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  • 3 April 2016

V Residence Suites is an idyllic home located in the heart of the city that has caught the attention of many an investor and home buyer. It is to be part of the integrated development of Sunway Velocity, a mini township that was dubbed by its developers to be a city of endless possibilities. It will be a landmark development that will change the long time landscapes of Cheras and will also boost the economy and status quo of the area.


001 V Residence Suites - Scale Model


V Residence Suites is the product of Sunway Property, a developer that has been in the market for over 40 years as of 2015. Their products have always been skewed to the upmarket, and are always of prime quality and location. With properties in Klang Valley, Ipoh and Johor, some of the developer’s leading projects include Sunway Eastwood in the Klang Valley, Sunway Iskandar in the famed Iskandar Malaysia and Montbleu Residences in Ipoh.


Sunway Velocity is already another project that is being very much talked about which is to join Sunway Property’s batch of successful projects. Slated for completion in 2018 in a fully integrated development of 23 acres that is to be the epitome of complete living, V Residence Suites was fully sold out similar to its sibling developments within short months of its launch.


Property Details

QuikPro No : PL-2219
Address : Sunway Velocity Jalan Peel, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Property Type : Serviced Apartment
Land Title : Commercial
No of Storeys : 29
No of Blocks : 1
No of Lifts per floor : 4
Tenure : Freehold
Bumi Discounts : 5%
Sales Gallery : Sunway Velocity Sales Gallery V02-G-02 & 03 Lingkaran SV,
  Sunway Velocity Jalan Peel, 55100, Kuala Lumpur
Site GPS Coordinates : 3.129420, 101.722297
Website : http://www.sunwayproperty.com/
Expected Completion Date : 2018
Total Units : 411
Built Up area : 624 sq.ft. – 888 sq.ft.
Listing Price : From RM805,000
Price psf : RM1,200 psf
Maintenance Fee psf : RM0.40 psf
Parking Bay per Unit : 1
Special Features : Commercial title but under HDA
Development Type : Serviced Apartment


Facilities & Amenities:


  • Multipurpose hall
  • Changing room
  • Sauna
  • Lap pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Fun pool
  • Children pool
  • Pool deck
  • Outdoor lounge (lower)
  • Gymnasium (Upper)
  • Pavilion
  • BBQ pit
  • Children’s playground
  • Games room
  • Cascading lawn
  • Yoga deck


Sky Deck:

  • Multipurpose lawn (outdoor cinema, outdoor exercise, camp site)
  • Mini rock climbing
  • Yoga deck
  • Outdoor e-gym
  • Sky kitchen
  • Astronomy observation deck
  • Sky bar & Lounge
  • Zen garden & Reflexology path
  • Hanging chair
  • Wellness pavilion


Unit Type:


Cabana Type

  • CSA2 | 877 sf | 1r,1b
  • CSB2 | 888 sf | 1r,1b



Normal Type

  • SA1 | 689 sf | 1r,1b
  • SA2 | 624 sf | 1r,1b
  • SB2 | 694 sf | 1+1r,1b
  • SB1 | 877 sf | 2r,2b
  • SB3 | 883 sf | 2r,2b

Project Details

V Residence Suites is an iconic project that was designed to change the landscapes of Cheras for the better. It appeals to families who are looking for a home upgrade and an integrated lifestyle that is common to today’s living standards. Due to its comprehensive connectivity, this is also an investor’s dream project which has led to many property speculators scrambling to get their share of this iconic project. V Residence Suites is part of the Sunway Velocity integrated project spanned out over 23 acres of land in a triangular shape when viewed from above.


010 V Residence Suites - Scale Model (ii)

Sunway Velocity will incorporate a Sunway Shopping Mall at the very entrance of its project providing a hard-to-miss landmark to the entrance of this development. The shopping mall will be connected to the integrated Sunway Hotel. These are the developments that are located closer to the front of the development and the main road of Jalan Cheras.


The medical healthcare and residential components are located at the back where it is far quieter. The Sunway Medical Centre of Cheras will be situated on the back portion as will V Residence Suites be located amongst its sibling developments of V Residence 2. Lining the streets on the other end of the development beside the shopping mall and opposite Sunway Hotel will be retail lots and office towers which is where the sales gallery of Sunway Velocity is now situated.


In a busy town of constant hustle and bustle, every piece of nature and serenity is much appreciated. It is therefore with pride that the developers are planning a 2-acre central park that is to be built within the development itself where it is open to everyone. Nestled in the heart of the development, this V Garden will be viewable from above from all the developments within Sunway Velocity, providing a tranquil and calming view from wherever they are.


011 V Residence Suites - V Residence


With there being many residential components at Sunway Velocity, some are more obviously skewed towards being a bachelor’s pad while others lean more heavily toward being a family home. There are developments that mainly host smaller sized units while other homes are while pricier more spacious to suit a family. V Residence Suites is one of those that are targeted towards investors with their smaller sized units. The majority of the homes at V Residence Suites house only 1 or 1+1 bedrooms in very spacious areas.


