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001Shamelin- Introduction
Shamelin Star, against the backdrop of the KL skylines

The Star Of KL


Shamelin Star, as the name suggests, is a sparkling new residential development that is being constructed in the quaint little town of Taman Shamelin Perkasa.  This sky-scraping project looms over the surrounding neighbourhood with its whooping 36-storeys of twin residential serviced apartments, and is the only development within the area that comes fully equipped with a Green Building Index (GBI) certification. Its environmental friendly designs are just but a taste of its overall grandeur, as Shamelin aims to inject some class and excitement into the lacklustre neighbourhood. Indeed, rejuvenation is what it will bring, as there will be an array of exquisite facilities and unparalleled view of the mountain ranges and the city centre within its residency. In addition to its bedazzling offerings, it will also provide many excellent amenities such as shopping malls, hypermarkets, medical centres and a walking distance to the Pandan Indah MRT Station for you to take advantage of. With luxury and convenience at its fingertips, Shamelin Star is well on its way of becoming the star of Taman Shamelin and Cheras. Watch out for this exciting project as it is set to light up this sleepy part of Kuala Lumpur.


Developers Details


002Shamelin- Developer Details
93 Great Titchfield Street,
one of Enra Group Berhad’s proud developments

Developer Name: Landmark Zone Sdn. Bhd.

Previous Property Development Projects:  Holiday Plaza, 93 Great Titchfield Street

Current Property Development Projects:  Shamelin Star

Awards / Achievements: –


The developer for Shamelin Star is Landmark Zone Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Enra Group Berhad. Enra is a public company listed in the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia and had previously assumed many other names, with Perduren (M) Bhd being one of them. Under the new major shareholders, the group hopes to find new opportunities to invest and introduce new sources of growth to the company, especially in key areas such as trading, services and niche real estate developments. At this juncture, they are primarily involved in the oil and gas industry, and only had 3 property developments under their portfolio which are Shamelin Star, Holiday Plaza and 93 Great Titchfield Street. Nevertheless, you can expect to see more niche property projects introduced by them in the future.


Project Details


003Shamelin- Project Details
An exquisite taste of what’s to come in Shamelin Star



QuikPro No :
Address : Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Property Type : Serviced Residences
Land Title : Commercial
Tenure : Leasehold
Bumi Discount : 5%
Sales Gallery : 38-3-1, Jalan 4/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
    56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Site GPS Coordinates : N: 3° 07′ 33.4” E: 101° 44′ 11.0”
Website : http://www.shamelinstar.com.my
Expected Completion Date
: Mid – Late 2016
Total Units : 630 units
Built Up Area : 3.08 acres
Listing Price : RM665,000 – RM1,153,800
Price per Sq.Ft. : RM700 – RM750
Maintenance Fee per Sq.Ft. : RM0.29 (sen)
Parking Bay per Unit : 1 – 2 units
Development Type : Parcel A – Serviced Apartments
    Parcel B – Serviced Apartments
    Parcel C – Retail Podiums
Unit Type : Type A – 1,272 sq.ft. : 2Bedroom + 1 Office +2Bathroom
    Type B – 1,054 sq.ft. : 2Bedroom + 1 studio + 1 Office + 3Bathroom
    Type C – 897 sq.ft. : 2Bedroom + 1 Office + 2Bathroom
    Type D – 774 sq.ft. : 2Bedroom + 1 Office + 2Bathroom
    Type E – 1,587 sq.ft. : 3Bedroom + 1 Office + 4Bathroom
    Type F 893 sq.ft. : 2Bedroom + 1 Office + 2Bathroom
    Type G – 844 sq.ft. : 2Bedroom + 1 Office + 2Bathroom


Facilities & Amenities:

  • Olympic sized pool
  • wading pool
  • terrace café
  • Gymnasium
  • Community hall
  • Aqua gym
  • Hyper kitchen
  • Playground
  • BBQ area
  • maze garden and many more


Special Features:

  • Fantastic accessibility
  • possesses a vantage view of the city skylines and mountain ranges
  • close proximity to various shopping malls and education centres such as Sunway Velocity, IKEA Cheras, Taylor’s International College
  • adjacent to Pudu Ulu Recreational Park (KL’s largest green park)
  • walking distance to Pandan Jaya LRT Station
  • less than 1km from Maluri LRT & Cochrane MRT Station
  • close proximity to KLCC & Pavilion KL, early completion by 2016

