Median Price

RM 641k

Based on 15308 units sold preceding 12 mths.

Annual Growth


Compound annual growth rate in median price.

Nilai is a town in Negeri Sembilan. It is a town that is located between Sepang District and Seremban District. It is a town that is rapidly growing and the second largest town in the state with a majority of Chinese population. Nilai town is popular for the establishment and universities that have taken home in the town.

Nilai is a town that is linked to other cities and towns in the surrounding area that allows one to move about freely. There are many roads that links to Nilai to other destination such as the PLUS Expressway, North – South Expressway Central Link (ELITE) that connects Shah Alam to Nilai that is on the southern end of the highway link.

Nilai is a beautiful city that has managed to retain its charm despite many years that has passed. Bukit Melati Nilai is a beautiful place to visit during the weekends or during one’s free time. Visitors can go for a hike while they enjoy the greenery in the surrounding area as they get a breath of fresh air. It is a good activity to do as a group as it not only lets one to get some exercise in but also to form and deepen bonds between each other. There are also amusement parks such as The Adventurer’s Web that one can enjoy if they prefer that instead of taking a hike.

Nilai is a town whose main occupants are of Chinese background. However, that does not mean Nilai lacks a variety of cuisine as one can still find a variety of dishes in Nilai to enjoy. Living in Nilai can truly be a beautiful experience. One can also get their groceries with ease as the options for groceries as big. There are supermarkets such as Mydin Mart, Jaya Grocer and Tesco Putra Nilai that provide large options for fresh produce and dry produce that one can choose from.

As Nilai has become more of a student town, there are a variety of entertainment spots that has popped up to fulfil the needs of the occupants. There are karaoke spots, mamaks, pub and bars that one can go to unwind with their friends. Apart from that, Seremban is not far from Nilai, so one can easily head to Seremban for more shopping spots and enjoy the variety of shops there too. Be it in the morning or the night, there is always something for you to do in Nilai.

Nilai is a fast developing town that still has miles to go. Many entertainment industry and recreational spots have popped up to make the small town a lively one. Schools have also been growing in a vast number and quality. International and public schools that have been pushing the quality of education have been developing over the years. International schools such as Nilai International School, Chempaka International School and Nilai International College are one of the many options that are in Nilai and in the surrounding area of Nilai. Apart from international schools, public schools such as SJK (C) Kuo Min, SK Desa Cempaka and SK Desa Jasmin can also be considered when looking for schools.

Properties in Nilai are mainly freehold properties. The median price for the properties in Nilai stands at RM 622 k while the median price per square feet stands at RM 259. There are a total of 1,831 projects as of now in Nilai. This showcases the variety of property type that home owners and investors can browse through to find the one they fancy such as D’Mayang SariYouth City @ Vision City, Residensi KLIA, DS Residensi @ Nilai 3, Pristine2 @ Enstek and Jati Heights @ Putra Nilai.

Buying, selling, or investing property is a very big decision. Even moving to your desired location can sometimes be very emotional. Using data from more than 2484 listings in Nilai, PropertyGuru aim to help you make the right decisions on selecting property, by providing you helpful news and property statistics such as median and growth in the area, but also our opinion on local neighborhood area.

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