All You Need to Know About The Malaysian Institute Of Estate Agents (MIEA)

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All You Need to Know About The Malaysian Institute Of Estate Agents (MIEA)
Have you heard of the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA)? This important not-for-profit organisation is the recognised body representing registered estate agents throughout Malaysia.
For almost 50 years, the MIEA and its forerunner organisations have been helping guide and promote professional standards in the real estate industry.
If you’ve ever sold a house without any trouble, you owe these heroes some thanks!
The origin of the MIEA in Malaysia can be traced back to the early 1970s, when a group of committed real estate agents met to form the Malaysian Association of Real Estate Agents (MAREA).
Think of it like a superhero origin story, but instead of protecting the Earth, their mission was to protect the integrity of the real estate industry!
As the forerunner of the MIEA, MAREA worked as the recognised body for estate agents for a quarter of a century.
With the significant changes brought in by the Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Amendment Act in 1984, the decision was made to reform the organisation too.
We all know the value of a good reinvention, right?
After several years of reform, MAREA became the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents in 1989. So what do they do, do they have cool superhero outfits, and what does that mean for you?
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What Is The Role Of The MIEA?

The guiding mission of MIEA is to support and develop the work of registered real estate agents in order to promote a positive real estate industry.
That means trying to make sure there are no unscrupulous agents taking your cash, then disappearing without closing a deal!
The goal of the MIEA is to make the industry a better place for those that work in it, and a better place for those of us looking to buy, sell, or rent out a property.
That commitment is laid out in the organisation’s guiding principles:
  • To represent members on all issues of practice with BOVAEA, relevant government agencies, associations, and to be the voice for real estate practitioners in Malaysia.
  • To unite and protect the interests of all real estate professionals.
  • To promote a code of conduct, ethics, and maintain high ethical standards.
  • To safeguard and protect the interests of the general public against fraud by unauthorised practitioners.
  • To provide training, education, examination, technical, and general knowledge for real estate practitioners.
  • To mediate in disputes or conflicts.
  • To provide a platform for networking and business development.
  • To encourage, elevate, and maintain a high level of professionalism amongst practitioners.
  • To work towards the establishment of the Board of Estate Agents Malaysia.
  • To eliminate illegal brokers and malpractice within the industry.
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What Courses Do MIEA Offer?

Building up good ethics and appropriate knowledge to ensure strong foundations for the industry isn’t just empty talk at MIEA.
They also host some valuable courses to ensure real estate practitioners have the right understanding to operate in the modern environment.

1) Negotiators Certification Course

This MIEA course offers a foundation for individuals looking to embark on a career in the real estate industry. It is the stepping stone to becoming a Real Estate Negotiator (REN).
The MIEA runs multiple courses each year, and you can find out more about the upcoming courses on their website.

2) Diploma In Estate Agency

The more comprehensive Diploma in Estate Agency is an MIEA course designed to prepare individuals looking to sit the Diploma in Estate Agency exam, an important part of the journey to become a Real Estate Agent (REA).
The course is supported by lectures from academics and highly experienced industry professionals.

PropertyGuru Tip

As a not-for-profit organisation, MIEA go out of their way to subsidise the costs of these courses, making access to the right skills and opportunities more affordable for everyone.

What Events Do MIEA Host?

Alongside their course offerings, the MIEA host a range of industry events for practitioners to network, refine their skills, and enjoy worthy recognition of their success.
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1) National Real Estate Awards (NREA)

Welcome to the Oscars of Malaysia’s real estate industry! The NREA are the chance to celebrate the best and brightest of the industry in an event filled with glitz, glamour, and celebration.

2) Malaysian Annual Real Estate Convention (MAREC)

This annual event is a chance to bring together real estate practitioners and thought leaders in Malaysia’s largest real estate event.
It’s the perfect platform to network, build new partnerships, and exchange ideas.

3) ASEAN Real Estate Network Alliance (ARENA)

The ARENA event is built on collaboration across the ASEAN community, bringing together the real estate agencies of Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

4) Malaysian Second Property Exhibition (MASPEX)

MASPEX is Malaysia’s leading secondary market event, providing a unique platform to market and promote sub-sale properties.

5) Special Events

MIEA also host special one-off events looking at focused topics in the real estate industry.

Finding The Right Branch Of MIEA

The MIEA are headquartered in Petaling Jaya, but have branches spread throughout Malaysia. So don’t worry, you don’t have to travel all the way to PJ every time you want to attend an event or meet a representative!
  • Johor: Located on Jalan Putra, Johor
  • Penang: Located in the Axis Complex, Jalan Cantonment
  • Perak: A mysteriously secret location! (I’m sure they’ll tell you if you ask)
  • Sabah: Located at Lintas Square, Kota Kinabalu
  • Sarawak: Located at Wisma Keretapi, Kuching
That means, next time you buy a house, and it all goes smoothly because of how great your estate agent is… you know who to thank, no matter where you are in Malaysia.
It also means real estate professionals have a local contact for their industry needs.

Work Towards The Board Of Estate Agents Malaysia

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A clear commitment of MIEA is the organisation’s support for establishing a separate Board of Estate Agents for Malaysia.
This new organisation would be specifically focused on estate agents, and designed to complement the work of the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents, and Property Managers (BOVAEA).
The idea of establishing a dedicated board was first raised in 2009, and was reaffirmed as a commitment by MIEA as recently as May 2019. It turns out they really, really want to get this thing started!
Industry players agree that establishing this new board would be a long-term task, with regulatory approval and legislation required as part of that journey.
It’s also fairly contentious in some corners, since BOVAEA itself is currently opposed to the idea.
Turns out it might take a lot of sweet talking to get this idea moving forward.
But, whatever the outcome, we can all be a little bit happier with the knowledge that the MIEA are working to support Malaysia’s real estate industry.

The goal of MIEA is to build a better real estate industry for Malaysia. That’s a great goal in our view! So where do you go next to discover more about the work that estate agents do? Why not check out our handy Agent Guides section for all the latest news and insight on property agents.

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