M Residence 2, Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang

  • Anjali Kassim Chan
  • 21 November 2015

M Residence 2, Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang

M Residence 2, Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang

M Residence 2 follows on from the success of M-Residence, the first phase of Mah Sing’s project in Rawang since the developer announced its arrival on this countryside in mid-2011.

The development announced an estimated gross development value of approximately RM948 million which contains two-storey link houses, townhouses, semi-detached homes, three-storey shophouses and various facilities and amenities to service residents of M Residence 2.

From its early tin-mining and rubber plantation days, this small town which has a majority Indian community and a fair population of Chinese and Malay residents that scatter across the town, has come a long way. As a result, property prices have also appreciated quite fairly especially in recent years.

Prices range from between RM360,000 and RM1million for Phase 1 to Phase 4 of M Residence (MR) to between RM600,000 above for this second project at M Residence 2 (MR2).

MR2 provides buyers with a choice to live only 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur and be surrounded by a mature township filled with a bustling crowd.

This 60.7 hectare project would be developed in three phases and is expected for completion in 2018. MR and the first block of MR2(Alpine) are soon to be completed by December 2015.

Mah Sing is now in high spirits to accomplish the same success of the former with more number of houses to be built for MR2.

So far, there are three phases left for sale at MR2 : The Birch, Caspia and Dalea.

Property details

Project                                     :           M Residence 2

Address                                   :           Off Jalan Tasik Puteri, 48000 Rawang, Selangor

Developer                               :           Mah Sing Group

Expected completion              :           2018

Types :

Type B (Superlink Terrace)

  • 2,380 sf (165 units)

Type C (Superlink Terrace)

  • 2,280 sf (159 units)

Type D (Semi-Detached)

  • 3,248 sf (68 units)

Tenure             :           Freehold

  • Built-up       :           2,380 – 3,248 sf
  • Price            :           RM 550K-RM 1.2mil


  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Children’s play area
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • BBQ area
  • Convenience store
  • Grand entrance
  • Canal garden
  • Playground
  • Landscaped garden
  • Three lined path
  • Park
  • 24-hour security
  • Sculpture garden


The developer, Mah Sing Group has won multiple property accolades during the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Malaysia) 2020 event such as: 

  • Best Lifestyle Developer                
  • Winner: Special Recognition for ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)               
  • Winner: Special Recognition for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)   
  • Winner: Special Recognition in Sustainable Construction               
  • Winner: Special Recognition in Sustainable Design               
  • Winner: Special Recognition for Building Communities

Project Details

Similar to M-Residence, the unique selling points for Mah Sing’s M- Residence 2 are as follows:

  • Recreational clubhouse across a 4-acre compound (Residents can enjoy the clean and elegantly-designed facilities crafted to cater to their needs while spending time with family and friends)
  • Accessibility to superb amenities (Essential needs are only a stones’ throw away from M-Residence 2 so that you may stay connected and have everything in your convenience)
  • Gated and guarded with 24-hour security (Residents’ exclusive privacy is always ensured within this secured residential sanctuary)
  • Perimeter fencing with CCTV and vibration sensor (peace of mind is rightfully yours with top-notch security system in place. Residents are assured of their safety)
  • 26-acre wetland and Grand Lotus Lake (Let the nature in you take over as you bask in the beauty and charm of the natural wonders that surround your home)

All the blocks are not conjoined so each block does not have access to other blocks and each of the blocks are guarded with CCTV-monitored perimeter fencing with vibration sensor.

MR2 master plan

MR2 master plan

M-Residence 2 consists of:

Birch (2-storey Link Homes)

Type B1 1,872sf (20’x65’), 4 bedrooms

Type B2 (20’x65’) 1,872sf, 4 bedrooms

**Starting price RM611,800

The Birch Type B1 and B2 are both 2-storey link houses with the same size for every respective room. The only difference about Type B1 and B2 are in the window designs.

Birch Plan Birch Type B1 Birch Type B2Caspia (2-Storey Cluster Garden Homes)

C1                           :               (32’x 65’) 2,193sf

C2 (A)                    :               (32’ x 65’) 2,205sf

C2 (B)                    :               (32’x 75’) 2,205 sf  (Type C2(B) offers you an extra 10ft of outdoor space by the side for more ease and flexibility at your new home)

Total  units          :               356 units

Starting price     :               RM768,800

Tenure                 :               Leasehold

Completion        :               Sept, 2016

Caspia are cluster homes. Cluster homes are grouped on a development site, with an extra 10ft which creates extra land by the side of each home for open space, recreation or agriculture purposes.

