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The overview of The Garden Residences (Source www.scientex.com.my)

Who wouldn’t give to own an affordable serviced apartment here in Johor? The Garden Residences Premier, located at the heart Skudai gives homeowners the opportunity to own a comfortable place, along with getting great services and facilities.

 Project Description- The Garden Residences Premier, Skudai

Address: Scientex Skudai, Taman Mutiara Mas, Skudai. 81300, Johor Bahru

Property Type: Condominium

Land Title: Residential

Tenure: Leasehold

Land Area: 7 acres

No. of Towers: 2 (For Premier blocks)

No. of Storeys: Block C- 25 Storeys and Block D- To be determined

No. of Units: 600 units for both Premier blocks

Built Ups: 506 sq.ft. – 1141 sq. ft.

Unit Types:

Type A 1 Bedroom 506 sq.ft.

Type B 2 Bedrooms 764 sq.ft.

Type C 2 Bedrooms 948 sq.ft.

Type D 3 Bedrooms 1,141 sq.ft.

In-House Facilities and Amenities:

  • 3-Tier Security
  • Children’s Playground
  • Thematic Garden
  • Jogging Track
  • Club House
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Court
  • BBQ Pits
  • Sauna

Selling Price Range: From RM 232, 760 – RM 524, 860

Price per sq. ft.: RM460 psf.

Maintenance Fees: RM 0.25 psf.

Expected TOP: 2017

Event/Show Units: Scientex (Skudai) Sdn Bhd., Pejabat Jualan Taman Mutiara Mas, Skudai, 81300, Johor Bahru. Call 07- 559 9988 for viewing and information.

Project Details


gardens show 4IMG_2580

The Garden Residences as a whole

Welcome to Taman Mutiara Mas! This is the next blooming residential township in Skudai that is able to provide and cater to every needs for the soon to be residents here. Scientex is definitely making Taman Mutiara Mas as a main focal point in Skudai by pumping in the money for rapid and massive developments, from commercial use to residential needs.

The development consists of:

  • Garden Living Indulgence- Sapphire 2-Storey Cluster Home with 128 units
  • Redefined Your Space- Emerald 2 ½-Terrace Home with 76 units
  • Bungalow homes
  • Commercial series that include a collection of 3-storey of shop offices called Signature, multi-purpose car park with retail outlets, hotel, SOHO as well as a mall
  • Serviced Apartments- The Garden Residences (Block A and B) and The Garden Residences Premier (Block C and D)
  • Canal Sanctuary- Opal 2-Storey Cluster Homes with 60 units, Opal Premium 2-Storey Homes with 72 units, Opal Signature 21/2-Storey Cluster Homes with 100 units, Opal Royal 3 -Storey Luxury Canal Resort Homes with 50 units, Opal Imperial 3-Storey Luxury Canal Resort Homes with 50 units
  • Wood Sanctuary- 2-Storey Cluster Homes with 60 units and 2-Storey Semi Detached Homes with 16 units.

This RM 1 billion worth of development is located on a 146-acre of land, setting to be a green township by balancing rapid development with preservation of the environment. Taman Mutiara Mas is on its course in changing the physical landscape of Skudai and will bound to be the heart of residential areas here.

The Garden Residences occupy a 7-acre area with more than three quarters of prime development land is reserved for lush greenery. The residence is divided into The Garden Residences (Block A and B) and The Garden Residences Premier (Block C and D).

Perhaps one can’t really tell what distinguish the premier residences to the regular residences. In fact, The Garden Residences have larger units, comparatively speaking. It starts at 641 sq.ft and reaches up to 1, 302 sq.ft. Meanwhile, The Garden Residences Premier starts at 506 sq.ft right up to 1, 141 sq.ft. But the premier residences are partially furnished.

gardens show 14IMG_261

The current state of The Garden Residences. Both premier blocks are on their way

With RM460 psf., The Garden Residences Premier is a rather affordable to be owned by most mid income earners here in Johor. The selling price starts at RM300, 000, somewhat of a bargain given the potential Skudai can bring within the years to come. But, there is a catch. These units are surprisingly small.

This can be a massive compromise from the buyers end. To be a part of this potential residential hub, buyers must come to terms that cheap and affordable unit means tiny room to breathe. On a brighter note, the units here are semi-furnished and this include electrical appliances, hob and hood, kitchen cabinets, air conditioners in all living area and rooms as well as water heaters in all baths.

gardens show 15IMG_2614

Block C (Premier) is currently undergoing construction

And of course, developers are offering extra ‘candies’ to lure the buyers in grabbing the units here. There will be a move in bonus after the receiving Vacant Possession (VP). Buyers would receive RM 2, 200 for one year. Meanwhile, future residents will receive travel voucher worth RM3000.00. For booking purposes, it only requires them to fork out RM1, 000.

