The 11 Best Neighbourhoods For Living In Selangor!

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The 11 Best Neighbourhoods For Living In Selangor!
As the richest state in Malaysia, Selangor boasts a booming economy and high standard of living.
Shopping complexes? Check.
Business districts? Check.
Cosy suburban areas? Check.
All these, served by an efficient public transport system makes Selangor a highly accessible state, no matter where you call ‘home’.
Yet amidst the soaring buildings and dense population, Selangor manages to balance it all out for youths, families and expatriates alike. The state is still abundant with pockets of nature, and is far from being a congested urban jungle.
Wondering which neighbourhood in Selangor would suit you best? Read on to explore the best neighbourhoods to stay in Selangor!

Best Areas for Youths

1) Subang Jaya

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While most suburban townships are known to be sleepy cities, Subang Jaya is far from that.
Many families may call Subang Jaya home, but the area is also known to be a hip and trendy hotspot, with ample amenities catered to the large youth population.
The northern end of Subang bears the “SS” address, with SS15 as the primary commercial hub. Replete with cafes and all sorts of F&B establishments, there’s no shortage of culinary treasures to explore here.
The southern end sees UEP Subang Jaya (USJ), with both USJ 9 and 10 serving as the main commercial hubs.
If you’re a student, you’d be glad to know that Subang isn’t just all work and no play. The area has blossomed with many shopping complexes – Empire Subang, Subang Parade, Sunway Pyramid, SS15 Courtyard, One City, Main Place and many more.
Wherever you live in Subang, there’s bound to be a neighbourhood shopping mall that’s a stone’s throw away!

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2) Bandar Sunway

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Bandar Sunway, or Sunway City, is a vibrant township that’s also well-known for its student population.
Transformed from neglected mining land, Bandar Sunway is Malaysia’s first fully integrated township, and it’s certainly a flourishing one.
It’s mainly centred around Selangor’s famed shopping complex – Sunway Pyramid. Sunway Geo and Sunway Lagoon also sit right next to the iconic mall, turning the area into a bonafide entertainment haven.
The reason why Bandar Sunway is primarily home to students can be attributed to multiple world-class universities in and around the area, such as Sunway College/University, Monash University, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, and The One Academy.
In turn, Bandar Sunway sees no shortage of condominiums and apartments in the vicinity of these universities. Many within walking distance, to boot!
It’s not just all education though, as the township has an equally stellar reputation for its healthcare facilities. Ramsay Sime Darby Health Centre Subang Jaya, popularly known as Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC), and Sunway Medical Centre are all located within the neighbourhood.
The cherry on top for residents would be Bandar Sunway’s seamless connectivity and accessibility. All the universities, residential areas, hospitals and shopping complexes are served by a highly efficient public transport network.
The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line connects the Kelana Jaya LRT line to the township, while various canopied walkways link the stations to the amenities around.

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3) Shah Alam

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Student life is hectic enough as is, which is why some may find Shah Alam a welcoming respite.
Known to be a peaceful and reserved neighbourhood, Shah Alam boasts plentiful nature-oriented recreational activities.
If your ideal life involves lakeside jogs after work or weekend hikes, Shah Alam is home to the Bukit Cerakah Forest Reserve, Shah Alam Extreme Park, and multiple golf clubs.
Properties within Shah Alam can be on the luxurious side if you’d prefer, with many developers eyeing this neighbourhood for its spaciousness and serenity. Some examples of these townships include Ecoworld Sanctuary, Bandar Rimbayu, and Tropicana Aman.
The student population in Shah Alam stems mostly from Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam (UiTM), Management and Science University (MSU), and UOW Malaysia KDU, to name a few.

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Best Areas for Families

1) Petaling Jaya

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It’s not too difficult to see why Petaling Jaya (or more affectionately known as ‘PJ’) is consistently the area with the highest in demand to buy property in Malaysia.
This thriving town seems to be the perfect blend of commercial, industrial, residential, and entertainment hubs.
Without being excessively metropolitan, Petaling Jaya offers families a well-connected life that’s always in the vicinity of shopping complexes, commercial districts, and reputable schools.
Popular mega malls include Atria Shopping Mall, Paradigm Mall, and Starling Mall, while SS2 is the main commercial district where the action never stops.
As Kuala Lumpur’s satellite city, corporate and commercial districts in PJ are well-matured to provide ample job opportunities.
No matter your family’s size, property options here are plenty – ranging from bungalows and terraced houses, to flats and high-end condominiums.

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2) Puchong

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Puchong is a self-sufficient township with its own commercial centres, recreational spots, and shopping centres, as well as a full range of education institutions to cater to all ages.
Back in the 1980s, Puchong was considered to be on the outskirts and fell short of its potential, due to lack of accessibility.
Today, thanks to almost half of the entire Sri Petaling LRT line serving 8 stations in Puchong alone, plus the Damansara-Puchong Expressway, Puchong proves to be a highly popular neighbourhood for families in particular – and is a major draw for foodies across the whole of Selangor too!
As Puchong is primarily a residential township, there’s no shortage of schools from pre-school up to secondary level. Notable ones include R.E.A.L Kids Puchong Jaya, and Rafflesia International & Private School.
Students pursuing their higher education can easily head a little ways out to Bandar Sunway or Subang Jaya to access world-class universities – all easily accessible by car and public transport.