Project Details

Property Details


012Shamelin- Construction sitea
The ongoing construction works in Shamelin Star, which is scheduled to be completed by the end 2016


Sitting on a compact space of just 3.08 acres of leasehold land, Shamelin Star is a surprising but beautiful addition to this beastly part of the town. Its twin residential blocks had their names inspired by the stars Rigel and Capella, and comes in an elegant setting with splendid vista over KL’s skyline and the mountain ranges. At 36 storeys high, Shamelin Star towers over the surrounding developments with its goliath structures, often leaving those onlookers gaping in awe. More importantly, the construction of Shamelin Star came at the most opportune time as it provided a much needed injection of class and life into this unadorned township, and allowed Taman Shamelin to begin its transcendence into a modern city.


013Shamelin- Park
Green and tranquil living is a definite statement in Shamelin Star


Complementing this opulent project is a 61-acres of public park that is located directly across its main road. Known as Pudu Ulu Park, this recreational centre is one of the largest, if not the largest, green parks in Kuala Lumpur, and is built upon a reserved land.  Those staying here will have the privilege to bath in its serenity, whether through a light morning exercise or a brisk evening walk.

 014Shamelin- GBI
Be impressed with its eco-friendly buildings and sustainable architectures


Indeed, green living is one of the main themes of this project, as the development also incorporates an eco-friendly design with fully certified GBI architecture. Here, you will have the chance to live harmoniously with the planet through more efficient use of energy and water, while reducing the emission of detrimental air contaminations. What’s more, you will also find home to a sustainable and fine living, without the need to compromise the environment.

 015Shamelin- Overall layout
The Expansive 70,000 sq. ft facilities deck in the 7th floor of Shamelin Star


With 6 levels of carpark podium provided in its twin sky-scraping like residential towers, the juice of its excitement lies from the 7th floor onwards. There, you will find an expansive deck of facilities with over 70,000 sq. ft. built up area in size, which includes various classy facilities and amenities such as Olympic sized pool, wading pool, terrace café, Gymnasium, Community hall, Aqua gym, Hyper kitchen, Playground, BBQ area, maze garden and many more to satisfy your needs. While pleasure and leisure is important, Shamelin also take into great consideration on the aspect of safety and security by featuring a multi-tier security system with 24 hours CCTV surveillance, so that you will not live in fear. That said, you will find the offerings here to be of a very decent quality and worthy of premium class.

016Shamelin- Gym



017Shamelin- Sky Lounge
From top: Featuring the chic and classy gymnasium and Olympic sized pool



Shamelin Star offers a blend of modernity and functionality in all of its residential suites. Each unit has been thoughtfully designed with clean lines and ample of spaces to provide you with a comfortable home to live in. In addition, they also come semi-furnished with kitchen hod & hoob, bathroom set and vanities and high quality tiles. The only surprise exclusions are perhaps the air-conditioners, as the units will only be provided with the installation points. Nonetheless, you will find Shamelin Star to be a beautifully crafted home with spacious designs and classy offerings.


018Shamelin- Living Rooma

019Shamelin- Kitchena

020Shamelin- Bedroom

From top: Shamelin Star’s exquisite living hall, dining area and bedroom


Floor Plans

Both Capella and Rigel come with 6 different types of layout, namely Type A, B, C, D, E, F and G. For Capella, the smallest unit comes with a built up area of 774 sq. ft., while the largest would include a size of 1,587 sq. ft. The same goes for Rigel as well, as the units range from a built up area of 774 sq. ft. to 1,587 sq. ft. Each unit is provided with 2 carpark bays, except for Type Ds, as they are only provided with 1.


Capella Tower

 021Shamelin-Floor plan1022Shamelin-Floor plan2023Shamelin-Floor plan3024Shamelin-Floor plan4025Shamelin-Floor plan5026Shamelin-Floor plan6027Shamelin-Floor plan7


Rigel Tower

 028Shamelin-Floor plan8029Shamelin-Floor plan9030Shamelin-Floor plan10031Shamelin-Floor plan11032Shamelin-Floor plan12033Shamelin-Floor plan13034Shamelin-Floor plan14

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Area Detail


004Shamelin- Area Map


Some say it is mature while other says it is dated. Whatever you choose to call it, Taman Shamelin Perkasa would best be described as a prime and vibrant place to live in. This fully integrated township in Cheras is sandwiched between Taman Maluri and Pandan Jaya, and features a good mix of residential and commercial developments. The great part about living in this part of Cheras would be its excellent public amenities and facilities. Education centres such as Taylor’s International School, UniKL IPROM and Kolej Poly-Tech Mara are strategically located here, in addition to shopping centres such as 1 Shamelin, Sunway Velocity, Aeon Cheras Selatan and MyTown /IKEA Cheras as well. Apart from that, Taman Shamelin also features fantastic accessibility, with various linkages to LRT/ MRT train stations and highways such as MRR2, Besraya Highway, Jalan Tun Razak and etc.

