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  • 5 November 2015

Ken Rimba is one of Malaysia’s many upcoming green developments that is designed to be eco-friendly to the environment with its environmental friendly facilities and eco-friendly building equipment. Ken Rimba has won the 1st Multiple Award-Winning Green Township and the 1st developer to receive the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award (Provisional) 2013 award. It is a well planned development that comes with beautiful finishings and settings, landscaping and environment.


The developers of Ken Rimba is non other than Ken Rimba Sdn Bhd, a company of low profile which focuses only on creating developments that are eco-friendly. Aside from the two awards that Ken Rimba has won the developer, their endeavours have further won the 1st Malaysian project to receive BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS Award in 2009 and the Double platinum award winner for commercial high-rise amongst some of their more prestigious awards.


Ken Rimba which consists of several phases was hence a big hit in the market with its affordable prices and excellent developer track record. Ken Rimba is expected to further win more awards in the coming years as construction of the project continues.

QuickPro No : PL-4138
Address : Jalan Lengkuas, Rimba Jaya, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor
Property Type : Condominium & Terrace
Land Title : Residential
No of Storeys : Ken Rimba Condo 1; Block A & C – 27 storeys, Block B – 29 storeys
No of Blocks : Ken Rimba Condo 1 – 3 blocks
Tenure : Freehold
Bumi Discounts : 7%
Sales Gallery : 3.057395, 101.486158
Site GPS Coordinates : 3.053972, 101.483341
Website : http://www.kenholdings.com.my/
Expected Date of Completion : Ken Rimba Condo 1 – 2018
Total Units : Ken Rimba Condo 1 – 695
Built-up Area : Ken Rimba Condo 1 – 1,076 sq.ft.
Listings Price : From RM 440,000
Price per Sq.Ft. : RM 410 per Sq.Ft.
Maintenance Fee per Sq.Ft. : Ken Rimba Condo 1 – RM 0.23 per sq.ft.
Parking Bay per Unit` : Ken Rimba Condo 1 – 1 unit
Special Features : A wholly green township
Unit Type : Condominium + Terrace
Facilities & Amenities : Ken Legian
    24-hour security
    Rain water harvesting system
    Breathable roofs
    Ken Condominium 1
    Badminton court
    Community park
    Swimming pool
    Children playground
    Multipurpose hall
    24-hour security


Project Details

The Green Town of Ken Rimba


At first glance, Ken Rimba is just a normal development of no outstanding qualities. But upon closer inspection, buyers will find that Ken Rimba is the embodiment of a nature loving and sustainable living. The entire township spans 60 acres of land, consisting of both landed properties and residential high rises.

006 Ken Rimba Model
Ken Rimba Model

The first phase of Ken Rimba consisted of Ken Rimba Legian Residences, an entire neighbourhood of double storey terrace homes that held a total of only 328 units. Every home at Legian Residences came with rainwater harvesting systems and solar water heaters for the bathroom. Going further with the eco-friendly features, all the houses face the north-south direction to ensure much natural lighting and ventilation with large windows.

007 Ken Rimba Living Room

Ken Rimba Living Room

Presenting a pleasant view, all the streets and back lanes are lined with trees, bushes and grass. Prices of this development began at a startlingly low price of only RM380,000, where as of the year 2015 its value has increased to approximately RM650,000.

008 Ken Rimba Outside
Ken Rimba Outside



The second phase of Ken Rimba consisted of Ken Rimba Condominium 1, a residential high rise of contemporary design and layouts. Following the footsteps of its landed counterpart, Ken Rimba Condominium 1 also features environmental friendly features such as cavity blocks for better air flow on certain walls to reduce heat transfer from the outside to the inside of the building, and compost bins where the compost will be used as fertiliser for the landscape.


In order to save water, there will also be rainwater harvesting systems in place for landscape irrigation. Also following the footsteps of its landed counterparts, all the units at Ken Rimba Condominium 1 has a north-south orientation for maximum natural lighting and ventilation via the adjustable louvered high windows.

