1. Lontong King


Lontong is a commonly found dish in Indonesia, made of compressed rice cake in the form of a cylinder, and wrapped inside a banana leaf. While commonly found only in Indonesia, it comes as no surprise that the food haven of Cheras has its own Lontong. Lontong King has a variety of food choices to fill up your stomach for a perfect breakfast. Uniquely enough, Lontong King has grilled lamb made every day which is a very rare thing to find in Kuala Lumpur.

2. Warong Bistro


Roti Canai with dhal is one of Malaysia’s favourite breakfasts. Who could possible say no to paper thin, crispy handmade roti canai dipped in thick, succulent gravy of many spices that the dhal offers? So if you are looking for one of the best Roti Canai in Cheras then head over to Warong Bistro! Enjoy humbly made local breakfast delicacies such as Malaysia’s local dish, Nasi Lemak, Lontong, Nasi Goreng and many more!

3. Stage Café Malaysia


Well known with their tasty Friendship cake and Blueberry Cheese tart, Stage Café is a nice venue located in a first floor shoplot in the heart of Bandar Mahkota Cheras. The café is ran by coffee enthusiasts, which definitely means they take their brewing skills seriously. Stage Café is beautifully decorated with modern wooden interiors with a long glass pane for patrons to take a peek inside the kitchen. The environment is very peaceful with the luxury of lots of natural lighting. And when it comes to food, Stage Café has many unique delicacies that will definitely catch your attention.

4. Auntie Lora Kopitiam


Ever since its establishment in 1981, Auntie Lora started off as a small stall, which soon expanded into a shop in 2008. Opening as early as 6:30am, this restaurant has always been opened to hungry patrons who like to start their day early. It’s definitely advisable to come as early as possible as this restaurant is constantly full of people waiting to get their hands-on Auntie Lora’s delicacies.


1. Madam Chiam Curry Noodle House


Being relatively close to UCSI University, Madam Chiam’s restaurant brings a lot of students because of the tasty curry noodles, and dry chilli pan mee, their bestsellers. Averaging between RM5.80 to RM6.50, it is also reasonably priced. Madam Chiam’s noodles may look underwhelming but it definitely packs a ton of flavour.

2. Poppo Kanteen


Famously known by locals for its savoury Nasi Lemak with beef rendang. Poppo Kanteen delivers many tempting local meals with average pricing. Poppo Kanteen started off as a canteen operator at a school – no wonder the meals bring back a back-to-school vibe with a traditional touch. You will be surely be spoilt for choice with over 200 foods to choose from, but as stated Poppo’s Nasi Lemak is definitely the highlight of this restaurant with its special touches to make their food stand out.

3. Craft Café


Craft Café is the place to get art inspirations whilst enjoying your meal as the surroundings are full of personal art touches. Grey walls, long benches, custom wooden furnitures, naked ceilings and spotlights are the recipe to a simple and minimalist interior design as which is portrayed in Craft Café. Try out their extensive range of food on the menu, some of which are inspired locally and internationally. Craft Café’s favourites include the ‘Beauty & The Beast’, where they presumably got the name by having a beautifully made double waffle paired with a beastly chopped chicken, with loads of cheese and an egg to top it all off. And not to be left out, the fries.

4. The Mechanic Café


This beautiful down-to-earth café is a new setup in a newly developed location in Cheras. The Mechanic Café which refers to the owner being an ex-mechanic, has an eye for clean, modern minimalist designs. As soon as you step inside the café, you will be greeted by a vast area full with pastel grey and white colours with simply designed furniture. Mechanic Café is located on the first floor of a shoplot instead of your average ground floor café, claiming to create more ambiance from the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. Summer at 17 Café


With a charming and warm environment, it is little wonder where the owners got inspiration for their cafe’s name. Summer at 17 Café located in the ever growing Connaught Avenue, Cheras. This suburban café boasts its richness in natural lighting inside its 1st floor café to create a more elegant scenario, whilst enjoying your brunch. Led by passionate chefs, this restaurant has created many creative meals that strive to be perfect for everyone. Inspired by Italian and French cuisines collaborated with the aromatic flavors of Asia, Summer at 17 Café plays it’s role to serve best of both worlds.


