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  • 6 November 2015

Suria Residence is the upcoming new condominium located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Bukit Jelutong within the city of Shah Alam, one of the upscale areas of this large city. Carving its presence out in the skylines of Bukit Jelutong, Suria Residence is being designed to complement the neighbourhood with its beautiful designs.


The developer of Suria Residence is one of the best of the smaller developers known as Sunsuria. The developer have been making their presence in the property market known in the recent years with several projects where some better known ones are Sunsuria Medini in Iskandar Malaysia, Sunsuria Seventh Avenue and the popular Sunsuria Ampang Sports Complex.


Suria Residence which is under development is being built to complement Sunsuria’s portfolio of successful projects. Suria Residence is expected to do excellently in its field, as the location of the project was well chosen in the upcoming neighbourhood of Bukit Jelutong amidst many other foreseen successful residential high rises.

QuickPro No : PL-4769
Address : Persiaran Balairong, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Property Type : Serviced Apartment
Land Tile : Commercial
No. of Storeys : Tower A – 17 storeys ; Tower B – 18 storeys
No. of Blocks : 3
No. of Lifts per Floor : 3
Tenure : Freehold
Bumi Discounts : 7%
Sales Gallery : Suite 8 Main Tower, Sunsuria Avenue, Persiaran Mahogani, Kota Damansara,
  PJU 5, 47810 Selangor.
Website : http://www.sunsuria.com/property-development/suria-residence/
Expected Completion Date : May 2018
Total Units : 545
Built-up Area : 600 sq.ft. – 1,200 sq.ft.
Facilities & Amenities : Level 5
  a) Swimming Pool with Wet Sundeck & Dry Sundeck
  b) Wading Pool
  c) Jacuzzi
  d) Floating Gymnasium
  e) Therapeutic Garden – Equipped with Seating Area, Viewing Deck, ‘Healing
       Walk’, Deck with Water Pond & Deck with Hammock
  f) Linear Walk – Equipped with Outdoor Gym and Reflexology Path
  g) Secret Garden (Maze Garden) – Equipped with Hedges Planting,
      Water Pond and Seating Area
  h) Party Garden (BBQ Area) – Equipped with Seating Area, BBQ Pit and Water
  i) Children’s Play Area (6 – 12 years old)
  j) Toddler Play Area (1-5 years old)
  k) Entertainment Deck (outside Multi-purpose Hall)
  Level 6
  a) Youth Play Area (13 years above)
  b) Chill Out Deck
  c) Chill Out Sofa Lounge
  d) Unique Seating Area in Circle Form
  e) Hanging & Terrace Planting
Listings Price : RM 428,000 – RM 966,000
Price per Sq.Ft. : RM 650 per sq.ft.
Maintenance Fee per Sq.Ft. : RM 0.35 per sq.ft.
Parking Bay per Unit : 2
Development Type : Serviced Apartment
Unit Type : Type A – 1,200 sq ft, 3 Bedroom + 1 Utility + 2 Bathroom + 2 Balcony 
   (from RM 8xx,000 list price)
   Type B – 1,000 sq ft, 3 Bedroom + 2 Bathroom + 1 Balcony
   (from RM 7xx,000 list price)
   Type C – 800 sq ft, 2 Bedroom + 2 Bathroom + 1 Balcony 
   (from RM 6xx,000 list price)
   Type D – 600 sq ft, 1 Bedroom + 1 Bathroom + 1 Balcony
   (from RM 4xx,000 list price)


Project Details

Everything About Suria Residence


Suria Residence is another one o the many residential developments that is sprouting up in the high end enclave of Bukit Jelutong. It is located just next to the upcoming Skyz Jelutong which offers similar homes to Suria Residence as well, while surrounding Suria Residence is Suria Jelutong – a sibling development of Suria Residence. On its other side is the D’Vida commercial hub. Of all the developments surrounding Suria Residence, the ones that are also a product of Sunsuria are D’Vida and Suria Jelutong.

 004 Suria Residences D'Vida
Suria Residences D

The predecessor of Suria Residence, Suria Jelutong, was a landfall success in the market when it was launched. All its units were sold out before the completion of the project. Suria Residence is following in its footsteps by becoming a very fast selling project.


