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  • 2 December 2015

bennington residences feature pic

Artists impression of Bennington (Source www.skyworld.my)

Affordability begins here. Bennington Residences has open its doors to homeowners who are looking for an affordable place to call home. Located in the heart of an exciting township with immense potential, Bennington residents will also be able to witness the defining moment that will make Setapak among the most wanted residential areas within the Greater Kuala Lumpur.

Project Description- Bennington Residences, Setapak

Address: Skyarena, Jalan Ayer Jerneh, Setapak, 53200, Kuala Lumpur

Property Type: Condominium

Land Title: Residential

Tenure: Leasehold

Land Area: 2.69 acres

No. of Towers: 2

No. of Storeys: 40 storeys each

No. of Units: 580 units each

Built Ups: 1, 092- 1, 570 sq. ft.

Unit Types:

Type A1 3 Bedrooms 1,092 sq.ft.

Type A2 3 Bedrooms 1,185 sq.ft.

Type B1 3+1 Bedrooms 1, 283 sq.ft.

Type B2 3+1 Bedrooms 1, 392 sq.ft.

Type C1 3+1 Bedrooms 1,236 sq.ft.

Type C2 3+1 Bedrooms 1, 289 sq.ft.

Type C3 3+1 Bedrooms 1, 332 sq.ft.

Type D1 4 Bedrooms (Dual-Key) 1, 445 sq.ft.

Type D2 4 Bedrooms (Dual-Key) 1, 570 sq.ft.

Type E1 4 Bedrooms (Dual-Key) 1, 450 sq.ft.

Type E2 4 Bedrooms (Dual-Key) 1, 547 sq.ft.

In-House Facilities:

Ground Floor

  • Lounges
  • Reflective Pool
  • Rainforest Terrace
  • Boardwalk
  • Function Hall
  • Child Care Centre
  • Sundry/Laundry
  • Water Cascade

8th Floor

  • Infinity Loop Pool
  • Wading Pool
  • Pool Deck
  • Wet Deck
  • Lianas Grove
  • Hammock Nook
  • Grand Dining Area
  • Garden Gym
  • Surau
  • Reflexo Garden


  • Sky Theatre
  • Interactive Lawn
  • Dining Pavilion with BBQ Pit
  • Triplex Sky Gym and Sky Lounge
  • Sky Spa

Parking Bays:

Selling Price Range: RM 589 680- RM 847 800

Price per sq. ft.: RM540 per sq. ft.

Maintenance Fees: RM 0.33 psf

Expected TOP: Q2 2019

Event/Show Units: SkyWorld Property Gallery, Lot 17899, Skyarena, Jalan Ayer Jerneh, Setapak, 53200, Kuala Lumpur. Call 03- 4031 2999.


Project Details

bennington sales 1IMG_2308

Bennington Residence

One just cannot stress on how huge this project is for a place like Setapak. This can redefine Setapak in the coming decade. SkyArena on an overall perspective aims to provide a new and wholesome experience living in Setapak. With a large mass of land that measures up to 28 acres, Setapak will see high-rise buildings commanding this town.

bennington sales 2IMG_2263

SkyWorld Setapak as a whole

Bennington, Curvo and Ascenda will be the primary location for families searching for homes, its SOHO and boutique hotel would provide a touch of class in this development as well as a retail mall that will surely lure the people of Setapak to come and shop.

bennington skyarena

A rough idea of the ambitious development (Source www.skyworld.my)

Then, there’s the second biggest stadium in Klang Valley that is open to the public. The stadium will also be the home to Kuala Lumpur FA that is currently competing in the Liga Malaysia. Friday night footie, anyone? Without a doubt, this area will be jam packed with football enthusiasts on a weekly basis. Rest assured, such massive pouring of crowd would only be restricted to sports and concerts are not allowed to be held here. What a big relief for the residences. Nobody wants the likes of Gwen Stefani or Beyoncé performing next door…

Bennington KLFA

KL FA is making the stadium as home (Source www.bazookapenaka.com.my)

Bennington Residences is strategically located on a 2.96 – acre of land. It consists of two towers of the same height and units. Tower B was launched recently and 70% of its unit have been booked. There might be some sighing now at the zero possibility of getting the cheapest and smallest units here. Fear not, Tower A will be opened sometime next year for booking. But there is an increase of 10% in its price to compare to Tower B.

Discounts are still available for interested buyers of Tower B. One would enjoy 5% Bumi discount as well as another 6% discount. Booking fees is among the lowest in this area at RM 15, 000.00.  Two car parks will be given for every unit owner. Meanwhile, those who have purchased the bigger units here will receive three slots.