On top of that, Caspians, as I would like to call them, would be literally living next to the wetland and surrounded by the 26-acre lake, separating the neighbourhood from Jalan Tasik Puteri from across the water. The corner units of Caspia would be overlooking the Lotus Lake and enjoy shorter distance to the clubhouse compared to Alpine, Birch and Dalea.

Caspia, Cluster image

Type : Caspia – Cluster Homes, Block C

2. Caspia plan

1. Caspia Balcony on second floor

This is how the extra space by the medium room on the second would look like for Caspia units. This space is useful for laundry purposes or recreational purposes, especially if your unit is rented out.


The balcony outside the medium room


Bare unit of Caspia, outside the medium room, an extra space which will be good if your unit is made to be rented out

Dalea (2-Storey Semi-D)

4+1 Bedrooms (40×85) 3,068sf

(Limited Edition, with only 72 units)

Starting price     :               RM 1,008,800

Dalea is a coveted and more luxurious collection of only 72 exclusive Semi-D units. It is a private enclave where families will cherish the intimacy of lavish living in a spacious abode.

Dalea : Extremely spacious for luxurious living

Dalea : Extremely spacious

The very spacious Dalea showroom

Dalea showroom displays a classy setting for those with extra money to splurge on a huge unit

Dalea Masterplan
Dalea artist impression

Dalea floorplan

Dalea Floorplan

Every Caspia and Dalea unit comes with home alarm system, concealed air-cond piping, centralised hot water piping in all bathrooms (except maid’s bathroom, which is up to the owner to decide on installation)

Each residence has its own private clubhouse. Maintenance fee for MR1 averages between RM150 and RM200, whereas MR2 would average between RM180 and RM200.

The difference in maintenance fee is due to the different times that each project is being launched. According to the sales person, the developer is predicting that the salary for the guards may increase in due time and thus the maintenance fee for the MR2 is higher than the previous project.

In usual circumstances, developers would maintain a project which is under their helm for the first couple of years, after which the ownership would be fully-handed over to the residents to decide on the next course of action.

According to the salesman as well, the fact that M-Residence is a strata title, it is more organised and will most likely go through value appreciation that would commensurate with market rates over time.

Having developers like Tanco Holdings Berhad (pioneer), Glomac, Low Yat Group, Guocoland and soon-to-arrive Eco World, to name a few, Rawang is set for a major transformation.

It is typical for people to have this –don’t want to miss out on the opportunity – attitude. There is probably always an urgent need to pounce on the opportunity, because of the potential of market appreciation from which property investors can make profits.

At such a price, serious home-buyers who enjoy a beautiful home with a generous piece of land within the vicinity of their homes should grab this chance and buy MR2.

Ultimately, buying into Rawang is still appealing to a certain group of people with the long-term plan.


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M Residence 2 (MR2) is another development by Mah Sing which is set to continue with the inaugural success of the M Residence(MR) which was launched in 2012.

In our previous feature, we have written on Acacia Park, which is located at the far end of Bandar Tasik Puteri (BTP) 400 meters away from the LATAR Expressway’s soon to be completed exit toll.

As the review on BTP was featured rather extensively in the first part for Acacia Park, we are looking at three different projects, being Acacia Park(Low Yat Group), and Mah Sing’s MR and MR2.

Hence, in our review for MR2 this time, we will give more focus on the project details where you will be able to discern the differences of the offers for each of MR2 type which is going for sale now.

Firstly, to get to MR2, upon exiting Rawang Toll, take on the left exit from beside the flyover bridge.

From Rawang toll to M Residence 1 & 2 sales gallery

From Rawang toll to M Residence 1 & 2 sales gallery

As you go, you will drive past many banners for new projects that are mushrooming in Rawang.

Here’re additional details from our previous feature on Rawang. On your right, you will pass by the upscale Taman Sari property project that would begin with the price of RM900,000 which is being developed by BRDB, the developer of Bangsar.

And then you will also pass by Anggun Rawang which is at the same location as Aeon Rawang. Just a bit of information for your digestion. The arrival of Aeon Rawang was what had pushed up the market value of this place.

Also discovered behind Aeon Rawang is a newly-constructed commercial area that has yet to be occupied. This location is 5 minutes away from BTP.

Anggun City commercial centre beside Aeon Rawang

Anggun City beside Aeon Rawang

323 325

Continue driving until you reach the signboard bearing Bandar Tasik Puteri within a short distance.

The junction turning into BTP is not hard to miss, and always, always, try to stay connected. It is advisable to use Google Maps or Waze if finding your way to unfamiliar territories still boggles you.