The selling points of Suria Jelutong is its family-friendly environment which is designed to cater to all ages. Sure Jelutong consists of three separate towers, where each tower has two adjoining blocks. The layout of the three towers are designed in such a way that the facility area of Suria Jelutong is generally always shaded at all times of the day except during the mid-afternoon sun. The idea behind this is to allow residents to begin enjoying the facilities earlier in the evening rather than later, while still managing to avoid the blazing heat of the setting sun. Residents can theoretically then begin swimming at four in the evening in the shady coolness of the towers.

005 Suria Residences Layout
Suria Residences Layout

The entirety of the facilities deck at Suria Residence is located on levels 5 and 6. It is designed as an open air deck, where residents of Suria Residents can enjoy the beauty of their generally pollution-free neighbourhood. The views of Bukit Jelutong from this level will also be very pleasant, as residents of Suria Jelutong will have unhindered views of their surrounding environment.


Amongst the very desirable facilities that will be available at Suria Residence is the usual plethora of swimming pool, wading pool and gymnasium. But being a family-oriented home with facilities designed for all ages, there will also be a Toddler Play Area where the little tykes can run wild.

006 Suria Residences Layout (i)

Suria Residences Layout (i)

Children who consider themselves too old for these childish delights will have the more mature Youth Play Area where the equipment are designed for older children aged 13 and above. Parents will be able to supervise all the going-ons of their offsprings from the Chill Out Deck, Chill Out Sofa Lounge and Sundeck Area.


For the party organising adult, there is always the barbecue area where residents can entertain guests at the Party Garden which is graced by a water cascade. This area is best coupled with the Entertainment Deck just outside the multipurpose hall for large numbers of guests.


For the elderly there are also facilities that are designed for them at the Therapeutic Garden. Over here, residents can enjoy the ‘Healing Walk’ deck which consists of those painful massage stones. Residents can just as well choose not to walk the stone paths and just enjoy their views from here at the Viewing Deck or chillax at the Hammock Deck.


There are many other beautifully thought of facilities that are designed to appeal to the senses through incorporation of nature. The Secret Garden which is also known as the Maza Garden is where there are hedges planted in meandering rows, and tucked into nifty little out-of-the-way corners inside the maze are seating areas and a pond.


Security at this very appealing condominium is also destined to be good, with the 3-tier security system. Every unit will come with a panic button that will be linked directly to the guardhouse for emergencies. Access into the building itself will require an access card, while entering the lift lobby will require tagging in via access card a second time. To further ensure the safety of its residence, there is also CCTV surveillance at the common areas helped along by the 24-hour guard patrol.

007 Suria Residences Master Bedroom

Suria Residences Master Bedroom



008 Suria Residences Master Bathroom
 Suria Residences Master Bathroom


The very thought of living in a place equipped with such lavishing facilities within such an excellent location is enough to tempt any buyer, especially with its very affordable prices and easy entry fees. One does however ask if Suria Residence has any bad points.


From the views of a visitor, one of the ‘bad points’ would be its sibling development Suria Jelutong which comes with garish orange highlights on the building. According the plans of Suria Residence there will be no such garishness for it which is truly fortunate, but being the immediate neighbour of such a building would make it an unappealing landmark for Suria Residence.


 009 Suria Residences Neighbour
Suria Residences Neighbour


The second ‘bad point’ would be a slightly more serious one, as there are only 3 lifts to be shared across every two towers with the middle tower enjoying access to six lifts. This could mean a human congestion during peak hours. Aside from these minor issues, Suria Residence does indeed look like a wonderful buy.

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Suria Residence in the Heart of Bukit Jelutong


Suria Residence is not a centrally located development, in terms of access to the city of Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya. It is however a residence of central location to the city of Shah Alam and Klang, two prominent cities in the state of Selangor. Situated in Bukit Jelutong, residents of Suria Residence will not only enjoy the convenient accessibility of highways but also a prestigious address.

 001 Suria Residences Area

Suria Residences Area


So where exactly is Bukit Jelutong? Bukit Jelutong is located at the south of Klang Valley, connected by various highways and is surrounded by prominent housing developments which belong to the wealthy and fortunate early buyers of Bukit Jelutong, all of which are professional white coloured workers with a handful of dignitaries thrown in. With location being the most important factor in the minds of the majority of the property buyers today, what made them think that Bukit Jelutong a good place of residence?