And of course, the view. Who wouldn’t want a room with a great view? Generally, Type A, B and D will have Genting Highlands as the main view. There is a possibility that residents will be facing some constructions in progress by the time they begin to live here. For a safer bet, potential residents could also go for the pool view along with matured development of existing housing areas. These views are available to Type C and E’s units.

The smallest units here are in the form of Type A that start at 1, 092 sq.ft. with three bedrooms. Sadly, these units are gone! For those on a budget, the recommended units would either be Type B or Type C with 3+1 bedrooms as both types have similar sizes. It will comes down to personal preferences. Those who prefer bigger rooms would opt Type B while those seeking for bigger living area would pick Type C.

bennington sales C1IMG_2291

Type C

bennington sales C2IMG_2292

An empty show unit shows the real length and size of the actual unit

bennington sales C3IMG_2294

Master bedroom

bennington sales C5IMG_2295

The bath to the master bedroom

bennington sales C6IMG_2301

The dry kitchen

Type C makes up the majority of the units here. Affordability at its best, Type C offers an extra room on top of its existing three bedrooms. Given the three subsequent layouts from Type C, residents could either opt for bigger lanai that stretches out from the dry kitchen to the master bedroom or a smaller lanai that is located at the external part of the living area. Despite having 3+1 rooms, there are only two bathrooms. Bath 1 is located in the master while the other is within the living area, functioning as the ‘public bathroom’ for tenants and guests.

bennington sales E1IMG_2277

Type E is among the largest units here

bennington sales E2IMG_2281

The smaller living area

bennington sales E3IMG_2282

It comes with a room

bennington sales E6IMG_2280

A hallway leading to the living area

bennington sales E5IMG_2278

A place to entertain guests

bennington sales E4IMG_2286

The master bedroom is spacious

The biggest of its kind is in the form of Type E. It stretches from 1, 450 sq.ft. to 1, 547 sq.ft. These units are dual-key, meaning there is a small living quarters attached to the main living unit. This seems to be a must have trend for most developments as owners or residents are given an extra living area for either personal usage or renting purposes. The smaller living unit is equipped with a bathroom, a decent sized living area and a small bedroom. Meanwhile, the bigger living space has three bedrooms with two baths.

From a personal standpoint, family of four or five might enjoy living in an unit like Type C, given its extra room and affordability. It is still selling at RM668 000.00! Meanwhile, those with the intention to earn while living here, Type E and D would fit the bill!

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This is an area where growth and development is currently rapid. The lures of Setapak is centred on the fact that it is among the closest township to Kuala Lumpur and it is easily accessible. Setapak started out as a mining town and progressively growing into a suburb with amenities and residential developments stacking up like lego blocks against each other.

bennington loc 7IMG_2324

The current state of construction of SkyWorld at Setapak

Bennington Residences isn’t an exception to the rule. It is located right in the midst of the mammoth construction of SkyArena, SkyWorld’s ambitious mixed development project that covers 28 acres of land. The development also includes two other residential condominiums, Ascenda and Curvo, a SOHO tower, a boutique hotel, a retail mall and Klang Valley’s second largest sports complex. Imagine the scale of the development and how it could possibly change the physical landscape of this once sleepy mining town!

bennington loc 8IMG_2369

The route to Setapak

As mentioned earlier, Setapak is extremely accessible. The best route to this colossal development that includes Bennington Residences is through Jalan Tun Razak heading to Jalan Semarak or now known as Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra. Residents would then take Jalan Maktab straight on, passing by the DUKE entrance. The roads of Jalan Maktab and Jalan Lading are extremely small.There are constant bottleneck jams with the existence of Pusat Latihan Polis, UTM International Campus and a string of schools here. Flood is another headache as the narrow roads are unable to mitigate the quantity of rain hitting this area. Just a caution especially when you are heading here during the flood season. Residents could then head on straight into Jalan Ayer Jerneh as the entire SkyArena is located along this road. But one can’t be fooled with the reality of the tightness of the roads here. They are small and jams are yet again a massive dilemma to those who are currently living here. The roads can’t simply hold the volume of the cars coming in and out of this area on a daily basis.  Plus, the roads here are looking extremely worn down due to the heavy vehicles commuting on them. It’s an open secret that the developments here are extremely close by and even side by side. Perhaps it’s a price to pay for Setapak in rebranding itself as a part of the Greater Kuala Lumpur.

