Riana South @ Bukit Mandarina, Cheras

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  • 24 April 2016

001Riana- Bukit Mandarina
A beautiful overview of Bukit Manda’rina and its surroundings

A New Spark Of Life in The City

Riana South is an upcoming luxurious condominium nestled in the heart of Bukit Manda’rina by IJM Land. This highly anticipated project is scheduled for release in June 2016 and will be featured against the backdrop of the Sungai Besi Forest Reserves. In addition to its natural green settings, it will also include spectacular skyline vistas from atop of its twin towers. These two sparkling facets are expected to draw a huge crowd for Riana during its launch, as it aims to position itself as the ultimate lifestyle address in Cheras. Regardless, IJM Land hopes to bring a safe and classy sanctuary to Bukit Manda’rina through Riana South.


Developers Details

002Riana- Developers Details
One of IJM Land’s impressive projects


Developer Name: Manda’rina Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of IJM Land)

Property Development Projects: Pantai Park Sentral, Seremban 2, S2 Heights, Riana Dutamas @ North Kiara, Shah Alam 2, Seri Riana, Bukit Manda’rina residences

Awards / Achievements: 2015 Putra Brand Awards (Bronze award for property development), 2015 BCI Asia Top 10 Developer Awards (Malaysia), 2015 Property Insight Malaysia Developer Award (PIPDA) – Top 10 Developers, 2015 IEM Award for contribution to engineering industry Malaysia, etc.

About the Developer:

The main developer for Riana South is IJM Land, a seasoned veteran when it comes to property development and construction. Being one of the most prestigious local property developers, they boast a respectable portfolio that consists of townships, luxury homes, high-rise residences, offices and commercial properties in Malaysia, Vietnam, China and even the United Kingdom. Some of their notable developments in the central region include Debunga Residensi, Ampersand, Shah Alam 2, Riana 3, Serene Heights and Seri Riana. In recognition of their excellences, IJM Land has also been awarded with both local and international accolades such as the MSWG-Asean Corporate Governance Industry Excellence (Property) Award, FIABCI Malaysia Property Awards, BCI Asia Top 10 Developer Awards (Malaysia), International Property Awards (Asia Pacific) and Putra Brand Awards.



Project Details

003Riana- Project Details
An elegant view of Riana South, IJM Land’s latest condominium project in Bukit Manda’rina


QuikPro No :
Address : Jalan Manda’rina Damai 1
Property Type : Condominium
Land Title : Residential
Tenure : Leasehold 
Bumi Discounts : 5%
Sales Gallery : Jalan 14/ 142, Taman Orkid Desa, Cheras
Site GPS Coordinates : N3.077331 E101.737711
Website : http://www.rianasouth.com
Expected Completion Date
: 2019
Total Units : 536 units
Built Up Area : 5.79 acres
Listing Price : Stars from RM6xx,xxx
Price per Sq.Ft. : Roughly RM700 per sq.ft.
Maintenance Fee per Sq.Ft.
Parking Bay per Unit : 1 – 2 units
Development Type : Parcel A – Condominium Tower
    Parcel B – Condominium Tower
Unit Type : TBC (Type A1 – 946 sq.ft. | Type B1 – 1,232 sq.ft. | Type B2 – 1,238 sq.ft.)
Special Features : Surrounded by lush greeneries with the Sungai Besi Forest Reserve in the
    mix, spectacular skyline vistas and classy facilities and amenities, close proximity
    to the city centre, great accessibility through MRR2, East-West Link and upcoming
    SUKE highway (proposed), plenty of great F&B outlets and shopping centres
    around the neighbourhood.


Facilities & Amenities:

  • Grand lobby
  • water features
  • double volume glass
  • gymnasium
  • green landscapes
  • swimming pool
  • facilities decks
  • city skyline vistas
  • full futsal court
  • half-basketball court, etc

Project Details

012Riana- ConstructionA
The ongoing construction works in Riana South with the Sungai Besi Forest Reserve behind


Riana South is an upcoming luxurious residential development with twin condominium blocks that is situated on 5.79 acres of leasehold land. This project has not been officially launched by IJM Land yet, and is only due for public release somewhere in June 2016. For a sneak preview, it will be featured against the greens of the Sungai Besi Forest Reserves with a breath-taking view of the surrounding natural beauties and cities.

A total of 536 units of residential suites are reported to be included in its twin condominium blocks, in addition to various exciting amenities and facilities such as a grand lobby, water features, elevated gymnasium, green landscapes, swimming pools, facilities decks, full futsal court and half-basketball court.

 013Riana- Facilities 1

014Riana- Park


There will also be a theme that revolves around healthy lifestyle and contemporary living in this exquisite residence, as most of its offerings are going to incorporate stylish and eco-friendly features. More importantly, Riana South will provide you with a peace of mind when you are staying inside with its safe and well-guarded compound and several tiers of security system.

Note that the exact amenities and facilities that will be featured in the luxurious condominiums have not been officially disclosed yet. However, the source of information above was mainly obtained from its property agent, and should be a reasonably accurate representation of its actual offerings.



Simple but exquisite. That would be the best way to define Riana’s chic looking condominiums. While it may not have appeared to be too fanciful or artistic looking, you will find the condominiums to be oozing with class and elegance instead. Ultimately, those who are looking for a modern and contemporary place to stay will find Riana to be a great purchase.



