The Robertson Residence, Jalan Pudu

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  • 12 January 2016
The Robertson featured picture

Artists impression of The Robertson Residence (Source )

Pudu folks, be prepared to see some skyscrapers that will change the physical landscape of this iconic area in Kuala Lumpur. The Robertson Residence consists of two residential towers with a maximum of 46 storeys high and a 10-storey retail outlet will be filling the skies in Pudu. Perhaps this might change the mind of property buyers to set their sight on Pudu as an alternative place to live in Kuala Lumpur!

Project Description- The Robertson Residence, Jalan Pudu

Address: Jalan Pudu, 55100, Kuala Lumpur

Property Type: Serviced Apartment

Land Title: Commercial

Tenure: Freehold

Land Area: 3 acres

No. of Towers: 2

No. of Storeys: 42 and 46 storeys

No. of Units: 800 units

Built Ups: 527 sq. ft.  – 807 sq. ft.

Unit Types:

  • Type A, 1 Bedroom 538 sq. ft.
  • Type B, 1 Bedroom 538 sq. ft.
  • Type C, 1 Bedroom 527 sq. ft.
  • Type D, 1 Bedroom 657 sq. ft.
  • Type E, 1+1 Bedroom 624 sq. ft.
  • Type F, 1+1 Bedroom 624 sq. ft.
  • Type L, 1+1 Bedroom 646 sq. ft.
  • Type H, 1 Bedroom 646 sq. ft.
  • Type M, 1+1 Bedroom 689 sq. ft.
  • Type K, 2 Bedrooms 807 sq. ft.


  • 3-tier of security
  • An Olympic infinity sized pool
  • Gym (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Nursery
  • Dance and Yoga studio
  • Golf putting green
  • Sky Lounge
  • Sky Garden
  • Social Deck
  • Seating Deck
  • Reading Deck
  • Games Room
  • Snooker Room
  • Wading Pool
  • Children’s Playground
  • Indoor Play Area
  • Reflexology Path
  • Outdoor Gym

Selling Price Range: RM 700, 000- RM 1.2 mio

Price per sq. ft.: RM 1450 psf.

Maintenance Fees: RM 0.50 psf

Expected TOP: June 2018

Event/Show Units: No 119, Jalan Pudu, 55100, Kuala Lumpur. Please call 03- 2148 6668

Project Details

the robertson gallery 1IMG_4126

The model of what both residential towers and commercial center would look like

The Robertson Residence is located on a 3-acre land, right next to Jalan Pudu as well as the intersection of Jalan Robertson. The development is considered as a mixed development as The Robertson Residence consists of two residential towers of Tower 2 and Tower 3 as well as a 10-storey retail outlet. Tower 2 consists of 42 storeys and Tower 3 has 46 storeys.

the robertson site 12IMG_4162

The construction is up and running

Residents will not have any woes of non-residents trespassing the residential towers as the security here is guaranteed tight as well as both residential and commercial buildings have separate entry/exit points. There will not be any exclusive walkways to and from the residential towers to the commercial area. Even shoppers and boutique owners will have their own parking allocation located below the commercial building.

The developer has proactively act upon the congested and bottleneck jams for their residents. The entry and exit point to this establishment will have its roads widen into three lanes on each sides in controlling the flow of traffic.

the robertson site 6IMG_4191

Views around The Robertson

The views here would received a mixed bag of emotions. Residents ought to know by now that The Robertson Residence is located in an old developed area along with matured properties surrounding it. The immediate views might not be spectacular for the time being. Even units located below than 10th floor would might have older buildings in sight within close proximity. These buildings as mentioned earlier consist of offices, restaurants, moms and pops shops as well as smaller scaled boutique hotels and motels.

But those located on the higher floors, the views can be amazing! Residents on the North tower will be able to view Kuala Lumpur Tower and Suria KLCC.

the robertson site viewIMG_4169

Bukit Bintang Business Centre can provide an interesting view to residents

But the anticipation is building up for those residing at the South tower. They will be able to see KL 118 or formerly known as Warisan Merdeka, the soon to be Malaysia’s highest tower and the fifth tallest building in the world with 118 storeys. This modern marvel is expected to be completed by 2020. Besides that, residents would also be able to feast their eyes on Bukit Bintang Business Centre. The tentative year of completion is 2026. Another burning project that might make its way to the eyes of the residents here is Tun Razak Exchange. Such stunning and majestic views might take a while to be completed, but hopefully it would be worth the wait!