009 Ken Rimba Kitchen
Ken Rimba Kitchen



The concept of Ken Rimba is an attractive one, and the price tag of the cheapest unit being only RM399,000. Further attracting the notice of potential buyers are the massive discounts being handed out, in form of free legal fees, a 10% discount and a mere RM5,500 booking fees, while the auspicious 18th floor unit costs only RM580,000 before discount.


Such discounts for homes close to the city are unheard of, hence thinking that it may be a trick of hearing, a quick visit to the showroom disproved this apparent mislead. But the reason for these very affordable prices are also revealed. The reason why the developer is able to hand out such massive discounts and provide such affordable units is because all the units are being sold bare.

010 Ken Rimba Bathroom
Ken Rimba Bathroom

A year ago in 2014 the words ‘bare unit’ would have taken on a whole new meaning when a visit to the showroom in 2014 revealed that not even floor tiles were provided; a shocking factor which hopefully could have just been a result of a serious miscommunication between the buyer and the salesman.


But a visit to the showroom a year later at the end of the year 2015 revealed that floor tiles are provided, which could just be a result of a newer sales package. However, absolutely nothing else is provided; not kitchen cabinets nor tilings for the toilet walls. Another slack point of purchasing a home at Ken Rimba is that every unit only comes with one parking lot despite having three bedrooms, and every additional parking lot costs an additional RM19,500.


011 Ken Rimba Master Bedroom
Ken Rimba Master Bedroom



The adjustable louvre windows were also revealed to be normal glass louvre windows similar to the old school kind of windows found in Malaysian government schools, which may be a turn off for many buyers as it presents a rather low cost look.


But on the other hand, every unit comes with a spacious balcony. As the Ground floor unit will not have the benefit of a balcony, buyers of the ground floor enjoy larger living rooms in lieu of a missing balcony. The layout of the units are also very spacious, with three full bedrooms instead of the usual 2+1 bedrooms which developers try to push off as three bedrooms.

012 Ken Rimba Balcony
Ken Rimba Balcony


Ken Rimba Legian Residences was fully sold out months after its launch, and Ken Rimba Condominium 1 follows suit after its predecessor. There are very limited units left at this residential high rise as of the end of 2015, and buyers are very eagerly awaiting the launch of Ken Rimba Condominium 2 which is slated to be launched by either 2016 or 2017.

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The Prized Outskirt Location of Ken Rimba

Ken Rimba is indeed a delightful development that is designed to capture the heart of environmentalists. It is located within the borders of Shah Alam, and while that is its technical address, it is very much closer to the Klang city. While its location may be slightly more obscure for the first timer, it is in fact directly opposite the highly anticipated and upcoming iCity on the other side of Federal Highway.


Coming from the Kuala Lumpur area via the Federal Highway, motorists will need to take the Batu 3 toll road. They would then need to drive straight for approximately 10 minutes, and just before reaching the toll to Klang, they will have to exit the highway on the left. From then on the road is a smooth drive to Ken Rimba with minimum turnings.

001 Ken Rimba Exit from Federal Highway
Ken Rimba Exit from Federal Highway


The exit road from Federal highway while extremely clear during the weekends, can be a complete nightmare during peak hours due to the traffic light and vehicles which block the turnoff to the left. It is in fact a very common sight to see the cars pile up at this exit during the weekdays during lunch times and peak hours.

002 Ken Rimba Exit from Federal Highway (ii)
Ken Rimba Exit from Federal Highway (ii)



Upon managing to turn in, again while the roads are clear during the weekends, it would be an entirely different story during the weekdays. The cause of the congestion here is due to the many light industrial developments within this area. While also being rather unsightly, it is common for there to be lorries parked by the shoulder of the road in the evenings. Once past this area, visitors will come to a major T-junction governed by traffic lights. Traffic is usually relatively smooth from here.

003 Ken Rimba Outside Road
Ken Rimba Outside Road



A short drive in, residents will see a grand sign welcoming them into the Ken Rimba area. The change of scenery is drastic, as similar as walking from a village area right into a high end golf club area. The change is abrupt, and the atmosphere depicts a peaceful and quiet environment.