MR 1 & 2 Sales Gallery which is to be MR’s Clubhouse

The Mah Sing sales gallery is in Bandar Tasik Puteri at M Residence as soon as you turn in from Jalan Rawang. Here, you will be engaged by a sales manager who will obligingly provide you with all the information you need on MR2.

The units on offer by Mah Sing, if compared to other property projects in the same location, are rather quite appealing. Therefore, if property buyers are considering to buy a home here, the outstanding aspects for considerations lie in the project analysis.

For now, the available blocks on sale are Blocks B, C and D. Refer to project details to find out more.

MR2 is situated between M Residence and Acacia Park, right before the Bandar Tasik Puteri welcoming wall gate of BTP. From MR, you may have to drive further down to get to the site location which is still under heavy construction.

Arrived at M Residence 2, further into BTP, approx. 1.5 km from the sales gallery at MR

Arrived at M Residence 2, further into BTP, approx. 1.5 km from the sales gallery at MR


MR 2 under construction


The look of the plan for MR2:

Master plan of M Residence 2

Master plan of M Residence 2

Right in front of M Residence 2 is the Lotus Lake to frame the exterior of the residence. This is a natural lake, which according to the developer, would undergo landscaping works and be handed back to the state government for public recreational purposes.


The natural lake in that separates MR 2 from Jalan Tasik Puteri

MR2 residents are assured of a fully-gated and guarded community for its residents’ comfort and security. This development is approximately 1km away from the south of MR site.

Key facts:
– Fully-gated and guarded-strata title
– Clubhouse facilities
– Park/Garden within each parcel
– Natural lake
– Less than 10km from Rawang toll
– 3km from Jusco Rawang
– Schools have been proposed by Mah Sing to be built for its respective Residences
– Low maintenance of RM180 per month
– Free maintenance fee for 1st year

It is also important to note that the land which belongs to the Low Yat Group has been a very old township with a majority Malay community. However, this commercial property developer has undertaken more major master plans to build up this land to become an entirely sustainable and progressive place soon.

Some of the plans for BTP include having a commercial business centre with futuristic features, a theme park, hospital and a German International school that would serve school-going children from the primary to the secondary level and possibly even tertiary education level.

Within the BTP township alone, residents of the neighbourhood are able to find a secondary school, being SMK Bandar Tasik Puteri(SMKBTP). I am uncertain about the reputation of the school, but it is certainly worth checking out. SMKBTP has majority Malay Muslim students who are from the surrounding neighbourhood.

SMK BTP(from smkbtp.wordpress.com )

SMK Bandar Tasik Puteri (Image taken from smkbtp.edu.my)

For a recap of Bandar Tasik Puteri review, please refer to the review on Acacia Park.

Some of the pioneering developers of Rawang were the Tanco Holdings Berhad and Low Yat Group, among others who have stamped their presence in this town for more than 20 years now.

More established developers are venturing into Rawang and this in turn is contributing to the township’s development and bringing progress to the locals.

Travelling routes to BTP via the LATAR Expressway would be as below:

  1. Jalan Duta Toll to BTP via LATAR Highway             Distance 30km
  2. Jalan Duta ti BTP via Batu Arang Distance 44km
  3. Templer’s Park to BTP Distance 26.7km
  4. Ijok to BTP Distance 24.6km
  5. MRT Sungai Buloh station to BTP Distance 37.5km
  6. Subang SkyPark to BTP Distance 37.5km
  7. Guthrie Highway to BTP via LATAR Highway Distance 27km
  8. Shah Alam to BTP via LATAR Highway Distance 36km

The way to MR 2

For as long as I can remember, this narrow two-way Jalan Rawang – Batu Arang (B27 road) has seen a heavier traffic volume with every year that went by.

The direction heading towards Bandar Country Homes (BCH) can sometimes come to a halt, especially during the monsoon seasons when the Selangor River overflows and causes minor flood situations for the motorists.

On the day of this project survey (second week of November 2015), I found myself wading through a small flood between BCH and BTP. Hmm..

The usual traffic heading towards Bandar Country Homes. This was taken on a rainy evening

The usual traffic heading towards Bandar Country Homes. This was taken on a rainy evening

As a result of this, and also due to the growing social problems that plagued the residential area few years ago, many BCH residents have moved out and migrated into neater and safer neighbourhoods like Emerald East, Emerald West and Anggun City.

Fortunately so, since July 2015, a RM250 million expansion work for Jalan Rawang – Batu Arang has begun and residents using this road to travel to and from this side of town would be able to enjoy a smoother drive soon. Let’s hope that they’d also elevate the roads higher to solve the flood problem, no matter how minor the flood can be.