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3) Cheras

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The sprawling neighbourhood of Cheras actually straddles both Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. It extends into Ampang to the north, while the southern end meets with Kajang.
Confusing? Perhaps so. But this just means that families are spoilt for choice when it comes to the type of property and lifestyle they seek in Cheras.
The entertainment scene in this bustling town centres around its multiple mega malls – Sunway Velocity, Leisure Mall, EkoCheras Mall, and IKEA Cheras to name a few.
If night markets are more up your alley, Cheras is home to Pasar Malam Taman Connaught, the second longest pasar malam in Malaysia!
While accessibility to Cheras via public transport used to be nonexistent, the Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT line today serves multiple stations within the town.
While Cheras may not be as tranquil as say, Shah Alam or Subang Jaya, residents here need not want for anything.

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Best Areas for Expats

1) Cyberjaya

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Cyberjaya is Malaysia’s very own attempt at a Silicon Valley of our own. This IT-themed city plays a key role in our Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC).
This means you can expect only the best possible environment for multimedia companies, exemplified by the numerous MNCs that have set up operations in Cyberjaya.
The town was established relatively recently, and offers a quiet living away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, despite being just 25 km away.
While properties in Cyberjaya are generally more upmarket, the city is also associated with a decent number of universities and cheaper properties to cater to the student population. These universities include University of Cyberjaya, Multimedia University (MMU), and Limkokwing University.
If people were cities, Cyberjaya would be the neat, reserved introvert who’s often working late into the night! Fret not though, as Dpulze Shopping Centre and Gem In Mall make for the city’s fun streak.
Cyberjaya has a green lung to her too, in the form of Cyberjaya Lake Gardens.

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2) Putrajaya

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We usually go on road-trips with a specific destination in mind. When it comes to Putrajaya however, the city itself is the destination.
The wide swaths of greenery, striking architecture and peaceful lakes make for a scenic drive just 40 mins from the KL City Centre. When night falls, the many stunning bridges light up the town with iridescent colors.
Putrajaya was initially conceived to shift some of the pressure off Kuala Lumpur’s back. But despite being the federal administrative centre, Putrajaya is often viewed in a more leisurely light.
As a whole, the city is intricately planned out, with dedicated cycling paths to help you traverse its many landscaped gardens. Putrajaya Wetlands Park, Putrajaya Botanical Gardens, and the lake itself as the city’s focal point further strengthens its title as a ‘garden city’.
Throw in amenities like Putrajaya Hospital and Institut Kanser Negara, plus Heriot-Watt University and prestigious hotels like DoubleTree Hilton, and you’ve got everything you need.
Putrajaya is seamlessly linked to the rest of the state, and beyond, with 7 highways. Public transport is served by the Putrajaya Sentral transportation hub, which serves as a one-stop centre connecting the KLIA Transit line via the Express Rail Link (ERL) system with a taxi centre, as well as bus hubs from Nadi Putra and RapidKL.
The upcoming MRT Line 2 Sungai Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya (SSP) line is also set to be integrated with the station by 2023.

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3) Ara Damansara

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The last parcels of freehold land in Petaling Jaya make up the new, modern township of Ara Damansara, adjacent to Subang Jaya.
The small, tranquil township is a fully self-sustaining township, surrounded by all the amenities you’d expect – hotels, schools, hypermarkets, hospitals, country clubs, and more!
In the past, Ara Damansara was never a town to turn heads. Since Sime Darby took over, however, Ara Damansara has rapidly begun to carve itself out to be an affluent township on the rise.
Primarily a residential township, properties here are mostly upmarket – be it link houses, bungalows, serviced residences, high-rise condominiums or shop offices alike.
Oasis Square makes for the township’s pulse at night. Here, you’ll find a hub of trendy bistros, bars, and classy restaurants with open air walkways surrounding the main fountain.
Aside from a prime location and the promise of prosperity, Ara Damansara enjoys fantastic connectivity to its surrounding neighbourhoods. Of note are the two LRT stations – Ara Damansara and Lembah Subang.

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Best Areas for Retirement

1) Bandar Puncak Alam

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Despite gaining popularity only in the past few years, Puncak Alam touts itself as a self-sustainable township that’s well integrated with facilities and amenities befitting families, retirees, and all.
In terms of healthcare, there are quite a number of private and public facilities available, including the UiTM Puncak Alam campus.
For leisure and lifestyle, all your needs are covered too, as there are plenty of sundry shops, supermarkets, and parks to provide a little respite from the day.
Complete with highly sought-after projects from renowned developers, Puncak Alam may be a small town, but the homey vibes it emits are bound to have you feeling peaceful and content.
Despite being a bit ways out of the city centre, the neighbourhood can still be accessed through major highways such as the Latar Expressway, Guthrie Corridor Expressway, North-South Highway (PLUS), New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), and ELITE Highway.
In time, the Damansara-Shah Alam Expressway (DASH), and the West Coast Expressway (WCE) will also be completed for added mobility around the Klang Valley.

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2) Semenyih

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Don’t let the small locale of Semenyih fool you, as it definitely packs a punch that may make you feel like settling down here once and for all!
Located just on the outskirts of Kajang and Cheras, Semenyih is a scenic, steadily-growing neighbourhood that combines the appeal of nature with the experience of living amongst it.
Alongside Broga Hill, there are plenty of nature trails and parks to escape to. You can also expect plenty of greenery and park-living right outside your door in one of the many nature-influenced projects such as Setia EcoHill Park and Kajang East.
For all your healthcare needs, several healthcare facilities are available throughout the area, and there’s even a pet hospital for your furry companion should they fall sick.
Complete with all the necessary amenities for your daily needs and wants, Semenyih is an ideal place to retire to for some peace, serenity, and quiet away from all the busyness of the city.

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