Ahyat observes.

See Kok Loong, Director of Metro Homes Sdn Bhd concurs with Ahyat’s general enthusiasm about Rawang. “It is a good choice for buyers shopping around for landed homes especially terrace houses. Land prices have reached a point that it is now quite difficult to build landed homes in popular suburban areas like Cheras or Petaling Jaya. Many industries are also moving out to the northern fringes of the Klang Valley such as Rawang.”’ – Source, John Goh website

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