The units here come in various shapes and sizes. They start from 527 sq. ft. right up to 807 sq. ft. Without a doubt, space is something that residents will have to pay dearly. The units here are small in size and rooms are limited to a maximum of two bedrooms. Most units would only have one bath as residents and guests would have to share such personal area. Sadly, there isn’t any powder room to accommodate such needs. The only Type that has two baths is the biggest unit, Type K. All units can either be purchased as fully furnished or empty, depending on the buyer’s preferences and budget.

the robertson gallery type c2IMG_4106

Type C’s living and dining areas

the robertson gallery type c3IMG_4107

The one and only bedroom here

Type C is the smallest unit here with 527 sq. ft. It consists of one bedroom and one bath. This particular unit comes in an almost diamond-shaped layout that can be quite peculiar to some. The unit would look small and tight upon entering it. Type C’s units are mostly located in between other units.


the robertson type l

The layout for Type L (Source

the robertson type h

The layout for Type H (Source


the robertson gallery type l2IMG_4112

Type L’s living and dining space

the robertson gallery type l3IMG_4113

The kitchen has a reasonable width and space

the robertson gallery type l5IMG_4116

The units here also have a home office or a study room

Type L is considered as a mid-ranged sized unit with 646 sq. ft. It has one bedroom with an additional home office or study area. This is an extra space that can be converted into a small room. Type H also has a similar size and layout. Both units have a yard for storage and laundry purposes. The main difference between both units is that Type L has an extra room while Type H has a balcony. It does comes down to priority for buyers and residents, really. But with space being scared these days, Type L’s layout just might come in handy to the residents and buyers.

the robertson gallery type m2IMG_4098

The kitchen is spacious for Type M

the robertson gallery type m3IMG_4099

The study area that can be converted into a room

the robertson gallery type m4IMG_4101

The master bedroom is spacious

Type M is the second largest Type here at The Robertson Residence. It has one bedroom and a study room. And once again, the study area can be converted into an extra room for guests as a sofa bed might just do the trick in making the study room liveable. This unit has a yard that can be utilised as a storage area or even a laundry area.

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Pudu. What an iconic area in Kuala Lumpur. A place where identity and authenticity of heritage could still be seen all around. The heart beats right here in Pudu for the city. Pudu is a place where old and modernisation collides. As Kuala Lumpur continues to evolve, this will clearly give way to rapid development. Thus, it is inevitable for Pudu to face massive changes to its physical landscape.

the robertson site 5IMG_4197

The route to KLCC is located by the side of The Robertson Residence’s sales gallery

The Robertson Residence is strategically located along Jalan Pudu, visible and extremely accessible. Despite nestling side by side with one of the busiest streets in KL, the mixed development is named after a smaller road called Jalan Robertson. That would be an obvious option to compare to the name Pudu. The development is well connected to other major roads in Kuala Lumpur. Jalan Hang Jebat, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Raja Chulan, Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Imbi are all intertwining with each other. Thus, it makes commuting convenient yet congested!


puduraya old

BEFORE… Puduraya is the hub of transportation in KL (Source

puduraya new

AFTER… The refurbished Pudu Sentral (Source


The identity of Pudu is made by the many buildings built around it. It is famously the home of Puduraya, a well-known transportation hub for those travelling inter-states and even to Singapore. It operates 24-hour daily and the flow of people commuting here just never stops. Due to its significance to the people, Puduraya was refurbished and it was given a new name, Pudu Sentral. It is also the flagship to the government’s community project, Urban Transformation Centre (UTC).

the robertson site 10IMG_4165

MRT Line 2 will be constructed here

Besides that, Pudu will be the home to one of the new MRT Line 2 stations. This will ease commuting among the residents here as option for trains expands from RAPID LRT, STAR and soon MRT. But for the time being, the residents would still feel adequate with the existing train stations that include Pudu Star LRT, Masjid Jamek LRT Station, Pasar Seni LRT Station and even Monorail’s Imbi Station.

The area is never short of access to good and affordable education. From primary to higher institutions, they are all within a short distance of commute. Confucian Private Secondary School, SJK (C) Jalan Davidson, SK Jalan Hang Tuah 1, Tsun Jin High School, SK Bukit Nenas Girls School, SK Stella Maris and Victoria Institution are among schools with strong heritage and history nestling at this part of Kuala Lumpur.