010 Suria Residences Surroundings 

Suria Residences Surroundings


First and foremost, Bukit Jelutong is beautifully connected to the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) with the entire neighbourhood coming with easy access to the highway. Suria Jelutong is no exception at a 5-minute drive right up to the top booth of the highway. From here on, residents of Suria Jelutong will find that both Kelana Jaya and Subang Jaya are a mere 15-minute drive away. A further boon is easy access to the Federal Highway from Kelana Jaya. With this, residents whose place of work is in either Kelana Jaya or Subang Jaya will enjoy the utmost convenience of residing close to their workplace.

002 Suria Residences Map 

Suria Residences Map


Aside from the NKVE, the other highways that bring better connectivity to residents of Suria Residence is the Guthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE) which is almost as conveniently accessibly as the NKVE. This highway however provides easy access to Rawang instead, for residents of Shah Alam.


The North-South Expressway Central Link (ELITE) which is also nearby grants convenient access to the North-South Expressway for a congestion free road to north and southbound travellers. Not only does it provide a convenient route to other states, for residents of Suria Residence will also be able to get to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) with great ease at less than hour away.


The next point of importance is the connectivity of Suria Residence to various entertainment centres and malls. Shah Alam is undoubtedly low on variety for entertainment, with the closest neighbourhood malls being Plaza Jelutong and the Space U8; both of which can be said to be very quiet places.


The next best option for the shopaholic would therefore be to head down to Subang where there is the Empire Shopping Gallery and Subang Parade. Although both are also neighbourhood malls, they offer a much better variety of goods at higher quality. Both these malls are only approximately 20 minutes away.


For even better variety, residents of Suria Residence can head to the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall which is also approximately 20 minutes away on a clear road. All sorts of convenience can be found here, from branded cosmetics to all types of snacks from various nationalities. There is also a Cold Storage supermarket outlet here which presents a better selection of imported goods for expatriates.


There are closer and more well priced alternatives to home for residents of Suria Residence if grocery shopping is what they have in their mind, as there are two hypermarkets within a short drive from Suria Residence. They are the Giant and Tesco hypermarket, both located at approximately 10 minutes away from home.


Residents of Suria Residence who enjoy golfing or sceneries of the putting greens will enjoy living there, as selected units will overlook the Kebab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, while selected units facing the opposite direction will enjoy views of the Guthrie Golf Academy.

 003 Suria Residences Area (ii)

Suria Residences Area (ii)


The closest medical healthcare centres to Suria Residence is the KPJ Specialist Hospital and the Sime Darby Healthcare Centre otherwise known as Subang Jaya Medical Centre, both of which touts some of the best medical care facilities in the Klang Valley. For specialist attention, some of the best healthcare surgeons are located at the Ara Damansara Medical Centre. All the above mentioned medical centres are only less than 20 minutes from Suria Residence.


Other places of importance that are ideally located to Suria Residence are the institutions of higher education PTPL College and the Management and Science University (USM). Both of these are located close to Suria Residence as well, which bodes well for buyers who wish to rent out their homes in the future.

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Price Analysis


On the surface Suria Residence appears to be one of the best bargains in the area at an average of RM650 psf. But with there being so many new developments in the immediate vicinity one wonders if this is the best deal around here. So here is a look into the rest of the nearby developments.


First up on the list is Radia Residences, the most radically different development around for being a mixed development that comes with a shopping mall from a leading developer. The average prices of Radia Residences look surprisingly good for its kind of development, at an average price of RM747 per square feet.


Next up on the list is Skyz Jelutong, the neighbouring development of Suria Residence which offers almost the same in terms of residence to its purchasers but come with vastly different facilities. The average price per square feet for this one is approximately RM735 psf.


All three developments begun construction at approximately the same time plus minus a year and will be completed at approximately the same time, hence they make the best comparisons. As a result of this comparison, it is rather clear that the most affordable one in terms of price per square feet is Suria Residence.

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A Conclusion of Suria Residence


Bearing the above in mind both the pros and the cons, it is clear that Suria Residence makes a good home to purchasers; rather more so as a place of permanent residence rather than an investment unit.


Although there are three different developments in the area, every one of them caters to a different target audience with Radia Residences catering more to those who prefer convenience of lifestyle with shops below their homes and Skyz Jelutong to young professionals.


Of all of them though, Suria Residence is the only one which is family oriented and caters to all ages. Purchasers who wish to make their home in Bukit Jelutong should therefore, first and foremost decide who is their home for and whether they are planning to raise a family there in the future.

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