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  • 30 November 2015

HighPark Suites is the highly anticipated grand new serviced apartment located in the heart of Kelana Jaya. In this highly congested and developed neighbourhood there is hardly any land left and what few tracts of empty land that remains is the 4.9 acres owned by Gamuda Land which has been standing empty for many years now. Gamuda Land has finally launched their latest project, after many years of anticipation from property buyers.

001 HighPark Suites - Showroom Entrance
HighPark Suites – Showroom Entrance


In the time that HighPark Suites was being planned, Gamuda Land has had many other projects under its belt which includes Bandar Botanic in Klang which has had tremendous value appreciation since its inception, and the more recent one being The Robertson near Jalan Ipoh of Kuala Lumpur.


Gamuda Land has had a long and successful track record with many awards under their belts, including the International Real Estate Federation, FIABCI Property Award of Distinction, Best Master Plan, 2003 for Bandar Botanic and BCA of Singapore, Top Rated on CONQUAS for Landed Residential and Institutional Buildings for Kota Kemuning, Bandar Botanic, Valencia, Horizon Hills and Jade Hills.


From the hype and excitement that Gamuda Land has been creating, HighPark Suites is expected to be another just as successful development. The attention that it has been garnering even before its formal launch bodes well for its success.

QuickPro No :
Address : Jalan SS6/2, SS6 Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Property Type : Serviced Apartment
Land Title : Commercial
No. of Storeys : Block A – 33, Block B – 29
No. of Blocks : 2
No. of Lifts per Floor : 5
Tenure : Freehold
Bumi Discounts :
Sales Gallery : Jalan SS6/2, SS6 Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Site GPS Coordinates : 3.102937, 101.598928
Website :
Expected Completion Date : 2019
Total Units : Phase 1 (South Tower) – 512
Built-Up Area : 452 sq.ft. – 840 sq.ft.
Listing Price : From RM433,800
Price per Sq.Ft. : RM979 per sq.ft.
Maintenance Fee per Sq.Ft. : RM0.50 per sq.ft.
Parking Bay per Unit : 1
Special Features : GBI
Development Type : Serviced Apartment

Facilities & Amenities:

  •  50-metre Olympic length swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Aqua gym
  • Wading pool
  • Children water play
  • Pool cabana
  • Outdoor pool shower
  • Children’s playground
  • Garden web
  • Circuit training
  • Multipurpose court
  • Outdoor gym
  • Reflexology
  • Putting green
  • Pavilion
  • Herbs garden
  • Reading area
  • Barbecue area
  • Lawn with mound
  • 1 km jogging track
  • Atrium garden
  • Cafe
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Multipurpose room
  • Children room
  • Launderette
  • Management office
  • Changing room with Sauna facilities
  • Hidden forest
  • Maze garden


Unit Type:

  •  Type A (Studio) – 452 sf ; 260 units
  • Type B (Suites) – 603 sf ; 204 units
  • Type C (Duplex) – 743 sf ; 36 units
  • Type D (Duplex) – 840 sf ; 12 units

Project Details

A Detailed Look Into HighPark Suites


HighPark Suites is the brainchild and one of the most ultimate developments to hit the neighbourhood of Kelana Jaya, a masterpiece of Gamuda Land the longstanding developer in Malaysia with a wealth of projects under its belt. As one of the most anticipated projects to hit Kelana Jaya since Paradigm Mall and The Azure Residences, lets see what HighPark Suites has to offer.


HighPark Suites as according to Gamuda Land, is to be the next focal point for of urban transformation in Kelana Jaya. It is to tout a self contained community with its own wide variety of facilities available to cater to its residents’ every need. Designed by Gamuda Land to have Green Building Index (GBI), HighPark Suites will be the very first ‘green’ building in Kelana Jaya. HighPark Suites was built on five metaphorical pillars of foundation, them being Convenience, Chick, Chill, Compact and Capital. So here is a look into the concepts of HighPark Suites.

 009 HighPark Suites - Model
HighPark Suites – Model


According to the developers, by being Chic, HighPark Suites is being designed to cater to the young at heart with its urban designs for a sophisticated and trendy lifestyle. The facilities are hence being catered to a trendier taste with its modern and up-class outlook.


In terms of Chill-ing, HighPark Suites will boast sustainable living with sustainable homes. These homes are being designed to not just be homes, but to be a venue where residents can come home to relax and be nurtured by their surrounding landscapes. The motive behind this is to have residents enjoy a well-balanced and refreshing lifestyle.