 005Shamelin- LRTa


006Shamelin- Main Roada

From top: The Pandan Jaya LRT station and main road in front of Shamelin Star


As you can see from the pictures above and below, Taman Shamelin Perkasa is far from being a dead town, by any means. Commercial centres, retail outlets and hawker stalls fill the street with vibrancy, and this may perhaps be the only place within KL where you can find a really satisfying meal completed with rice and chicken at just RM4. So, if there is something positive you should know about this place, it would definitely be its low cost of living and less frantic lifestyle.


 007Shamelin- Hawker Stallsa

008Shamelin- Commercial centres 1a

009Shamelin- Commercial centres 2a

From top: Cheap hawker stalls and busy commercial centres within the vicinity


Meanwhile, a swift walk to the further end of the street will lead you to more retail centres and entertainment outlets. From the outside, they appear to be quite “happening” during the night with bars, club, massage centres and a snooker centre in the mix. In fact, the 1 Shamelin Mall is just opposite of the street, and would be a very good place to stock up your goods or catch a weekend movie.


010Shamelin- Entertainment centrea


011Shamelin- shopping malla

From top: Entertainment outlets and the 1 Shamelin Mall at the further end of the street


The only problem with this place is the lack of class and sophistication. You may find Taman Shamelin Perkasa to be a rather dull and uninspiring to live in due to the lack of refined facilities and amenities. Even the shopping mall shown above does not exude any sense of tingling excitement, as it only serves the purpose as a friendly neighbourhood mall rather than a classy regional mall. Nevertheless, Taman Shamelin is situated closely to the comforts of the city centre and there are many attractive malls such as Pavilion KL and Sunway Velocity within a short driving distance.

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Pricing Analysis


Name Tenure/ Land Title Price (per Sq. Ft.) Maintenance Fee (per Sq. Ft.) Car Park Bays
Shamelin Star (Landmark Zone) Leasehold/ Commercial RM550- 750 RM0.29 1-2 units
(PJD Regency)
Freehold/ Commercial RM650 -700 RM0.30 1-2 units
EkoCheras (Ekovest) Freehold/ Commercial RM700-750 RM0.35 1-2 units


Back then, when it was first launched in 2013, Shamelin Star was only marketed at RM550- RM600. Unfortunately, those days of cheap discounts are over, as Shamelin had its entry price revalued to a more significant amount of RM700- RM750 psf. In fact, there are still quite a number of units left unsold in Shamelin, especially the Type C units and the larger ones, probably due to their hefty costs. But taking into account that the neighbouring developments such as YouCity or EkoCheras were not priced that cheaply either, its current value of RM700-ish psf would deem to be quite reasonable. Mind you, there’s also the Pandan Jaya LRT station within walking distance and the largest green recreation park just across the road; so, you can’t really expect it to be priced any cheaper than that, considering that land is quite scarce in today’s climate.

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Final Analysis


035Shamelin- Conclusion
An overview of Shamelin Star and its surrounding neighbourhood


Scheduled to be completed by 2016, Shamelin Star will be the rose among the thorns in Taman Shamelin Perkasa. This surprising but welcoming addition to this mature town is what the locals have been dying for- a spark of life and excitement. And that is exactly what they will receive, as Shamelin Star aims to bring a lifestyle of luxury at its doorstep, along with fantastic accessibility and plethora of amenities. The Pudu Ulu Recreational Park is also a neat addition to this iconic project, as it provides a safe and serene haven for the residents to recluse. But more importantly, the project also features 3 stunning viewpoints from the comforts of its home, comprising of the dazzling KLCC skylines, natural greenery of Pudu Ulu Park and the beautiful mountain ranges from afar. If you factor in a 600m walk to Pandan Jaya LRT Station and 2km drive to IKEA Cheras as well, there will be plenty to for you to look forward to in this luxurious residency. All and all, Shamelin Star will be a beacon of light that illuminates the surrounding archaic developments. If you don’t mind the dated township, this would be a vibrant and convenient place for you to stay in.

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