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  • 17 June 2016

Tamarind Suites Facade

An elegant projection of Tamarind Suites

Break Away from The Ordinary

Tamarind Suites is one of the most exciting and unorthodox commercial developments emerging in Cyberjaya. Spearheaded by the award winning developer Tujuan Gemilang, it aims to defy the traditional boundary of a SoFo unit through a more dynamic and practical layout.

As such, each unit is purposefully built to be as open and borderless as possible, with little to no walls. They are also smartly positioned to avoid confronting each other, and to only face the north-south (front or rear) directions. This allows the occupants to enjoy a healthier dose of sunlight and an unobstructed view of the surrounding developments.

Communal facilities such as lap pool, gym and Jacuzzis are included as well, along with various amenities at the semi-D shop lots below. In the end, Tamarind hopes to inspire this intelligent city with its innovative designs and fantastic offerings.

Developers Details

Property Developer Name: Tujuan Gemilang Sdn. Bhd.

Property Development Projects: Tamarind Square, Point 92, PJ Trade Centre

Awards / Achievements:

  • Fiabci World Prix D’Excellence Award 2013

-Winner (Gold) – Office Category (PJ Trade Centre)

  • Fiabci Malaysia Property Award 2012
    Winner – Office Category (PJ Trade Centre)
  • ARCASIA Awards for Architecture 2015
    -Public Amenity: Commercial Buildings (PJ Trade Centre)
  • Fiabci World Prix D’Excellence Award 2015
    -Winner (Silver) – Office Category (Point 92)
  • Fiabci Malaysia Property Award 2014
    -Winner – Office Category (Point 92)
  • German Design Council Iconic Awards 2014
    -Best of the Best Design for Architecture, Commercial (Point 92)
  • ARCASIA Awards for Architecture 2014
    -Public Amenity: Commercial Buildings (Gold) (Point 92)


Tujuan Gemilang, the developer for Tamarind Suites & Tamarind Square, is well known for their appealing and practical developments. Unlike a typical property developer, they strive to challenge the conventional thinking of wanting only to design glass and aluminium buildings. Hence, they are not afraid to use raw materials such as off-form concrete in their buildings because they believe that they can be more cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Indeed, that is the truth, as they have won multiple awards for their innovative and practical designs. Some of their awards winning developments include PJ Trade Centre and Point 92. Their latest project, Tamarind Square & Suites, had received an overwhelming response and won several awards as well. Truly a prestigious and one-of-a-kind developer in Malaysia, Tujuan Gemilang is someone you can trust to deliver a high quality of work.

Project Details

Tamarind Suites Facade

A beautiful illustration of the project

Tamarind Suites Developer Map

QuikPro No: 

Address: Cyber 10, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyberjaya 

Property Type:  SoFo (Small Office Flexible Office)

Land Title: Commercial

Tenure:  Freehold

Bumi Discounts: 10%

Sales Gallery: B-03-03 Level 3, Menara BATA, PJ Trade Centre, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 

Site GPS Coordinates: 2.92073,101.636324 

Website: www.tamarindsuites.com

Expected Date of Completion: Year 2018

Total Units: 660 units

Built Up area:  3 acres (Total development: 19 acres)

Listing Price: RM280,000 onwards

Price per Sq. Ft.: RM700

Maintenance Fee per Sq. Ft.: RM0.33 (inclusive of sinking fund)   

Parking Bay per Unit: 1 unit


  • Swimming Pool
  • Children Playground
  • Meeting/ Multipurpose Rooms
  • Management Office
  • Reading Room
  • Games Room
  • Reception / Reception Seating
  • Landscaped Lawn
  • Cinema / Theatre
  • Basketball Court
  • Lap Pool
  • Function / Party Lawn
  • Outdoor Seating
  • BBQ Area
  • Changing Rooms
  • Gymnasium
  • Meditation Garden

Special Features:

  • Innovative and practical architectures
  • Spacious and flexible designs
  • Dual aspect units, with each of them facing north-south direction
  • Great privacy and ample of sunlight penetration
  • Directly accessible to Tamarind Square (garden mall and semi-D shop lots)
  • Surrounded by great facilities and amenities
  • Located in Cyberjaya, a modern and thriving city

Development Type:

Parcel A: SoFo

Parcel B: Commercial Centre

Unit Type:   Studio (403 sq.ft.)

                    Studio (490 sq. ft.)

                    Studio (602 sq. ft.)
                    Loft (669 sq. ft.)
                    Loft (715 sq. ft.)
                    Loft (715 sq. ft. with balcony/garden)

Project Details

Property Details

Tamarind Suites Ongoing Construction

Tamarind Suites Ongoing Construction

From top: The ongoing construction works in the Tamarind development

As of now, the project is still in the middle of its construction phase. The shop lots are being franticly aligned and assembled, while the SoFo suites are beginning to take shape. If all goes well, the project should be ready for occupancy by 2018. When completed, there will be approximately 660 suites situated in its 3 acres of SoFo development. While it may seem a bit dense at first, it should not be a concern as the entire project will consist of 19 acres of freehold land.

Tamarind Suites Rendering

A masterfully sketched image of the project


Inside, the SoFo towers will be distinctively stacked against each other to create a greater sense of zest and space.  They will be featuring two highly unorthodox architectures that will be unique in their own rights. Adequate sunlight will be captured by the buildings as well, along with a refreshing scent of the beautifully landscaped gardens. Overall, the idea behind the development is to create a dynamic place to work and stay, and one that could blend harmoniously with nature.

