Emergency Kit: Time For Smart Planning With A Home Grab Bag!

A grab bag is designed to be used at short notice and in an emergency. Make sure it’s stocked, with essential items like bottled water and long-lasting food, a torch, plus a charger for your smartphone!
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Sometimes events can happen that catch us completely off-guard. It might be a once-in-a-lifetime flash flood that leaves water flowing under your door.

It might be a welcome moment of joy that sees you rushing to the hospital to welcome a new member of the family. The important thing is to ALWAYS be ready!

You shouldn’t live your life worried about events outside your control, but there’s good reason to prepare for them justtt in case. That’s where your emergency kit comes into play. 

A grab bag, emergency kit, survivalist kit (whatever you want to call it) is a handy way to make sure you’re ready if an emergency hits. It should contain a simple list of essential items that will help you in a crisis. 

In order to make you emergency-ready, we’ve prepared a simple survival kit list for all your grab bag needs. Just remember to keep in an obvious place in the house!


1) Change of clothes

Survivalist kit, emergency kit, Survival kit list, emergency box, grab bag

Nobody wants to be stuck out of the house in old pyjamas and a pair of fluffy slippers. A good grab bag should include a suitable set of practical clothing for you to change into.

And don’t forget good socks! There’s a lot in life you can get through with a pair of thick, sturdy and comfortable socks.


2) First aid kit

An emergency can often mean a medical problem, and while you’d hope the professionals are on hand for something serious, a simple first aid kit can go a long way at a time of need.

Include items such as plasters, bandages, alcohol wipes, antiseptic cream, painkillers, safety pins, and scissors. Try and include any essential medicine you'd take regularly too, if possible.


3) COVID-19 supplies

There’s no way around the current crisis! Some pandemic supplies should also be part of a modern grab bag. Include face masks, alcohol-based hand sanitisers, and some antibacterial wipes.

If an emergency forces you from your home, it’s likely that other people are affected too, which may mean you need to use emergency shelters alongside other people.


4) Water and food

Survivalist kit, emergency kit, Survival kit list, emergency box, grab bag

A bottle of clean drinking water and a snack with a long shelf-life can be a big help if you’re caught out. Clean water is particularly important in a situation where you might be stuck and awaiting rescue, so try and fit a few bottles in if you have room.

Don't forget the dry and canned food! An energy bar is also a good choice for food, as they are compact (more space for more bars!), offer a high-energy snack, and have long shelf lives.


5) Personal toiletries

Hygiene is important in an emergency situation, so you should be prepared and ensure your grab bag has all your essential toiletries.

Remember to include antibacterial soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, and any other critical toiletries.


6) Phone charger and battery bank

A phone charger and power bank are an essential part of any modern emergency box. Being able to charge and use your phone can be vital in contacting the authorities, checking in with family, and any number of other critical features of a smartphone.


7) Torch

Sure, your phone has a torch, but you need that battery for communication. A small handheld or wind-up torch can help if power is cut and you need to find your way in the dark. Also great for alerting rescuers to your location. A must-have on any survival kit list!


8) Radio

Survivalist kit, emergency kit, Survival kit list, emergency box, grab bag

A small radio could be helpful in some emergencies, as a radio is often used as a form of official communication to help advise people during times of disruption and power cuts.

A wind-up radio type (where the source of power is from the hand-powered generator) can be a good way of ensuring you stay connected for longer.


9) Batteries

Make sure you’ve got the power to keep that radio and torch working! A small box of batteries can ensure that your useful grab bag electronics aren’t rendered useless if you’re caught outside the house for longer than you expected.


10) Whistle

A whistle is an extremely useful way to let people know where you are. Stuck outside the home and trying to find help? A whistle can make sure those rescuers find you.

Remember that scene in the movie 'Titanic' where Rose used the lifejacket's whistle to get the attention of rescuers in a lifeboat? You'll be thankful you had one too!


11) A list of emergency contacts

Oh hey, are you the type of person who's so used to your smartphone that you forget what happens when it runs out of battery?

Keep important contact numbers written down so you can use another phone to contact people if needed. Laminate it if possible to make it waterproof!


12) Pen and paper

A pen and paper can be a helpful final addition to your grab bag kit. This allows you to write urgent messages and leave them for others.

For example, when trying to find friends and family, or leaving instructions on where and what you are doing. A simple, back-to-basics replacement for a phone with no charge or network coverage.


Make sure your kit is prepared beforehand

Survivalist kit, emergency kit, Survival kit list, emergency box, grab bag

A grab bag is designed to be used at short notice and in an emergency. Make sure it’s stocked, check it regularly, and keep it in a place that’s easy to access. 

Recent floods have shown just how often those events can be related to weather. So, make sure your kit is watertight, and use sealed plastic bags to contain items that will be ruined if wet. A cover for the bag itself can also be a good idea.

Remember, an emergency kit isn’t about stressing yourself thinking about what might happen, it’s about being prepared for the rare chance that something does.

As the saying goes: "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail"! We know just how precious property can be, and how personal it is to keep that property safe.

But ultimately, the most important thing is the people, not the property which can be repaired and rebuilt. In the unfortunate circumstance that you do have to leave, an emergency kit means you’ve got it covered.


Want to find out more about being prepared? Let’s try something with a little less emergency involved, which is How To Make The Most Of Your Home Renovation!

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