Median Price

RM 565k

Based on 55999 units sold preceding 12 mths.

Annual Growth


Compound annual growth rate in median price.

Gombak is a district in Selangor that was created on February 1st in 1974. It is a small district that borders Kuala Lumpur to the southeast and Genting Highlands to the east. Gombak is an old residential area where one can still find the olden days, endearing villages stretched along the Gombak River. There are a variety of recreational areas and tourist spots that are well known located in Gombak. Gombak may be a small district but it also holds its own charms in its own way.

Gombak is a district that can be accessed easily due to the large network of roads connecting to this district. The Federal Route is the main road that goes through Rawang town, Selayang and Batu Caves. One can also take the Old Gombak – Bentong road if they are headed to Bentong, Pahang. Other roads or highways that are available are PLUS Expressway, East Coast Expreassway, Kuala Lumpur –Kuala Selangor Expressway and Guthrie Corridor Expressway.

Gombak is a district that has a variety of recreational area and tourist attraction. One can enjoy a walk at Templer Park in Rawang, take a dip in Batu Asah Waterfall or enjoy a relaxing time in the Selayang Hot Spring. Batu Caves is also located in Gombak, one of the largest tourist attractions in Selangor that is well known among the Hindu locals and tourist alike. One can even enjoy a walk through the Selangor Fruit Valley while picking the fruits they desire.

Apart from the recreational attractions that Gombak has to offer, people can enjoy the variety of local cuisine that can be found in Gombak. Tourist would truly be able to enjoy the flavours of Malaysia in this district. For those who enjoy nature and anything to do with greenery, they would enjoy living in Gombak. Residents can get their groceries from regular markets such as Pasar Raya Well Mart GB1, Pasar Mini Dibata Maju and Mutiara Mart. For a larger variety of food type, one can get their groceries from stores such as BiG Wholesale Marketplace.

Apart from having the most tourist and recreational spots, families and tourist that enjoy nature would love visiting or living in Gombak. The fresh air, chirping of the birds and the greenery surrounding the housing developments and recreational spot would make Gombak a district to remember. There is not much of a night life when living in Gombak but one can always get to Kuala Lumpur which is not far from Gombak to enjoy a livelier night life.

Gombak houses one of the most popular tourist spot in Selangor which in turns brings in demands and needs. It is an ideal living space for locals that are looking to live a quieter lifestyle. There are a variety of options for schools that residents can look into when deciding for their children’s future education. There are schools such as SMK Hillcrest, SMK Gombak Setia and SK Taman Seri Gombak 1 that residents can browse through as an option for their children’s school. There are also a few international schools such as Baseerah International School, Oasis International Scholl and International Islamic School Malaysia that can be of option to parents for schools.

Properties in Gombak are freehold and leasehold properties. The median price for the properties in Gombak stands at RM 561k while the median price per square feet stands at RM 352. There are a total of 3,579 projects as of now in Gombak. This showcases the variety of property type that home owners and investors can browse through to find the one they fancy such as The Villas @ Gemilang, Halamanda @ Gombak, Dolomite Park Avenue, LakePark Residence @ KL North and Vega Suites @ Selayang Star City.

Buying, selling, or investing property is a very big decision. Even moving to your desired location can sometimes be very emotional. Using data from more than 5023 listings in Gombak, PropertyGuru aim to help you make the right decisions on selecting property, by providing you helpful news and property statistics such as median and growth in the area, but also our opinion on local neighborhood area.

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