Tamarind Suites Exterior

Tamarind Suites Exterior

From top: A modern and exquisite entrance statement and swimming pool in Tamarind Suites


In terms of leisure, the towers will be served by a dedicated facilities deck located on the 17th floor. Some of the classy offerings include gym, lap pool, meeting room, games room, karaoke room, Jacuzzis and theaterettes for private movie viewings. Interestingly, you will also be accompanied by a splendid vista of the surrounding city skylines during your private relaxation there. Considering that they are at your disposal for only RM0.33 psf per month, you can’t really ask for more.


Tamarind Suites Duplex

Tamarind Suites Duplex Living Room

Tamarind Suites Duplex Living Room

From top: Tamarind’s beautiful duplexes and studio suites

In Tamarind Suites, being minimalist is the name of the game. Each unit is specifically designed to appear simple, contemporary and functional. Limited borders and partitions were also introduced, to provide you with the flexibility to mess around with its space.

Perhaps, its clean, versatile displays are just the kind of aesthetics you are looking for. Regardless, the suites will be featuring dual aspect designs and cross ventilations as well, to maximize privacy and infiltration of sunlight. They will also come partly-furnished with water heaters, air-conditioners and kitchen cabinets with hood and hob.

Floor Plan

The project offers you two different types of unit designs; studio or duplex. At present, all of its smaller studio suites (403 sq. ft. – 602 sq. ft.) have been fully sold. The only remaining are the larger loft duplexes, which have built-up areas ranging from 669 sq. ft. – 715 sq. ft.

Tamarind Suites Floor Plan

Tamarind Suites Floor Plan

Some of the floor plans available in Tamarind Suites

As you can see from the floor plans above, the suites present a very open concept, with minimal partitions and walls. Their versatility allows you to position your meeting room or office area wherever you want them to be. There’s also a pantry for you to do some light cooking and place your food. And for certain units like the Type C Loft duplexes (715 sq. ft.), a balcony cum garden is included as well.

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Area Detail

Tamarind Suites Developer Map

Cyberjaya is a unique city that goes by many names. As an IT City, it incorporates over 500 MSC status companies with over 35,000 IT workers. Of that, half of them are multinational companies comprising the likes of Shell, HSBC, Dell and BMW. As an Edu City, it serves more than 25,000 students through its high quality learning institutions such as Limkokwing University, CUCMS and MMU. In fact, 4 more universities will be making their way here in the near future.

Tamarind Suites Shell Office Building

Tamarind Suites D'Pulze Shopping Mall

From top: The Shell office building and D’Pulze Shopping Mall in Cyberjaya

Today, Cyberjaya is taking the next step forward by transforming itself into a Global Technology and Lifestyle Hub. Nine key technology areas were identified and given priority. They include Biotechnology, Green Technology, Mobile Internet, Big Data Analytics and Creative Content. New residential and commercial centres were being introduced and developed as well, such as Pan’gaea Mixed Development, D’Pulze Shopping Mall, Shaftsbury Square and Tamarind Square. As a result, the city is becoming a more vibrant and dynamic place to stay.

Nadayu99 Shop Lots

Contemporary shop lots in Nedayu99


Perhaps, its most vital component or “X-Factor” is its excellent accessibility. Featuring an extensive network of highways and public transportation systems, there are ample of ways to get in and out of the city. Whether it is through train, bus or other motor vehicles, you will find travelling to Cyberjaya extremely convenient and straightforward.

Tamarind Suites Putrajaya Lake Garden

An epic view of the Putrajaya Lake Garden


Several beautiful lake gardens and parks can be found in the city as well, which are great for exercise or recreation. Surprisingly, they are also quite popular hangout spots during the night, especially for lovebirds and youngsters. All and all, Cyberjaya is a fast growing city with huge investment potential. With Tamarind at its side, expect more great things to come in the future.

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Tamarind Suites Price Comparison

The competition for exclusive, home offices is quite intense in Cyberjaya. There are thousands of similar sized units available in the city, but only few could match up to the standards of the trio. As such, they command a premium valuation over rest, with roughly RM750 psf.

Each of them also possesses their own unique traits and designs, which made them so highly sought after. For Tamarind, it is its innovative private suites and the complimentary semi-D shop lots. Indeed, they were amazing as Tamarind saw almost 90% of its SoFo suites snapped up during its initial launch. Currently, only the larger units remain (669 sq. ft. – 715 sq. ft.) and they are being offered with several attractive discounts and rebates.

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Final Analysis

Tamarind Suites Rendering

A fantastic drawing of Tamarind Suites

Call it an architectural marvel or a stroke of engineering genius, Tamarind Suites is an impressive development that you don’t want to miss out on. It features not only one of the most innovative building designs in Cyberjaya, but also the one of the most artistic ones.

Two exquisite SoFo towers will be awaiting you inside, each with their own distinctive features. They will also be accompanied by beautiful landscaped gardens and premium semi-D shop lots downstairs. Better yet, every unit will incorporate an open and dual aspect concept, so that you can have an unobstructed view of the surrounding city skylines and the flexibility to do whatever you please.

Needless to say, the offerings are truly spectacular and a class on their own. So, if you are looking for a flexible home office around the Cyberjaya area, Tamarind will be the perfect suite for you.

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