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  • Fiona Faye
  • 30 September 2017

BelleVue CyberSouth - Peakaboo. Are those the townhouses

BelleVue CyberSouth – Peakaboo. Are those the townhouses?

Bellevue CyberSouth: A beautiful review.

Bellevue is the latest offering to the township of CyberSouth City by MCT Berhad that spans 417 acres of leasehold land.

The developer sounds familiar? Well, that’s probably because you’ve heard of MCT Consortium Berhad, a company that specialises in construction, civil engineering and mechanical and electrical works that began operation in 1999. Starting out with a paid-up capital of only RM250,000 now the asset value is estimated around RM1.33 billion for this company.

This developer first ventured into property development in 2004 through USJ One Avenue, a 448-unit condominium development and has to date successfully completed projects with a total GDV of RM1,080 million, has a remaining landbank of 296 acres within Greater KL in USJ, Cyberjaya and the surrounding areas, and having future projects totalling an estimated RM6,723 million.

Located in the same place as its predecessors GreenCasa and CasaView, how worthy is this township that’s located far from Kuala Lumpur city centre, though admittedly is just a stone’s throw away from Putrajaya and Cyberjaya then? And is it more suitable for own-stay or investment i.e. rental gains?

Continue reading this review for Bellevue CyberSouth to find out.

Project Details.

Address: CyberSouth, Dengkil

Land Title: Residential

Tenure: Leasehold

Site GPS Coordinates: 2°52’21″N 101°39’33″E


Property Details

Property Type: Garden Homes

Total Units: NA

Built Up in Sq Ft: Indicatively from 22´x75´

Price: Indicatively from RM400,000

Special Features:

  • Self-sustainable township
  • Near to Cyberjaya and Putrajaya
  • Community Clubhouse

Project Details

Bellevue CyberSouth: An initial overview.

The point of luring you here is to get the ball rolling… sort of. As mentioned, nothing is yet finalised or revealed for this project so do ‘Bookmark’ this page or set a reminder to check back again on this page for more updates.

Digging extensively from the website, one can put two and two together to come up with the fact that Bellevue will be a garden homes cum townhouse development with built-ups starting from 1,085 sq ft at 22´x75´. Hence why it’s priced lower than the former two offerings of GreenCasa and CasaView, at an indicative price starting from RM400,000.

BelleVue CyberSouth  - Masterplan

BelleVue CyberSouth – Masterplan

From the masterplan however, this project is the one nearest to the Central Park within the township which is definitely a plus. From the masterplan also, this 417 acres township will include the development of a few amenities for the residents there like commercial centres that will normally include grocery stores and clinics, apart from having a school proposed as part of the offerings.

BelleVue CyberSouth  - Masterplan 2

BelleVue CyberSouth – Masterplan 2

Besides that, a community club with an expected RM0.08 per square foot maintenance fee will also be made available which houses the likes of a swimming pool, a gym, and other family recreation features. The central park totalling ten acres in size for the township is definitely a plus for residents to enjoy nature at its best be it through jogging and cycling tracks, forest and riverside walks, landscaped gardens and more.

If you think the potential is there, why not go and register for a Bellevue unit through the website. Who knows, you might just be pleasantly surprised.

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BelleVue CyberSouth - Location

BelleVue CyberSouth – Location

Dengkil: The serene, far far away town?

Not quite. Correct on the place being peaceful but its location being next to Cyberjaya and Putrajaya isn’t so bad now, is it?

Sure it’s not Ampang or Bangsar, but the fact that people have been living in what was then considered faraway places as well i.e. Putrajaya and Cyberjaya for the past ten years or so just proves that not everyone is built for the hustle and bustle of city life now, is it?

Dengkil used to be a mining land but don’t let that fact scare you silly. Look at Bandar Sunway now. Isn’t it just thriving? So yeah, let’s not judge a place based on its past but more on what can the future holds, deal?

In fact, the many highways like LDP, MEX, and SKVE surrounding the area provide so good a connection that it’s around 38 kilometres through MEX to get to Kuala Lumpur city centre, and around 41 kilometres through LDP to get to Petaling Jaya. That’s still far yes, but bear in mind that Putrajaya is only around 13 kilometres away while Cyberjaya is half of that, and KLIA International Airport is around 20 kilometres from where CyberSouth City is located.

BelleVue CyberSouth - Alamanda Putrajaya

BelleVue CyberSouth – Alamanda Putrajaya

Admittedly the town of Dengkil itself is to a blunt and boring place. Apart from several fast food chains here and there, local restaurants, and a few modern day conveniences like shops and small clinics, don’t expect any hip and happening malls here. For that, the nearest would be Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre around 16 kilometres away in Presint 1 Putrajaya.

There is however a decent commercial centre called Cyber Valley Commercial Centre around 400 metres away that has modern façade giving one the illusion of a contemporary place. The nearest hospital to CyberSouth City would also be in Putrajaya Presint 9 called Hospital Putrajaya around 10 kilometres away.

Interestingly though, there’s a university close by to this township by the name of UiTM Dengkil at only around 1.3 kilometres away. There are also primary and secondary schools like Sekolah Kebangsaan Dengkil and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dengkil nearby for the convenience of one living in CyberSouth City, around two kilometres away.

BelleVue CyberSouth  - UiTM Dengkil

BelleVue CyberSouth – UiTM Dengkil

Love the active lifestyle? Putrajaya Challenge Park 1 that houses wall climbing facilities and Putrajaya Challenge Park 2 for skateboarding and BMXing located around 1.5 kilometres away should be more than enough, right?

So if ever one is tired of nightclubs, concerts and whatnots and prefers to just live a quiet life and more in touch with nature, Dengkil is definitely a choice to consider.

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Bellevue CyberSouth: An assessment.

Now, there isn’t much mid-to-high-end residential developments in this area to make a fair comparison to CasaView but about 15 kilometres away from CyberSouth lies Liu Li Gardens by SP Setia. Let’s have a look how these two fare shall we?

Name Tenure/Land Title Launch Price Built-up Approximate Maintenance Fee per Sq Ft
Belevue CyberSouth NA Indicatively from RM400,000 Indicatively from 1,085 sq ft RM0.08
CasaView CyberSouth Leasehold/ Residential Starts fromRM629,000 Starts from 1,959 sq ft RM0.08
Liu Li Gardens Freehold/ Residential Starts from RM1,020,000 Starts from 2,963 sq ft RM0.18

Liu Li Gardens’ much pricier tag may be because of its location having a Cyberjaya address instead of Dengkil. And the fact that it’s a freehold property with much bigger built-up helps too. CyberSouth is then rather affordable by comparison but nevertheless, the table shows that this part of “extended KL” as one may call it has already currently fetching rather exorbitant prices, that’s for sure.

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Bellevue CyberSouth: The verdict.

If you’re already familiar with the location of CyberSouth, then you would understand that this is a place for those who don’t mind long commutes if they’re working in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya and the likes. Ideally, this is an option to consider for those whose offices are in the vicinity of Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

The overwhelming response from CyberSouth’s earlier launches i.e. GreenCasa and CasaView may have triggered the developer to be more creative with their offerings, hence why perhaps now a townhouse is introduced?

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