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Epic Suites

Epic Suites


Epic Suites: An epic review.

Epic Suites, also officially known now as Epic Residence is a new service apartment development by Bukit Hitam Development Sdn Bhd (BDHSB). To be developed on 2.3 acres worth of land in Bukit Puchong Newtown, this is a project that holds both freehold tenure and residential land title.

BDHSB began operation in 1992 but is part of a larger, much older group by the name of TAHPS Group Berhad; formerly known as The Ayer Hitam Planting Syndicate Limited that mainly focuses on oil palm and rubber cultivation, property development, and property management. The year 2007 marks this group’s 100th year anniversary.

Bukit Puchong, a township development that’s worth RM3 billion and spans 1,290 acres is BDHSB’s flagship project. It’s good to know that this developer has also developed 5,200 residential units, 400 commercial ones, and 450 industrial properties as to date and is an affiliate to the Malaysian Governing Body of Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association (REHDA).

Some of their completed and ongoing projects include 38 Business Park, Ametis Terraces, Baiduri Courts, and Nilam Puri Condominium.

Comprising of only 300 units in total, Epic Suites offers nine different layouts to choose from, starting from the smallest at 624 sq ft up to a four plus one rooms, four bathrooms unit at 2,475 sq ft. The average price per square foot is around RM490 which translates to a listing price of around RM345,000 to RM1,350,000.

Hence comes the age-old question: Is this the right property for own-stay or for investment for you?

Well then, continue reading this review for Epic Suites to find out.


Project Details.

Address: Bukit Puchong Newtown

Land Title: Residential

Tenure: Freehold

Site GPS Coordinates:  2°59’6″N 101°37’13″E

Website: http://www.epicsuites.com.my/index.php

Expected Date of Completion: 2017


Property Details

Property Type: Serviced Apartment

Total Units: 300

Built Up in Sq Ft: 624, 699, 861, 1054, 1194, 1860, 2249, 2475

Price: RM345,000 to RM1,350,000.

Average Price Per Sq Ft: RM490

Maintenance Fee Per Sq Ft: RM0.30

Special Features:

  • Freehold
  • Low density
  • Freebies including airconds, kitchen cabinets (Signature brand), Cooking Hood & Hob etc.


  • Kindergarten
  • Convenience Store
  • Library
  • Nursery
  • Landscaped Garden
  • Children Playground
  • Wading Pool
  • Swimming Pool
  • Poolside Sitting Pit
  • Games Room
  • Gym
  • Multipurpose Area
  • Changing Room

Unit Type:

  • Type A – 699 sq ft – 1 room, 1 bathroom
  • Type B – 861 sq ft – 1 room, 1 bathroom
  • Type C – 624 sq ft – 1 room, 1 bathroom
  • Type D – 624 sq ft – 1 room, 1 bathroom
  • Type E – 1,054 sq ft – 2+1 rooms, 2 bathrooms
  • Type F – 1,194 sq ft – 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms
  • Type C1 – 1,860 sq ft – 3 rooms, 4 bathrooms
  • Type F1 – 2,249 sq ft – 3+2 rooms, 3 bathrooms
  • Type E1 – 2,475 sq ft – 4+2 rooms, 4 bathrooms

Project Details

Epic Suites - Layout Plan

Epic Suites – Layout Plan


Epic Suites: An overview.

Epic Suites is a low density high-rise serviced apartment development that only has 300 units in total. Built on 2.3 acres of freehold land in BP Newtown, there will be two blocks standing at 21 storeys. With three lifts serving each block, there are only around ten to eleven units per floor giving one an exclusive privacy.


Epic Suites - Type C

Epic Suites – Type C


Epic Suites - Type D

Epic Suites – Type D


There are nine different layout designs to choose from. The smallest ones are Type C and D at 624 sq ft, followed by Type A at 699 sq ft, and Type B at 861 sq ft. All these types spot 1 room and 1 bathroom except for Type B that has some utility spaces that can be converted into an office.


Epic Suites - Type A

Epic Suites – Type A


These designs however are kind of weird in the sense that if ever you were to bring a guest over and they need to use the bathroom, they would then have to walk through your bedroom to get there. On the plus side, all these smaller offerings come with a balcony.


Epic Suites - Type B

Epic Suites – Type B


Type E and F are the intermediate units coming in at 1,054 and 1,194 sq ft respectively. Though it’s good to know that Type F even comes with two balconies (one at the living room side and the other at the master bedroom side), and the plus one room for Type E is a decent size to be turned into an actual bedroom, it’s odd that the small yard space in Type E is only accessible through bedroom two, don’t you think?


Epic Suites - Type E

Epic Suites – Type E


Epic Suites - Type F

Epic Suites – Type F


Type C1 is a duplex unit that can also be turned into a dual-key unit since there’s a separate entrance to bedroom three from the foyer, complete with its own kitchenette and bathroom. Coming in at 1,860 sq ft, the study area is also a decent size if one wants to convert it into an extra bedroom.


Epic Suites - Type C1

Epic Suites – Type C1


Type F1 comes in at 2,249 sq ft spotting three rooms and again a decent size study room to be turned into a bedroom though the lack of a window can make one feel a bit claustrophobic. There’s even a maid’s room next to the utility area, plus the master bedroom comes with a huge walk-in closet.


Epic Suites - Type F1

Epic Suites – Type F1


Type E1 is the biggest type offered coming in at 2,475 sq ft and spotting four plus two rooms and four bathrooms. The junior suite even comes with an ensuite bathroom. Though the walk-in closet is smaller as compared to Type F1, the master bathroom is definitely bigger, with even a ‘his and hers’ basins installed.