Amongst some of the many attractive features to tempt residents into lying back and relaxing is the exclusive elevated park that will be located on Level 7 of the development which will have a 1 kilometre long jogging track, an Olympic length swimming pool and the first Aqua Gym in Petaling Jaya. This will be encompassed by lushly pleasant landscaping where there will be a putting green and cafe to round it up nicely.


While there is not really much to see in the landscapes of Petaling Jaya except the city skylines, there will be a Sky Court from Level 18 – 23 of HighPark Suites which will host a viewing deck, lounge area for business and a chill out corner equipped with WiFi connection for use of residents.


In terms of Convenience, HighPark Suites provides it in abundance in terms of its location. Not only is HighPark Suites located just next to the LDP, but residents will also have convenient (although not walkable) access to the Kelana Jaya LRT Station, while the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), SPRINT and Federal Highway are also nearby. The developers of HighPark Suites will also be arranging for there to be smart feeder service busses exclusively for residents to get to Paradigm Mall and the Kelana Jaya LRT Station, a service that is promised to operate reliably.

 015 HighPark Suites - Kelana Jaya LRT Station
HighPark Suites – Kelana Jaya LRT Station


The next promised aspect of being Compact may be a point of debate. According to the developers the units will be downsized to a smaller home as an ‘alternate living standard for young generation’. This could however just be argued or translated to small, tiny and overpriced units, as a visit to the showroom showed all of the rooms to be on the small side.

 010 HighPark Suites - Showroom
HighPark Suites – Showroom


Even the dual key unit is rather small and narrow, reminiscent to walking down a narrow corridor.

011 HighPark Suites - Showroom (ii)
HighPark Suites – Showroom (II)


 Curiously, by far the most ‘spaciously’ built unit is the Studio unit which is the smallest one.


014 HighPark Suites - Studio Unit ii
HighPark Suites – Studio Unit II


What is intriguing is that its living room comes with a bed for two as well, where the bed can be folded up into the wall when not in use.

 013 HighPark Suites - Studio Unit (foldable bed ii)
HighPark Suites – Studio Unit (Foldable Bed II)

012 HighPark Suites - Studio Unit (foldable bed)
HighPark Suites – Studio Unit (Foldable Bed I)


But although overpriced, the next point of the developer’s is still rather legit as land is indeed scarce in Kelana Jaya and it is close to the city with convenient access to numerous highways. The final ‘C’ is for Capital, which shows that the developer clearly targets this project towards investors. Not only are buyers encouraged to buy HighPark Suites for its central location, but also because of the nearby Universiti Tunku Abdul Razak (UNITAR) where buyers can leverage on them to obtain rental yield.


016 HighPark Suites - UNITAR
HighPark Suites – UNITAR

In lieu of increasing its rentability, HighPark Suites mainly comes in very small units which according to statistics are easier to rent out to the market rather than large units. The homes range between only 452 sf and 840 sf, with the smallest ones numbering the most.


017 HighPark Suites - Floor Plans

HighPark Suites – Floor Plans

Overall, HighPark Suites does look like a very exciting new project from the little information that the developer has given to the public. It has style and glamour, and is designed for the upmarket in a central location with an exciting new concept with many firsts for the denizens of Petaling Jaya.

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HighPark Suites is not all just about its name or its developer with their many awards. It is also about its location in the busily central neighbourhood of Kelana Jaya, the locality which seems to have sprung out from either side of the Lebuhraya Damansara Perdana (LDP) over the years. Kelana Jaya is most renowned for its traffic congestions at most times of the day, which has gradually been growing worse over the years with the increment of vehicles on the road. The worst point of the congestion is at the bottleneck point just before the St. Ignatius church, heading towards SS2 of Petaling Jaya.


002 HighPark Suites - LDP

HighPark Suites – LDP


Fortunately for future buyers of HighPark Suites, they will not be required to pass through this route if they are coming from Subang as they will be able to make the u-turn at Paradigm Mall, and then take the turning left after the Giant hypermarket. Upon turning in and taking an immediate left again, they will be behind the Giant hypermarket and will be at the site of the project. A recent visit to the site has shown the roads to be rather narrow and unaccommodating to a large number of vehicles, but its is expected that the roads there will be enlarged in the future to cater to its residents.


HighPark Suites is located in a most idyllic location for it is within walking distance to many necessities. The Giant hypermarket is as needlessly said, literally across the road. Residents will quite possibly be able to even push their shopping carts all the way up to their condominium if they wish to, a feat that expatriates who live in Sri Penaga of Bangsar are fond of doing; with the difference being that they shop at Bangsar Shopping Centre instead.