Pudu also represents the diversity of the people. The numerous places of worship shows the spiritual connectivity and its importance to the community. Masjid Al-Bukhary, St Anthony Church, Sri Mahamariamman and Sin Sze Sin Ya Temple are among the many places of spiritual sanctuary located here.

the robertson site 2IMG_3982

The shop rows of quirky dining places behind The Robertson Residence

Pudu also offers an eclectic mix of the old and new, Western meets Eastern eateries. There is a row of shop houses at Jalan Galloway that offer a variation of food. It is located behind the alley of The Robertson Residence. This include VCR and Barlai that open till late. And of course the regular places to eat some good old Malaysian food that are all located within the residents’ grasps. This include Restoran Al-Wira, Restoran Tg’s Nasi Kandar, Ngau Kee Beef Noodles, Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings and the list goes on!

the robertson site 1IMG_3992

Barlai offers finger food and drinks for those who could chat the night away

Other important amenities are also available within an immediate reach. For those with outstanding traffic summons, you would be glad to know that Balai Polis Trafik Jalan Tun Hs Lee is located close by. Besides that, Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontijen Kuala Lumpur is at the same stretch of road as The Robertson Residence. Hopefully, this would give the residents a peace of mind knowing that the police is just minutes away.

the robertson site 13IMG_4167

Berjaya Times Square is literally around the corner

The heartbeat of this city starts here for every laymen in Kuala Lumpur. Do expect that everything is minutes away from The Robertson! The main malls are accessible via car and trains, given how hasty you are to shop. Suria KLCC and Pavilion are just minutes away via Jalan Sultan Ismail. Meanwhile, Berjaya Times Square is literally around the corner from The Robertson Residence.

the robertson site 3IMG_4146

Old buildings bring colours and life to Jalan Pudu

But the main attraction of the location is the colours and infrastructures of the existing buildings that exuberate the true and authentic identity of Pudu. The long standing mom and pops shops and eatery outlets are nostalgic. Such places have been there for decades and have become the place to go for many generations. Even smaller hotels and motels give the area such a diverse background to those who stroll along Jalan Pudu, be it foreigners who are here as tourists or hoping to remain here for good!

the robertson site 16IMG_4142

An array of  budget hotels nearby

Queer and unique shops are the hidden gems here too. Take a walk along the road and be adventurous in exploring these rare gems, instead of heading to those big commercialised malls.

the robertson site 15IMG_4147

Some businesses have been here for decades

In the midst of developing Pudu as an alternative residential and commercial area for Malaysians and expats, many would hope that the buildings that bring life to the area would be remain untouched. Most of these buildings, businesses and shops have been here for decades and the history of Pudu is embedded in them. Preservation is essential in order to give development a more in depth meaning to the people.

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Price Analysis

Name Land Tenure No. of Blocks No. Storey/Units Selling Price
The Robertson Residence by Gamuda Land(Completion by Q2 2018) Freehold 2 42 and 46 storeys / 800 units RM 700, 000- RM 1.2 mio 
Expressionz Professional Suites by Exism (Completion by Q3 2018) Leasehold 2 48 and 38 storeys/ 455
RM 665, 5050- RM1.5 mio
Dorsett Residence, Bukit Bintang by Dorsett Bukit Bintang Sdn Bhd(Completion by 2018) Freehold 1 30 storeys/ 252 units RM1, 255,756 – RM2,554, 550

Rental rates starts at RM 3, 000 for smaller units and bigger units can rake in as much as RM 5, 000.

The Developer

Established in 1995, Gamuda Land is the property development arm of Gamuda Berhad, the monumental nation builder with a spectrum of experience and expertise. Right from the very beginning, Gamuda Land attained recognition as a far-sighted developer with the supportive backbone of its parent company in building not just homes, but a living experience beyond mere roofs. Synonymous with holistic lifestyle developments, Gamuda Land places incredible emphasis on superior infrastructure to ensure that each and every project embarked upon resonates the true values that Gamuda Land dearly embraces.

Gamuda Land sets the par as the country’s leading developer by offering amplified living essentials to create a healthy lifestyle that not only serves to provide you the best for present times but also sensible solutions for future undertakings. By recognising safety and security as one of the chief essentials for a peaceful living, the company goes beyond boundaries to provide the safest environment captivated by verdant greens for a tranquil lifetime experience.

Other developments include Horizon Hills, Jade Hills, Bandar Botanic, Kota Kemuning and Gamuda City.





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Located in the heart of Jalan Pudu, this might bring an extra edge to The Robertson Residence. Buyers who believe that living in KLCC and Bukit Bintang area can be overrated would might want to give Jalan Pudu a try! Rustic and embedded with the city’s colourful history, The Robertson Residence can definitely entice those who seek for something new and refreshing to reside here. This is where the new and old collide, from infrastructures right down to food and even the people. Adventurous rendezvous might be something that future residents would end up doing here at Jalan Pudu as there are ample of things and places to see and discover. We are not just talking about mall hopping, but unique and distinctive places located along Jalan Pudu and even the inner routes of the area.

The Robertson Residence caters to the needs of single folks or even young couples who are constantly on the go as facilities and amenities are just too many to share in a review. A place with an immense potential that might end up as a great long term investment.

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