Epic Suites - Type E1

Epic Suites – Type E1


While the standard units will be given two car parks which is pretty generous nowadays, the duplex and bigger types will be given up to five car parks which is taking generosity into a whole new level. After all, there will be a total of six storeys of the development to be dedicated for car parks. The freebies given include air-conds in living room and bedrooms, kitchen cabinets, cooking hood and hob, and wardrobe for master bedroom. The average price per square foot for Epic Residence is around RM490 which translates to a listing price of RM345,000 to RM1,350,000.


Epic Suites - Swimming Pool

Epic Suites – Swimming Pool

The facilities provided are rather standard but nevertheless, well thought of. Take the swimming pool for example where there’s a sunken poolside sitting pit installed in it. Interesting right? Other offerings include a kindergarten and a nursery (so that parents don’t necessarily need to have a headache on where to send their toddlers), a gym, a library, landscaped garden, a convenience store, and a multipurpose area. All for the price of RM0.30 per square foot maintenance fee.


Epic Suites - Gym

Epic Suites – Gym

Pretty epic offerings, eh?

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Puchong: The bird eye view.

If you’re wondering how the name Puchong came to be, perhaps the fact that burung puchong (English: heron) which were aplenty in this area back in 1900 may just give you an idea. And no, not because the Malaysian wrapped-in-shroud ghost (Pocong) used to be a thing there; ghosts are never location-specific now are they?

What used to be a tin mining heaven, it wasn’t until around 1980s that this town began to develop into something more, with industrial parks, commercial centres and residential areas being the main offerings.

And today, Puchong is known as a different kind of heaven; a heaven for motorists to be stranded in massive traffic jams during peak hours that is. But that’s to be expected of course, the sign of a growing township in Klang Valley that’s recognized for its potential.


Epic Suites - Location

Epic Suites – Location


Kuala Lumpur city centre is 27 kilometres away while Petaling Jaya is just half of that so yeah, Puchong is one ideal location no doubt. Combine that with the fact that ample highways connect it to other blooming townships like Bandar Damansara all the way to Kepong through LDP (hence the acronym for Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong, get it?), and KESAS that can lead one to reaching Port Klang and Sri Petaling, this town is even perfect for those whose hometowns are in the southern states of Peninsular Malaysia like Negeri Sembilan and Melaka since its nearness to the North-South Expressway makes the commute that much easier, especially during the Balik Kampung craze.

So what’s with all the traffic woes then? Well, for the past ten years or so from the construction and sometimes expansion of highways, now is the train lines’ turn to add into the overcrowding of developments in Puchong apart from the existing ones like projects of new commercial centres and residential areas. It tends to be overwhelming at times but in the end, it’s all for the best. The newly operational LRT stations like Puchong Prima, Puchong Perdana, and Pusat Bandar Puchong for example are surely good news right?

Education-wise, Puchong has lots to offer and by lots, we mean LOTS. With more than thirty primary and secondary schools like SK Puchong Perdana, SK Puchong Indah, SMK Puchong Utama 1, and SMK Puchong Permai, there’s even international school options like Rafflesia International School and Taylor’s International School Puchong Campus here. And for tertiary options, one can always enrol their kids into institutions of higher learning like UPM, UNITEN and MMU in neighbouring townships of Serdang and Putrajaya.


Epic Suites - Taylor's International School

Epic Suites – Taylor’s International School


Healthcare-wise, apart from small private clinics strewn all over the commercial centres, there are also private hospitals like Columbia Asia Hospital and KPMC Puchong Medical Centre to serve the residents there.

There are many sub-townships in Puchong like Puchong Utama, Bandar Puchong Jaya, and Bandar Kinrara. Epic Suites is located in Bukit Puchong Newtown or BP Newtown and is part of the sub-township of Puchong called Bandar Bukit Puchong which is mainly developed by BDHSB. It’s near the end of the LDP line and is much closer to Cyberjaya and Putrajaya than Bandar Sunway and covers an area of 1,290 acres worth of freehold landbank valued at an estimate of around RM3 billion.


Epic Suites - Tesco Extra Puchong

Epic Suites – Tesco Extra Puchong


In fact, two major attraction namely the supermarket Tesco Bukit Puchong and Taylor’s International School are located in this township, the former being around one kilometre away and the latter around three kilometres away from Epic Suites.

Pretty convenient won’t you say?

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Epic Suites: An assessment.

Located around two kilometres away from Epic Suites is Puri Tower by Bina Puri Holdings Berhad that was completed in the year 2014. Let’s compare these two properties to see how well this part of Puchong is doing as a whole.


Name Tenure/Land Title Price Built-up Total Units
Epic Suites Freehold/ Residential RM345,000 to RM1,350,000 624 to 2,475 sq ft 300
Puri Tower Leasehold/ Residential RM404,000 to RM931,000 1,162 to 2,315 sq ft 138


Puri Tower has now an average subsale price of RM490,000 for its smallest sized unit and an average rental rate of around RM1,300. Not bad right, considering it hasn’t even been two years since it was completed? This just proves that this part of Puchong definitely has the potential.

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Epic Suites: The verdict.

Five to ten years ago, people wouldn’t even consider living in Puchong especially if their workplace is nowhere nearby (think Bangsar, Ampang etc.) but now thanks to the expansion of LRT lines (the most reliable public transport in the country apparently) and future MRT inclusion, more and more people are looking at this township with a new perspective.

The product is undeniably good. Sure it’s nothing new, but it’s comforting to know that the development has that ‘it’ factor, for both own-stay and investment.

Of epic proportions even, eh?

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