Patience is indeed crucial in seeing this matter off. With such enormous traffic problem at hand and many are pre-empting the increase of traffic frequencies in the coming years, the developer has promised to enlarge Jalan Ayer Jerneh by 100 feet as both ways will have two lanes each. We do hope this could minimise the bottleneck jams by 2020 as there will be a massive influx of residences flocking into Setapak especially towards SkyArena.

bennington loc 6IMG_2338

The traffic can be a nightmare

Honestly speaking, living in this area requires at least one personal mode of transportation. Public transportation is hard to come by and it can be a nightmare. Yes, there will be taxis and busses, but it all boils down to how long you are willing to wait. LRT and monorails are miles away and it seems like a far fetch idea of suggesting the residents here to hop on one.

Setapak in general is rustic and pretty much filled with buildings and infrastructures that have been around for decades. Perhaps this could be a good thing given the fact that Setapak has its own distinctive identity. There are ample of places of worship regardless one’s creed or belief. These places bring life to Setapak, highlighting the multi-cultural identity that has been solidified for years. The various temples, mosques and churches define the colourful history of Setapak. It is great to live in a place that has an identity on its own rather than having concrete building filling up the skies.

bennington loc 2IMG_2334

Place of worships bring colours to this area

There are ample of schools of various streams located along the way here. Sekolah Kebangsaan Marian Convent, Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Ayer Panas, Air Panas Girl’s School and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tinggi Setapak are all within minutes away. Parents with kids would want to take this into consideration. Proximity between home and schools would be a must for the sake of practicality.

bennington loc 4IMG_2347

Schools nearby

There are also higher institutions located nearby but it would require a bit more of a drive. Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and International Islamic University Malaysia are all located along Jalan Genting Kelang. Given the selling price and targeted families with middle income backgrounds, these are indeed the plus points when it comes to choosing Bennington Residences. Access to affordable education from preschools to tertiary levels is indeed a great selling point. We wouldn’t want to dwell too much on the international and private schools this time around in keeping the review relevant.

bennington loc 5IMG_2354

Location of the night market

What would a town like Setapak be without a pasar malam (night market)? Pasar Air Panas Setapak opens on every Monday from 6 p.m. till late. The market is located in between Jalan Ayer Jerneh and Jalan Ayer Keroh. This is not your regular pop-up stalls with dodgy defence mechanism against the weather. The pasar malam is placed within a concrete and covered infrastructure. You would be pretty much safe from the rain while enjoying cheap gastronomical fiesta and embarking on a shopping spree here!

bennington loc 10IMG_2341

Fire brigade nearby

For safety and security assurance, Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Setapak (fire station) is just minutes away. And of course, Setapak is packed with mom and pop shops, scattered within the housing areas nearby or even by the road side.

Setapak Ria Condominium is the closest high-rise residential condominium. It is located right next to the entire property of SkyArena. Other than that, the area is heavily populated with landed housing areas that have been there for years. No qualms when it comes to obstruction of view and privacy!

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Price Analysis

Name Land Tenure No. of Blocks No. Storey/Units Selling Price
Bennington Residences, Setapak by Bennington Development Sdn. Bhd.(Completion by Q2 2019) Leasehold 2 40 storeys / 580 units for both towers RM 589 680- RM 847 800 
Ascenda Residences Setapak by NTP World Development (Completion by Q4 2017 Leasehold 3 Tower A 19 storeys/ 250 unitsTower B 28 storeys / 336 unitsTower C 8 storeys/ 64 units Starts from RM 349 900
KL Traders Square Gombak Residences by SCP Group (Completion by Q2 2019) Freehold 5 30 storeys each/ 2550 units overall  Starts from RM 405 000

Rentals price in Setapak starts at RM 1, 200 for an empty unit or RM 1, 500 for a semi furnished unit. Average rental rate is RM1.19 psf. as in for the month of November 2015.

The Developer

Bennington Sdn. Bhd. is a fully owned subsidiary of SkyWorld Group. SkyWorld is led and captained by a team of visionaries who strive to reinvent urban sky living, elevate the quality of living as well as ensuring the best living experiences to the people.
Among other projects under SkyWorld include SkyAwani 1&2@Sentul, SkyLuxe@Bukit Jalil, SkyRise@Taman Ranau Desa and SkyMeridien@Bandar Baru Sentul.

(Source www.skyworld.my)

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Without a doubt, Bennington Residences screams affordable to many potential homeowners. Many would dwell at the fact that properties are hard to get due to intense loan procedures and even the hefty price of owning a home within Kuala Lumpur. Bennington Residences is the right fit for small families and those who are seeking to own their first property. Its location within the Greater Kuala Lumpur vicinity and amenities that have been around for decades are among the development’s plus points. It also has the cheapest price per sq. ft. in Setapak. But patience is virtue for potential residents at Bennington Residences. There are numerous heavy constructions going on especially within the SkyArena premises that also includes Bennington itself. Perhaps by 2021, everything will be sorted out and residents could then enjoy calling Setapak home.

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