Unfortunately, no pictures or illustrations of Riana South’s interiors were publicly available at this point of writing. However, its property agents had stated that the quality of its interiors should be similar or better than those of Altitude 236, which is another prestigious residential project developed by IJM Land in Bukit Manda’rina. For a good gauge of what’s to come for Riana South, you may want to refer to some of the illustrations below from Altitude 236’s interior designs.


016Riana- Altitude 1

017Riana- Altitude 2


Floor Plans

Apart from its interior designs, IJM Land has not revealed any substantial floor plans for Riana South as well. Nonetheless, there are some unverified floor plans posted by random property agents in the local property forums. According to them, there are three types of units available in the condominiums and the smallest unit, Type A1, begins with a total built-up area of 946 sf. Meanwhile, the larger units, Type B1 and Type B2, will have a total built up area of 1232 sf and 1,238 sf respectively. The designs and layouts are just based on a draft plan though, and they might still be subjected to change.


018Riana- Floor Plan 1

019Riana- Floor Plan 2

020Riana- Floor Plan 3

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Area Detail

004Riana- Map Direction
Directions to Riana South


Bukit Manda’rina is a low density housing project planned and developed by Manda’rina Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of IJM Land). This exclusive residential enclave is located in a prime land within the Cheras neighbourhood that includes lush greeneries and a tranquil living environment. Inside, you can find many posh leasehold properties such as bungalows, semi-Ds, terrace houses and also luxurious serviced apartments. However, it is the excellent connectivity that ultimately made Bukit Manda’rina such a welcoming place to stay, as it is linked to various highways and roads such as Jalan Cheras, MRR2, East West Link and the upcoming SUKE Highway.

  005Riana-Lush GreeneriesA

006Riana- Mandarina 2A    
From top: Lush greeneries and posh residential developments in Bukit Manda’rina


In terms of public transportations, Bukit Manda’rina also boasts a complete set of highly desirable infrastructures ranging from MRT train stations to bus terminals within its neighbourhood. It is just unfortunate that you would have to take a short drive to those places as there aren’t any of them within walking distance.

Apart from that, you should not encounter any difficulties when it comes to pleasure and leisure activities. Shopping malls and entertainment outlets are aplenty here, especially when there are various exciting places such as Ikon Connaught, Cheras Leisure Mall, Cheras Sentral and IKEA Cheras to explore. In fact, there’s also an upcoming shopping mall being developed in EkoCheras, which is scheduled to be completed by late 2017. Once ready, it will boast a respectable 4 levels of retail floors with just a few minutes’ drive away.

Of course, the wide array of restaurants and hawker stalls has also been a key reason why Bukit Manda’rina was such a highly sought after place to live. From Chinese to non-Chinese, you could really find yourself overwhelmed with plenty of good food and beverages to select with. And if you are willing to travel a bit further to the neighbouring Taman Connaught, there are even more varieties of F&B to discover.


007Riana- Retail lots1B

008Riana- Retail lots 2A

009Riana- Ikon ConnaughtA
From top: Various retail lots and eateries around Bukit Manda’rina and the neighbouring Ikon Connaught shopping centre


Overall, Bukit Manda’rina incorporates a vibrant city lifestyle with environmentally friendly atmosphere. Those residing here would enjoy a privileged standard of living and a superb range of public amenities and facilities. Besides, the future opening of UCSI University in Bukit Manda’rina will also greatly promote the vibrancy of the area, in addition to new tenants and better rental yields.


010Riana- UCSI 1A

011Riana- UCSI 2A

From top: The new UCSI Campus being developed in Bukit Manda’rina

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Name Tenure/ Land Title Price (per Sq. Ft.) Maintenance Fee (per Sq. Ft.) Car Park Bays
Riana South (IJM Land) Leasehold/ Residential Roughly RM700 TBC TBC
EkoCheras (EkoVest) Freehold/ Commercial RM700-750 RM0.35 1-2 units
(PJD Regency)
Freehold/ Commercial RM650 -700 RM0.30 1-2 units


As of now, the starting price for Riana South’s units is expected to begin from RM600,000 onwards. This translates to an average cost of RM700 per sq. ft. and would be quite steep for many. But considering the fact that the recent residential projects in Cheras were also launched at a similar price, it seems like a reasonably fair deal. Besides, Riana South would be a great purchase due to its amazing green sceneries and tranquil living environment. Thus, paying a slight premium for such highly desirable features is definitely worth the money. The only downside though, is that Riana does not possess a direct access to a MRT station and the inclusion of the upcoming SUKE highway may worsen the traffic flows in Bukit Manda’rina in the future.

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Final Analysis


021Riana- Final Analysis


Stylish, contemporary and tranquil, Riana South is a product worthy to bear the emblem of someone as prestigious as IJM Land. It features not only a stylish place to live in, but also a very convenient one. Shopping malls and eateries are more than a handful there, in addition to various public amenities and facilities as well. More importantly, healthy living is true statement in Riana as it is surrounded with lush greeneries and eco-friendly facilities. Along with the future addition of the UCSI University within the vicinity, you can expect to stay in a very vibrant and beautiful neighbourhood in Bukit Manda’rina. In the end, Riana South is a premium value product that would deliver a premium value living experience.

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