003 HighPark Suites - Site

HighPark Suites – Site


Literally a walk down the road and across it is a McDonalds franchise which opens late, and has been upgraded to the latest decor, cafe style, for maximum comfort.


005 HighPark Suites - McDonald's

HighPark Suites – McDonald’s


The walk literally takes only 5 minutes, and on the same row is a Ambank and on one end and a Maybank on the other. Of course this place has parking issues with two popular banks located in the same area and one fast food chain, but this will never be a problem for residents of HighPark Suites – unless it starts raining.


004 HighPark Suites - Maybank

HighPark Suites – Maybank


Further down the road from here is a busy row of shops which hosts many mamak shops. There is a popular nasi briyani shop here that opens for both lunch and dinner, and by turning left at the traffic lights there motorists will reach a busy hub of offices and shops.


006 HighPark Suites - Restaurants

HighPark Suites – Restaurants


This area holds innumerous convenience marts and more banks, and a very popular Chinese coffeeshop by the name of New Yew Sang Seafood that has a Chinese fried rice stall which opens only for lunch. It is so popular that the waiting period for the fried rice is usually approximately 45 minutes or so during peak hours.


On the main road beside this shop is a short cut to the other side of the Lebuhraya Damansara-Perdana (LDP), courtesy of Paradigm Mall which its developer had this tunnel constructed for easier access to its mall from nearby housing areas. By using this road, residents of HighPark Suites will also not need to get stuck in peak hour traffic congestion unnecessarily.


008 HighPark Suites - Access Roads

HighPark Suites – Access Roads


This of course also means that the nearest shopping mall to home is less than 5 minutes away by car. This augurs well for residents of HighPark Suites, as there is an alternative hypermarket here for them by the name of Tesco, while those who are dissatisfied with the gymnasium provided at the condominium can join the Fitness First club at Paradigm Mall instead.


By using the short cut through the tunnel, those who are familiar with the area will also find that they are able to make their way to SS15 of Subang Jaya in less than 15 minutes, Ara Damansara in the same amount of time, and Federal Highway in an even shorter period.


007 HighPark Suites - Paradigm Mall Tunnel

HighPark Suites – Paradigm Mall Tunnel


Furthermore, motorists can also choose to head towards Klang and be at the Batu 3 toll in less than 15 minutes, or to head towards Petaling Jaya and be there in 20 minutes flat. The road heading to Petaling Jaya as a boon is also amazingly clear at most times of the day including after work hours, except at the mild bottleneck of the new access road being built by Icon City.


HighPark Suites is in fact a very centrally located place of residence which is going to be worth every bit of its penny, especially if its buyer who are planning to be residents of Kelana Jaya are already familiar with the area. There is a delicious fish head noodle at SS23 less than 5 minutes away from home, and the One Utama Shopping Centre at only 15 minutes away with mild congestion. SS2 is approximately only 10 minutes away where there is a wet market in the mornings on a daily basis and a wealth of banks and hangout spots.


So what complaints could there be about living at HighPark Suites? Great developer and great location. So next up is an explicit look into its designs, architecture and what they are offering; and most importantly how much they are charging for it.

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Price Analysis


So here is the part where all have been waiting for. What is the asking price? The lowest asking price for HighPark Suites is a whopping RM443,800 for the Studio unit of 453 sf, which places it at approximately RM979 psf! This is a rather painful price to pay especially as each unit only comes with 1 parking bay with every additional one costing RM28,000 during the current promotion period as of early November 2015, which will apparently normally cost RM38,000 when there is no promotion.


As compared to The Azure Residences located almost literally across the LDP, HighPark Suites may appear to be a slightly better deal as The Azure Residences has a lower average price psf of RM1,070, but comes with bigger sizes with its smallest unit being 756 sf for approximately RM808,920. But to some, this may be the better deal as they will have direct access to Paradigm Mall and the Air Asia busses which goes to and fro Paradigm Mall, and every unit there regardless of its price or size comes with 2 parking bays.

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So is HighPark Suites destined to make the big hit in the market as the developer wishes it to? And will it be a good buy for investors and home buyers alike? The answer to this if you are a city dweller, like the convenience of being close to everything and can tolerate traffic congestions during peak hours is a resounding yes!


For not only is land in Kelana Jaya appreciating in price steadily on a year-on-year basis making it a good investment, but there is also the fact that there is a distinct lack of land in this area and anymore new developments that can be squeezed here will have a possibility of being even pricier than HighPark Suites.

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