Ken Rimba’s quiet environment is lovely, but there are many low cost flats in the area catering to workers of the nearby industrial areas. Ken Rimba is however well segregated from these areas, rather much as if there was a distinct border.

004 Ken Rimba Low Cost Apartments
Ken Rimba Low Cost Apartments


005 Ken Rimba Industrial Areas
Ken Rimba Industrial Areas



Ken Rimba is in fact a very well located mini township, as it has very good access to Klang and Shah Alam, and even to Subang which is just slightly further away. Federal Highway provides a direct route to all three places, where on a good day Shah Alam is only 10 minutes away and Subang at 20 minutes. Klang is the closest, and residents can get to Taman Rashna without even going through the toll via a little known of back road. Of the other highways connecting to Ken Rimba is the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), Kemuning Shah Alam Highway and Kajang-Serembang Highway.


Public transportation from Ken Rimba consists of the Padang Jawa KTM Station, which will be a 10-minute walk from Ken Rimba. The Padang Jawa KTM train in turn links to KL Sentral, the public transport hub of Kuala Lumpur. A dedicated covered walkway from Ken Rimba is in the plans of the development, and future residents can expect to take a stroll to and from their homes.


SJK (Cina) Taman Rashna is only 5 minutes away from home, in an area which is famous for its Bak Kut Teh where the coffee shops are literally located at every corner of the commercial block. Slightly further down Jalan Batu Tiga Lama is a roundabout, which connects to Taman Eng Ann and Taman Berkeley, two neighbourhoods in Klang that is very popular for its food. As the cost of living in Klang is discernibly lower than that of Kuala Lumpur, residents of Ken Rimba will enjoy a more laid back lifestyle living on the borders of Klang.


Despite the rather relaxed lifestyle of Klang with the glory of all its seafood and savoury dishes, it is still an old and established town. The Aeon Bukit Raja supermarket is only 10 minutes away and Setia City Mall at 20 minutes away. Medical help is also non too far, with the Shah Alam Hospital located 10 minutes away and Tunku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital at 20 minutes.

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Ken Rimba the Affordable Green Township

Ken Rimba is an amazing product of affordable home township which embraces the concept of green living. There is no other development in Klang Valley at the moment that can rival it for the green living and eco-friendliness it offers. The closest new development to Ken Rimba is iCity, the township that is being designed to be home to offices, a Hilton Hotel, shopping mall and residential units.


The average price for sale for units at iCity is RM744 with the smallest unit size being 464 sf, placing it at approximately RM345,216 for its smallest unit. While Ken Rimba does not have the prestige of being located next to a 5-star hotel in a tourist environment, its residents will certainly have a quieter and more peaceful environment with almost triple the size of home for less than double the money.

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The Green Township of Shah Alam – Klang

So is Ken Rimba a good place to purchase – that is the question asked by many. Online reviews from many bloggers show their initial hesitation when asked to visit Ken Rimba and give their opinion on it due to its somewhat out-of-the-way location and address of Shah Alam. But upon reaching the location itself, all of them changed their opinion of Ken Rimba.


Their perception of the place is that it is the perfect home for first time buyers with its decently sized rooms and affordable prices. They also praise its location, saying that although it is a rather outskirt area, it is nevertheless still well connected to the city via the Federal Highway and that Subang is only a short drive away. Many more visitors also love Ken Rimba’s location for being literally only 5 minutes away from Klang town via a no-toll road.


From the standpoint of an investor, Ken Rimba is also a potentially good buy. Not only do investors look at the long term gains they can get from renting out their units to Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) students which the institute is just a short drive away, but they are also excited about the long term capital gain they can get from Ken Rimba. The first phase of Ken Rimba which was Ken Legian was launched at approximately RM380,000 for a double storey terrace house within a gated and guarded neighbourhood, and was later valued at approximately RM650,000 upon its completion three years later. As such, Ken Rimba was a very quick selling project with many more buyers lining up for the release of their next launch Ken Rimba Condominium 2. Bearing these in mind, Ken Rimba is indeed a good buy from all standpoints.

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