i-Suite @ i-City, Shah Alam

  • Arul
  • 17 January 2016

Located in the upcoming city of Shah Alam on the borders of Klang is i-City, the landscape and skyline changing development that is set to change history. Within this 72-acre integrated township incorporating live, work and play within one hub, i-Suite was born amidst all the other serviced apartments.

001 i-Suites - Scale Model


Amongst the other sibling serviced apartments of different phases featured in i-city is Parisien Tower a fully furnished French themed development, Liberty Tower which as the names indicate are themed after a New York lifestyle; and the final instalment to the Icona series which is to be Hyde Tower – a residential development that is to be London-themed.


The developers of the entire i-City is i-Berhad, a developer that was previously the manufacturer of Sanyo electronics. While this may seem odd, those who are intimate with the owners of the company will know that the management is solid with strong financial backing. Hence even though i-City is their maiden project, there are high expectations of this development.


i-Suite may be amongst the first residential developments of i-City to be launched, but it is no lesser for it. Some buyers even say that i-Suite was the far better deal for its purportedly more spacious designs. Whatever it is, i-Suite which was launched in a flurry of elegance and charm by the 60 contestants of the Miss Tourism International 2013 pageant was extremely well received with exuberant sales.


Property Details


QuikPro No :
Address : Jalan Multimedia, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor
Property Type : Serviced Apartment
Land Title : Commercial
No of Storeys : 36
No of Blocks : 2
Tenure : Freehold
Bumi Discounts : 7%
Sales Gallery : 3.065743, 101.483630
Site GPS Coordinates : 3.065829, 101.480873
Website : http://property.i-city.my/i-city/residential/i-suite
Expected Completion Date
: 2017
Total Units : 498 units
Built Up area : 566 sq.ft. – 850 sq.ft.
Listing Price : From RM 437,680
Price psf : Approximately RM 780 psf
Maintenance Fee psf : RM 0.33
Parking Bay per Unit :
Special Features : Best Western International Inc. services
Development Type : Serviced Apartment


Unit Type:

  • Type A – Min. 566 sq.ft., 1+1R1B
  • Type B – Min. 626 sq.ft., 1+1R1B
  • Type C – Min. 850 sq.ft., 2R2B
  • Type E Duplex – 826 sq.ft., 2R2B


Facilities & Amenities:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Wading Pool
  • Multi Purpose Hall
  • Gym
  • Changing Room
  • Playground
  • Guardhouse & Security Gate
  • Lift
  • Audio Intercom
  • CCTV
  • 24 hours Security Service

Project Details

i-Suite is an elegant home that was designed for modern living, and was built to be in a ready-to-move-in condition. It is with this that every unit at i-Suite comes fully furnished. A short visit to the showroom of i-Suite is enough to impress even the most jaded, as what you see is what you get. The developers only have the largest unit built for show, and it is from here that visitors will get a gauge of what they will be getting in whatever choice of layout they choose.

Upon stepping into these homes, you will first be surprised at how big 850 sf of space can look with a full fledged kitchen, spacious living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. You will literally get everything in your own unit as what you see in the showroom, inclusive of the high tech built-in kitchen cabinets that come with the latest designs, the small fridge, hood and hob.


007 i-Suites - Living Room + Dining Area


The living room will already be furnished with a 3+2 sofa set complemented by a coffee table. There is even a small balcony in every unit which is also supposed to house a washing machine if you do not wish to utilise the serviced apartment’s laundry services, hence a small drainage hole and power socket is also available at the balcony.

The master bedrooms are beautiful with their ready furnishings of queen sized bed, sheers and night curtains in the windows. These rooms will come ensuite with the master bathroom which will already have vanity mirrors, countertop, shower screens and water heater.


008 i-Suites - Bathroom


The secondary bedroom is large enough to house two single sized beds, suitable for families with children. The second bathroom will be just as well equipped as the master bathroom with its fully tiled walls and showers.


009 i-Suites - Second Bedroom


As a fully furnished development, i-Suite is a gem of an investment that has good potential for rental yield especially with its affordable prices and prime location. It is with pride then that the developers have appointed the world-class hospitality company Best Western International Inc. to be the manager of these serviced apartments.

Being served by Best Western International Inc., future residents of i-Suite can expect only the best of service. The services provided will be of hotel quality. There will be in-house housekeeping services eliminating the need for hiring a full time maid or calling in a part timer every time the home is in need of cleaning, and laundry services are also provided as similar to a hotel. It is said that future residents will even be able to order food up to their units if they so desire.

There will be four different layouts for buyers to choose from ranging from the smallest unit of 566 sf with only one bedroom, to the largest being 826 sf with two bedrooms. All of these homes will be fully and just as meticulously furnished. It is believed that investors of i-Suite will be able to find tenants for the homes with the utmost convenience as there will be the MSC certified office developments within i-City which will in itself provide a ready market of renters.

The other factors that will invite a renters’ market is the existing theme park already at i-City. While many locals may seem as unaware of this water theme park, the majority of Kuala Lumpur’s city dwellers have already visited the beautiful City of Digital Lights.


010 i-Suites - Theme Park


Even those who have not visited this tourist attraction will have seen it if they have driven on Federal Highway after dark as all the trees are lighted up and visitors will literally be walking in a city of lights. Little known to many is that these tourist attractions attract at least 90,000 visitors to i-City on a weekly basis. With Malaysia also being an internationally renowned shopping paradise, the Central Plaza Mall is expected to pull in its own crowd of visitors with it uniqueness upon its completion.

