Bandar Baru Nilai

Few people think of Bandar Baru Nilai as a tourist destination or a place to settle down, but this new township in Nilai of the Seremban district has slowly started to grab the attention of those in the know. Located in the north west of Negeri Sembilan and bordering the state of Selangor, Bandar Baru Nilai lies close to multiple metropolises. As such, this city is witnessing its skyline transform quickly due to the increase in investors who know its potential and is keen to tap on its strategic location.

Bandar Baru Nilai is connected to various metropolises in the country via road, rail and air links. For instance, the KTM (Malayan Railways Limited) connects the city to Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. The PLUS Expressway or North-South Expressway serves to connect Bandar Baru Nilai with many neighboring cities such as Shah Alam and Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi. The PLUS Expressway also connects Bandar Baru Nilai to Kuala Lumpur International Airport which is only 30 minutes away. One of the high impact infrastructure projects approved under the 11th Malaysia Plan involves the building of a 16.8 km dual carriageway link between Nilai and Bandar Enstek. This highway that also connects to the PLUS Expressway will certainly help spur economic activities in Bandar Baru Nilai.

As one of the most rapidly developing town, Bandar Baru Nilai is equipped with various amenities. Various shopping complexes are located throughout the city such as the Mesa Mall, Giant Superstore Nilai and the Tesco Putra Nilai. There are also many smaller retailers that cater to other necessities of the residents like the Jaya Grocer, Mr D.I.Y, Bandar Baru Nilai Hardway and Nilai Floral shop. For even more options, shoppers can head to nearby Nilai Square that houses more than 150 shops or Nilai 3 which boasts over 600 shops.

Being an area concentrated with foreign students from all around the globe, Bandar Baru Nilai has piqued the interest of various investors and business owners on the growing potential of the restaurant industry here. In order to accommodate the different and adventurous taste buds, eateries of different variety are springing up like mushroom after the rain across Bandar Baru Nilai. From the casual local favourite kopitiams such as Maxim Kopitiam, to the much sought after themed cafes such as the Pilot café and Art Café Laundry, the town offers a large heterogeneous collection of eateries offering a variety of cuisines.

Bandar Baru Nilai is teeming with foreign students due to the high numbers of universities and research institutes here. As part of the effort of setting up Bandar Baru Nilai as an education hub in Malaysia, aggressive measures and promotions have been taken to attract more foreign institutions to establish their bases in this town like the INTI International University, Nilai University and Manipal International University. While there may be a limited number of choices of secondary education institution in Bandar Baru Nilai, one can easily find several schools located within driving range in the surrounding town like SK Desa Cempaka, SMK Desa Cempaka, SMK Taman Semarak 2 and SMK Desa Jasmin. Bandar Baru Nilai is also home to institutes like the Nilai Medical Centre (formerly known as the Nilai Cancer Institute) and the USM Specialist clinic that offers quality medical services.

Albeit the urban lifestyle in Bandar Baru Nilai, residents may still enjoy being close to nature by visiting the local park—Bukit Melati Nilai. With 4 hills each offering a moderate to intense hiking experience, the Bukit Melati Nilai is the only hiking trail available in Nilai. Should you prefer jogging, power walks or just a casual evening stroll, you can head over to the Taman Awam Nilai which is only a 10 minute drive away.

Bandar Baru Nilai is to expect more developments in the years to come seeing that this city has been included in the 11th Malaysia Plan and Malaysian Vision Valley. Both this plans will certainly bring greater economic progress to the town via increased investment in infrastructure and the creation of job opportunities in various industries.

Properties in Bandar Baru Nilai are freehold with a median price of MYR 166 thousand or median price psf of MYR 114. There are more than 300 property projects across Bandar Baru Nilai such as Starz Valley, Mesa Hill, Lodge Residence, Nilai Spring Villa and Nilai Vision City (Youth City).

Buying, selling, or investing property is a very big decision. Even moving to your desired location can sometimes be very emotional. Using data from more than 585 listings in Bandar Baru Nilai, PropertyGuru aim to help you make the right decisions on selecting property, by providing you helpful news and property statistics such as median and growth in the area, but also our opinion on local neighborhood area.

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