Which Is Best For Your Home: Remodel, Restore, Or Renovate?

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Which Is Best For Your Home: Remodel, Restore, Or Renovate?
There are three groups of people who would see the need to make major changes to their property: new home owners, home owners who are about to sell off their property, and property investors.
When you move into a new home – whether it’s brand new or subsale – you might want to make some changes to the look and feel of the house to make it more comfortable, and to your style.
Knocking down walls or building them up, retiling the floors, plastering the ceiling, even adding a bathtub (if you have the space) is already an improvement!
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If you’re about to sell your property and you’re eager to attract buyers with a good value-for-money home, you’d want to have the home as live-in and comfortable as possible so clients can move in right away.
Some simple refurbishment is good enough, like disposing old furniture, repainting the walls, and making sure the property is clean (more important than people realise!).
Aside from that, property can be purchased as a means of investment to be rented out but of course, you’d want to make the property as appealing as possible to attract buyers, wouldn’t you?
This means installing bathroom fixtures, ventilation fans, giving the garden a manicure, and even renewing the lease (if leasehold) as it increases the value of the property – thus allowing you to place a higher asking price.
If none of the above applies, here’s what you can do instead: remodel, restore, or renovate your home!
Despite the popular assumption that these terms all mean the same – basically a home improvement – they are actually vastly different from each other. Let’s take a closer look!

1) What’s Remodelling?

Remodelling your home is when you alter the structure of the property – this can be done to its rooms or even the entire home/building.
Remodelling can include removing walls to combine two bedrooms into one, adding partitions to separate your wet and dry kitchen, and even increasing the overall built-up of your property.
Basically, anything that changes the layout or the design of your property.

Remodelling Idea

Walls create space and boundaries at home, but it can also make the room feel smaller and possibly even claustrophobic.
Depending on the size of your property, you can create your own open-concept living space by breaking down walls that separate the kitchen, dining area, and living area to make your home feel bigger and spacious.
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2) How Do I Restore My Home?

First, you’d need to understand that the term ‘restore’ for homes is similar in the way it applies for everything else, like electronics! “Can you restore the data on my damaged memory card?”
Restoring your home means returning the structure to its original condition, just as it was built and designed on the blueprints.
This involves things like repairing what needs to be repaired, refinishing the original flooring, and even replacing old fixtures with new replicas.

Restoring Idea

Although most Malaysian homes are not entirely carpeted, we are a country with homes that utilize a lot of parquet, marble, and tiles.
Even wooden parquet needs to be restored after decades of wear, tear, and water damage. You can sand, polish, and wax your parquet floors so that they look good as new.
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3) Renovating Your Home

Home renovation is probably the term we understand the most. Any minor or major changes to your home is sure to alert your neighbours to go, “Hey, are you renovating your house again?!”
Also known as the act of renewing, renovating your home makes it look better than it already is by adding new components or repairing existing ones.

Renovation Idea

Upgrade the functionality of your home by adding simple things, like replacing your lock-and-swing-open gate with an automatic one.
Not only does it look better, but it also saves you time and convenience when going in and out of your home.
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Should I Remodel, Restore, Or Renovate?

Before deciding on whether you should remodel, restore, or renovate your home, bear in mind your budget that you have set aside for these home improvements.
Remodelling is one of the more expensive options as it means you’re making big changes to the layout of your property.
Regardless of the age and condition of your property, we’re sure you’ll make the right decision to fix it up as best as you can after gaining some pointers from this article.
Of course, a well remodelled, restored, or renovated home is not complete without tasteful interior designs as a complement.
Get some serious #homeinspo and #interiordesigninspiration with these renovation and home design tips that can be used for all types of homes in all types of different shapes and sizes.
Just remember to stick to your budget! 😉
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