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In as charming and appealing a development may be, if it is built within a backwater location with limited accessibility nobody will be interested in it. It is therefore quite fortunate that i-Suite is as centrally located as it may be with the utmost excellent connection to highways, amenities and civilization.


When heading down to Klang on the Federal Highway, motorists will see their first landmark of i-City on the right when almost to the exit of the toll. They will see a Ferris Wheel in the distance and a golden temple. This will be their cue to stick immediately to the left of the highway and take the next exit, before they hit the toll to exit the highway.


They will immediately hit a traffic light which can be congested during peak hours, but is fortunately clear at most other times of the day. It is said that the only reason why this road is congested in any case is because of the long waiting for the lights to turn green. Anyhow, future residents of i-Suite will not need to worry about this, as there are already plans for there to be a direct access route to i-City from the Federal Highway which will completely bypass the traffic lights.


002 i-Suites - Access Road


But back to the subject of reaching the traffic lights, motorists will need to turn to their right immediately after the lights. They will be greeted by busy sights of the city immediately, with a Petron petrol station on their left housing a McDonald’s franchise, and there is a Shell petrol station immediately after which houses the competitor fast food franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).


003 i-Suites - Surroundings


These landmarks are the cue to keep to the left immediately for visitors will need to turn left at the next set of traffic lights. The distance from the first turn off from the Federal Highway to this is short, hence cutting left immediately is prudent. Upon turning left visitors will be greeted by busy shop lots on both sides of the road housing a variety of products and services, from textile shops selling bolts of cloth to a myriad of goods and convenience marts. ‘Mamak’ stalls are the most prominent of food stalls in this area.


004 i-Suites - Surroundings ii


While this entrance to i-City may not be as impressive as visitors will yet be unable to see signs of the development, they will next see a large and serene lake. Unknown to the uninitiated, this lake is actually part of i-City already with there being plans to clean it up to make it a place where residents can take evening strolls and enjoy the cool breezes of the evening air.


005 i-Suites - Lake


i-City is literally only a turning away from here, and the next thing you know you will be in a nice quiet hilly area with the golden temple on your left and a theme park on your right. This theme park is also part of the i-City development, and it is also here that the property gallery is situated.


006 i-Suites - Surroundings iii


Visitors of i-City will be unable to see i-Suite or much from i-City from here as the development is huge, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. A gauge of how huge this development can only be gotten from driving around the place. It is also through here where we discovered new roads being built around the back of the development. And by randomly driving through one of the roads, motorists will find that they will come out at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, completely bypassing any toll and arriving in town. It was certainly a surprise, but a welcome one for it showed how well connected i-Suite will be to town.


That being said, Aeon Bukit Tinggi is literally only five minutes away from town as the closest shopping mall to home, and the culinary delights of Klang with its famous Bak Kut Teh and seafood are almost a stone’s throw from home. There is also a myriad of local Chinese medium schools close to i-City with a number of government schools thrown into the mix.


While Klang is the closest town to i-City, the next closest neighbourhood, Subang, is down the other end of Federal Highway at only 15 minutes away which houses one of the largest and most prominent education hubs in Kuala Lumpur. There is the Taylor’s University campus here neighboured by Monash University Malaysia and Inti International College. The Segi College is also here as is Metropolitan College and Sunway University. If this is insufficient, there will be two blocks of education hub within i-City itself.


And in terms of connectivity via highways, i-Suite is almost unrivalled as it is located literally off the Federal Highway with utmost convenient access to the North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE). Public transport will be a breeze with the confirmed upcoming LRT Line 3 having a stop at i-City where it is already confirmed that the management will arrange for shuttle busses to and fro the station from the residences at fixed hours.


As for entertainment, the closest shopping mall to i-Suite will literally be within walking distance with the upcoming Central Plaza Mall to be located metres away. This mall will be unique and be one of its kind in Malaysia as it will be operated by the Thailand Central Retail Group, one of the leading shopping mall developers in Thailand who will be bringing all the best of their local brands to Malaysia.

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Price Analysis

i-City is a unique development unto itself in the city of Kuala Lumpur and state of Selangor. While integrated developments are the new hit in the property market as of 2015, not many of them are on as large a scale as i-City. The only closest competitor to i-Suite would be the homes at Tropicana Metropark which is approximately 10 kilometres down the Federal Highway in Subang.


Aside from carrying a brand name that is more well renowned in the property market for their luxury, Tropicana Metropark will also host a shopping mall, university, office buildings and park within its mini township. But as to how its price measures up is a whole different ballgame.


A simple unit of two bedrooms at Tropicana Metropark prices at approximately RM500,000 for 596 sf with an average price of approximately RM1,067 psf for its first development. Starting at approximately 566 sf for the same number of bedrooms, the lowest priced unit at i-Suite only costs RM437,680 with an average selling price of approximately RM780 psf. So as to which is more affordably priced, the conclusion is obvious.

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A Conclusion of i-Suite

i-Suite is a development that is targeted to the middle and upmarket of white collared workers, especially to the young and trendy with the desire to live in an all-in-one place. i-Suite is not only reasonably kind to the pocket, but makes the best kind of buy in the market for being fully furnished and providing the best of hospitality services. Hence whether you are an investor or home buyer, these homes are a rare find in the market. So if you are interested, hustle over to the showroom and get your unit fast as these homes are selling like hotcakes in the market.

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