As for the availability of units, Block C is left with limited units. Most of these units are located at the lower levels of the block. Do hang on for any rejected loans as one just can’t stress enough on the affordability of these units.  It is pretty clear that the sales team is extremely aggressive in selling the leftovers located at Block C before opening Block D’s booking to the public in 2016.

gardens show 4IMG_2581

The sample unit of Type D, the biggest unit at the Premier blocks

gardens show 4IMG_2582

Cosy living and dining area

gardens show 5IMG_2585

Kitchen projects sufficient space with smart storage

gardens show 6IMG_2590

Among the rooms that are available here

gardens show 7IMG_2593

The master bedroom can be spacious as long you know how to work around with the space and furniture

Type D is the biggest units at these premier blocks. It has three rooms and a utility room at 1, 141 sq.ft. The units has two baths that include the one located in the master bedroom. As mentioned earlier on, the units here are tight. The constraint of space is evident even in its largest unit. It is not advisable to convert the utility room into a room for guests or even a maid. You need the space for storage given the fact there isn’t any other place to store the junks.

The master bedroom is sufficient but not spacious. Perhaps a queen sized bed could do the trick in providing more space for other furniture. As for closet, opt for a medium sized closet and just do not go overboard with your clothes.

As for the other rooms, they are small but still liveable. For those with kids, do try a bunk bed. It helps in giving more room to breathe and more space for toys!

gardens show 8IMG_2601

Among other affordable types here

gardens show 9IMG_2602

The living and dining area can be deemed as sufficient for newlyweds or small families

gardens show 10IMG_2603

Kitchen is tight but still practical

gardens show 11IMG_2605

The hallway leading to the bedrooms that are located side by side

gardens show 12IMG_2610

The master bedroom is definitely not spacious. Again, smart storage and less hoarding would do wonders

For single folks or young couples, Type C might be the best option to purchase. Sized at 948 sq.ft., it has two bedrooms and two baths. Both rooms are located side by side. The smaller bedroom can be converted into a study area along with a sofa bed.  The sofa bed would definitely come in handy for guests staying over. There is even a utility room for storage purposes. An adequate space as this guarantees a carefree household and of course, reduced house chores!


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Taman Mutiara Mas is located strategically in the heart of Skudai, the largest suburb in Johor. Without a doubt, this is the town with immense potential given the right structure, development planning and execution. Due to its potential, it is no wonder why developers are flocking here to bring in massive developments, either for commercial use or residential reasons.

garden map new

The location and amenities around (Source Google Map)

Taman Mutiara Mas is easily accessible given the current facilities of roads and transportations. It is located 30 minutes from Johor Bahru. For those travelling to Taman Mutiara Mas, do take the Lebuhraya Pesisir Pantai Iskandar and head along Jalan Pesisiran Perling 2 and Jalan Sutera Danga. Upon reaching Skudai, head down to Jalan Aman that will eventually lead to Jalan Seri Orkid. Take Jalan Gelang Patah and head towards Jalan Mutiara 1/1. No worries, you will be greeted by a huge welcoming dome of ‘Scientex Pavillion’.

garden welcoming dome IMG_2576

The welcoming dome at Taman Mutiara Mas. You can’t miss it

There are a lot of existing housing areas that have been here for decades. Among them are Taman Skudai Indah, Taman Skudai Ria, Taman Skudai Baru, Taman Johor Bahru, Taman Bukit Gemilang, as well as the up and coming housing areas such Taman Mutiara Rini and Indah Heights located at Taman Skudai Indah 2.

gardens loc 2gradens loc 1

En route to Taman Mutiara Mas via Jalan Gelang Patah

You can never go wrong living here. There are countless of amenities and places to go. Do bear in mind that these amenities are a mixed between the olds and news. There are various hypermarkets that are located nearby. These include Tesco Extra Mutiara Rini and an up and coming Mydin Mall along Jalan Gelang Patah.

gardens loc 3loc 3

Tesco Extra Mutiara Rini is located nearby

Smaller marts are accessible as well and these include Pasaraya Everjoy at Jalan Jaya Mas and Jalan Silat Lincah and Mesra Mart along Jalan Seri Orkid.

gardens loc 4loc 4

Mydin Mall will be here soon

Food outlets are everywhere! For quick bites, there are Mcdonalds and KFC Hutan Mutiara Rini located along Jalan Gelang Patah. There are also other cafés that serve local delights including Passion Café, Jia Jia Lai Restaurant and Restoran Wong Kok that are all located at Jalan Gelang Patah. Other places of dining also include Restoran Kwong Ji and Qiqi Café at Jalan Seri Orkid as well as Medan Selera Taman Damai Rakyat and Restoran Bilal at Jalan Makmur.