With the development of Low Yat Group’s Acacia Park and Mah Sing’s M Residences 1 & 2 in Bandar Tasik Puteri (BTP), the traffic congestion towards BCH may return again. But the LATAR Expressway will certainly provide a better road channel for residents entering Bandar Tasik Puteri by the time it is completed in 2018.

Thankfully also, private developers of Rawang have undertaken the shared responsibility and joint efforts with the local constituency to bring Rawang residents better roads and transportation services for their overall comfort and convenience.

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Project title Tenure/Land Title Launch Price Maintenance Fee(per Sq. Ft.) Car Park Bays
M-Residence(MR) Freehold, double-storey RM360K-RM1.7mil RM150-RM200 2
M-Residence 2 Leasehold, double storey RM 570,000 and above RM 180- RM200 2
Acacia Park Leasehold, Double-storey RM480,000 and above Rm 100, inclusive of security 2

For another hundred thousand RM more to pay, when compared to Acacia Park, you get a whole lot of assurances for a long-term retirement plan here at MR2. Also, from this comparison, we are able to see that the prices for M Residence 2 have increased from the preluding M Residence.

Besides, it is fully-gated and guarded for M Residences residents’ peace of mind.

Each residence has its own private clubhouse. Maintenance fee for MR averages between RM150 and RM200, whereas MR2 would average between RM180 and RM200. The difference in maintenance fees is due to the different times that each project is being launched. According to the sales person, the developer is predicting that the salary for the guards may increase in due time and thus, the maintenance fee for MR2 is slightly higher than the previous project.

In usual circumstances, developers would maintain a project which is under their helm for the first couple of years, after which the ownership would be fully-handed over to the residents to decide on the next course of action.

According to the salesman as well, the fact that M-Residence is a strata title, it is more well- organised and will most likely experience value appreciation that would commensurate with the market value over time. Buying a landed property today with a price of RM500,000 is not possible in the Klang Valley anymore.

M Residence 2 is a strata-titled development that shares a common areas such as roofs, lifts, gardens, driveway, etc. that requires owners to pay a levy to cover the ongoing expenses of maintaining the common property. And thus, the price is worth the while at this juncture.

Compared to Acacia Park, M Residence 1 and 2 are for those who are looking for a long time investment that would certainly appreciate by three- to tenfold over the course of decades, I repeat, decades, where the location of Rawang will be more developed and concentrated with a growing population. Investors can only hope.

Those who mostly buy into Rawang are residents from surrounding areas like Kepong, Damansara and Selayang who wouldn’t mind farther distance from Kuala Lumpur because of the new development and appeals of a new project by a reputable developer.

Bandar Tasik Puteri, however, is a great location because of the surrounding areas which is covered in lush green and has nice views of the golf course landscape. A self-sustaining township with a massive investment potential, depending on future developments by prospective developers.

However, if you are buying into projects in Bandar Tasik Puteri, Acacia Park by Low Yat Group is certainly cheaper than M Residences 1 and 2 but the latter has not claimed that Acacia Park would be a fully-gated community. Whereas prices of Mah Sing’s MR2 with the kind of facilities it provides, therefore, are reasonable for the target market it serves.

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For those who are looking for a long-term investment, MR2 would certainly appreciate by three- to tenfold over the course of decades, and we are talking about decades, not in a matter of years. That is also if Rawang will be more developed and attractive in the future as more crowd pour into the area to ensure more concentrated population.

However, I must be honest. Having had interviewed the Andaman Group before and having heard a great deal of good results from the managing director Dato’ Vincent Tiew’s strategies, I cannot help but be inclined to personally commend his vision.

In fact, Andaman Group has been a market leader where this strategy of going into not-so-famous areas are concerned, before other developers rush in to have a bite of the apple. Always, Andaman tries to serve the interest of its market and its people first before anything else. Clearly, their buyers find that thought very accommodating to and fulfilling their needs.

But now that even the eminent Mah Sing Group is adopting this strategy, it only goes to imply that the property market would soon be serving the average property buyers’ market who are mainly keen to have homes of their very own.

Hence, it is certainly good news that this prestigious developer is looking towards Rawang now. They see potential in this side of town, but more certainly needs to be done.

At the end of the day, potential buyers have to ask themselves the right questions when making a decision.

What are their intentions for buying a home in Rawang? Is it for own stay, retirement plan or investment?  And what are the prospects they would forecast for Rawang in the near future?

It sure takes a lot of faith and belief to plant your base here and here’s wishing you all the very best.

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