1. Trust Issues


Trust issue KL is the definition of international marriage. It simply combines the best of both worlds by creating amazing fusions in cuisine. Imploring an Italian-Malaysian fusion with creations such as the ‘Kari Rissotto Burung Puyuh’ which is a tender quail collaborated with curry infused risotto. As soon as you step inside the restaurant you can expect modern interiors with down-to-earth lighting and brick and mortar walls. Overall, it is a very spacious place to hang out for lunch with your friends; and a plus side is that the food here are considerably priced.

2. Nasi Lemak Tepi Jalan


This Nasi Lemak Tepi Jalan store has been in business for over 20 years and what they did to innovate the foods they pioneer in is amazing. They came up with “Nasi Lemak Lobster” starting from RM20! Truly a sensation towards the locals, there are also those who travel from afar just for their signature dish. If you’re looking for the best Nasi Lemak spot, search no more. Nasi Lemak Tepi Jalan has you covered.

3. SukaSucre Bistro


After winning Masterchef Asia, Chef Dato Fazley Yaacob wanted to expand his culinary tastes in his own kitchen, so he opened SukaSucre in Cheras. Serving extravagant foods from local and European inspirations, Chef Fazley created a menu called ‘from Rembau to Paris, which definitely suits the case as the menu is mostly a fusion between famous European dishes and local ingredients.

4. Purple Rain Aroy


Sawadeekap! A brand-new Thai restaurant has just opened in Taman Connaught serving fresh and delicious Tom Yum seafood, delightful pandan chicken wrapped in ketupat, and Thai steamed or fried fish in special ingredients among their many other choices. And to end an adventurous meal, grab a dessert which is the Red Ruby in coconut milk with Jackfruit, also known as the Tam Tim Krab. A perfect place if you are craving Thai cuisine!


1. Pizza Plus

pizza plus










If you’re in the mood for some Italian pizza, then head over to Pizza Plus where they serve hand-made pizzas with organic recipes. The environment is very friendly with a list of Italian food to choose from! Head over for a nice pizza dinner fit for gatherings or if you’re feeling extra hungry, just munch down an entire pizza!

2. Dragon Door Steamboat


You will be in for a surprise when you enter the premises of Dragon Door Steamboat as you will feel like you’re starring in a movie shot in Hong Kong. The vibe is lively with unique features. This place is most definitely a win for steamboat lovers, as the variety of raw meat and seafood are uncountable. Make sure your stomach is empty before you eat here, because the amount you eat here will probably put you in a food coma once you get out.

3. Kaki Corner


Kaki Corner is a downtown steak stop where meat lovers can feast on delicious meals served by a caring team of staff. Being economically priced with a handsome portion, this restaurant gained attention and positive feedback on the value of the food. Whether you love eating indoors in the comfort of air conditioner or outside in the natural wind, Kaki Corner has seats and tables at all corners.

4. Dapoq Street


When affordable prices meets fancy dishes, that’s where you’ll find Dapoq Street in Alam Damai, Cheras. This budget-friendly restaurant serves a vast menu with reasonable portions. A great spot for students and friends to chill out at as it has an indoor and outdoor eating area. Well recommended if you fancy economy-class western foods.

5. Susan’s Bistro


Serving honest foods for over 10 years, Susan’s Bistro delivers amazing meals to its patrons. The choices of Italian and Asian food combined with a homely environment will make you feel as if you were dining at home. In addition to Susan’s Bistro favourable menu, it is also competitively priced which is great news to those of high end tastes in the mood for a mid-range budget dinner.

Keen to head over to Cheras to enjoy these yummy meals? Find out how to get there via public transport here.