gardens loc 5loc 5

The existing amenities are abundance due to existing housing areas nearby

This is an area that best suited families. Education access is limitless from local government streams to international schools. Among them are SMK Taman Mutiara Rini and SMK Taman Mutiara Rini 2 at Taman Mutiara Rini, SK Taman Jaya at Jalan Makmur, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Selesa Jaya and SMK Taman Selesa 2 at Bandar Selsesa Jaya, Sekolah Kebangsaan (C) Thorburn at Jalan Bakti Mutiara Rini as well as Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (T) Taman Tun Aminah at Jalan Perkasa.

Meanwhile, Matahari Private School and Sri Omega Private & International School are located at Jalan Uda Utama.

There is an outdoor park covered in lush greens nearby called Mutiara Rini Park. This would be such a great delight as families are still able to enjoy life in the wilderness despite living in a suburb.

For fitness buffs, there is a gym nearby called Step 1 Fitness Centre. It’s not as grand as Celebrity Fitness or Fitness First but do give them credit for having the facilities to fulfil your fitness obsession.

The closest medical centre to Taman Mutiara Mas is Klinik Kesihatan Taman Tun Aminah that is located at Jalan Seri Orkid.

gardens and johor main attractions

The main attractions in Johor from Taman Mutiara Mas (Source www.scientex.com.my)

As for Johor’s main attractions and major amenities, the distance from Taman Mutiara Mas are as follows:

  • Johor Premium Outlet via Jalan Gelang Patah/ Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua Malaysia-Singapura (27 minutes)
  • Senai International Airport via Jalan Bertingkat Skudai and Jalan Lapangan Terbang (22 minutes)
  • Legoland Malaysia via Lebuhraya Pesisir Pantai Iskandar and Lebuhraya Sultan Iskandar (27 minutes)
  • Educity Nusajaya via Jalan Gelang Patah and Jalan Kampung Lalang (17 minutes)
  • Columbia Asia Hospital via Persiaran Indah Utama (19 minutes)
  • Puteri Harbour via Jalan Gelang Patah and Lebuh Kota Iskandar (20 minutes)
  • Sutera Mall via Jalan Sutera Danga (14 minutes)
  • Tuas Checkpoint via Jalan Gelang Patah and Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua Malaysia-Singapura (1 hour and 19 minutes)


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Price Analysis

Name Land Tenure No. of Blocks No. Storey/Units Selling Price
The Garden Residences Premier by Scientex Skudai Sdn Bhd (Completion by  2017) Leasehold 4 Block C – 25 Storeys with 260 unitsBlock D- To be determined From RM 232, 760- RM 524 860 
D’Inspire Residence by KSL Sdn Bhd  (Completion by 2016) Freehold 2 597 units From RM560,000 – RM3.7 mio
The Seed by Tanah Sutera Development
(Completion by December 2015)
Freehold  – 6-9 Storeys with 1, 230 units From RM 390, 000- RM 760, 000

 Rental rates at the nearest housing areas start at RM 0.58 psf.

About The Developer

For more than four decades, Scientex Berhad has played a pivotal role behind Malaysia’s progress in industrialisation and maturity as a nation. During that time, Scientex has been a model of growth and diversification in becoming a leading manufacturer on a global scale and a premier property developer on the local front.

Scientex is now one of the world’s top three producers of industrial stretch film with an export market that covers more than 60 countries representing much of the industrialised world. It is also a leading player in manufacturing PP strapping bands; a market leader of consumer packaging products in Asia; a debutant in solar products; and a mainstay in the manufacture of component parts for automotive interior. Scientex is also on the top tier of property developers in Malaysia with integrated property projects spread over 1,935 acres of land in the southern states of Johor and Melaka.

Among other projects that include Scientex Pasir Gudang, Scientex Kulai, Scientex Heights, Scientex Senai, and E’roca Hills.

(Source www.scientex.com.my)

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This is a bargain. Given the affordability at RM 460 per sq. ft., this could be where folks with mid-incomes are able to buy. It is a condominium with limited amount of space and buyers would have to make the compromises. Space is rare and limited even in places like Skudai. But given its location in the heart of Taman Mutiara Mas, which is a booming township, perhaps it would be worth the money. Suitable for small families, newlyweds and single folks. But for those with an entourage, the Premier Residences wouldn’t be able to fit you and co. due to the limited space. But there is still a glimmer of hope. Do enquire units at Block A and B of The Garden Residences. The units there are bigger than Premier. Perhaps, they might have vacant units due to rejected loans or cancellations.

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