012 V Residence Suites - Typical Layout


The smallest units at V Residence Suites are 624 sf with one bedroom, and the biggest one bedroom unit is 877 sf. The largest of the 2-bedroom units here come in 883 sf units. All the homes at V Residence Suites have very spacious layouts which belly the fact that they are in actuality very small units.


013 V Residence Suites - 2-Bedroom Unit

Ready-to-move-in units are all the hype in today’s society, especially for developments designed to be investments. It is therefore slightly disappointing that V Residence Suites comes only partially furnished in spite of its rather steep price tag.


014 V Residence Suites - Show Unit Living Room

The kitchens at V Residence Suites are fully furnished with high quality built-in kitchen cabinets, and there is also a refrigerator tucked into its nifty little corner. Within the kitchen is also washing machine that will come with future units. Light cooking is also possible with the hood and hob provided.


015 V Residence Suites - Show Unit Kitchen

Other than that, the homes at V Residence Suites do also come with air-conditioners in all the bedrooms and living rooms.


016 V Residence Suites - Show Unit Master Bedroom

The bathrooms at V Residence Suites is another part of the home that will come fully furnished. The walls of the bathroom will be tiled from wall to ceiling, and the dry and wet section will be separated by shower screens. A wall shower is already provided as is the basin and waste collector.


017 V Residence Suites - Bathroom


As such, all a resident will really need to do when he moves in is to buy a bed, television and sofas; and he is all set.


018 V Residence Suites - Show Unit Living Room (ii)

Every residential development within Sunway Velocity will come with its own comprehensive range of facilities designed to suit the tastes of its target market. V Residence Suites will share facilities with V Residence Suites with two levels of facilities. Situated at Level 3A of the development are the various swimming pools, a cascading lawn and children’s playground. This is where the more family and child friendly facilities are hosted. On Level 30 will be the Sky Deck which will host the Astronomy Observation Deck, Hanging Chair and mini rock climbing area amongst some of the other many sophisticated facilities.


As a tranquil spot in the heart of the city where everything is always on the constant move, V Residence Suites is the answer to those who desire to live with the conveniences of a modern city but crave a peaceful ambience of living.

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V Residence Suites is situated in the heart of Cheras on the borders of the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur. This busy land of hustle and bustle at all times of the day is literally located less than 15 minutes away from Sunway Velocity, even during moderately heavy traffic on a weekend afternoon. On a whim and fancy we decided to visit this much talked about integrated development that has been in the headlines of the property news for so long as much as its sibling development of Sunway GEO.


002 V Residence Suites - Site


Our first impression when visiting this place was that it wasn’t going to be good, for we had our own prejudices towards this ‘land of eternal traffic congestion’. We were however quite impressed with the area itself upon entering this town, for it is not so much a big neighbourhood as it is a self sustained city. Approaching from the brand new Ikea of Cheras, traffic was indeed slightly backed up, but this gave us the opportunity to properly observe our surroundings.


The first thing we noticed was V Residence Suites’s fantastic access via highways. V Residence Suites is located just off Jalan Peel which is situated just off one of the most heavily traveled roads, Jalan Cheras. Travelling through these roads, one of the most important things we noticed was that V Residence Suites is situated close to almost every conceivable amenity. Literally just up the road a few minutes away is the Badminton Stadium of Kuala Lumpur, and a little bit closer to home on the other side of this busy road is a fairly large Chinese medium school.


003 V Residence Suites - Chinese School

Upon reaching the site of construction from the main road of Jalan Cheras, the first thing you will notice is the iconic shopping mall of Sunway Velocity; a shopping mall that already looks iconic despite being only half completed and in its skeletal form. It was indeed with disappointment when we learned that it is only going to be completed in a year or two as it already looks so exciting. So on we went towards development, driving through what looked like empty parcels of land and even more construction. It was only later that we learned that the entirety of this huge parcel of land are all part of Sunway Velocity.


004 V Residence Suites - Site

The junction to turn into V Residence Suites is slightly congested due to the traffic light. It was to our apprehension that this traffic light would be the cause of much traffic congestion in the future, but later found that there will be an underpass from the main road itself to Jalan Peel; which would effectively bypass this horrible traffic light.


 After a few turns of the light and we got in, this was when we found an Aeon Big, literally across the road from Sunway Velocity! This will be the absolute gem for future residents who wish to just buy some last minute groceries and are too lazy to walk over to the shopping mall at the other end of the development.


005 V Residence Suites - AEON Big

Upon turning into the development this is where we discovered that some of the developments were already completed.


006 V Residence Suites - Office Blocks & Sales Gallery

Driving through the neighbourhood of V Residence Suites, we find it to be a very appealing neighbourhood to families, investors and perhaps even expats who are looking to work in Malaysia close to the city. There is a myriad of amenities within walking distance of V Residence Suites, excluding what will already be within the development. Also within walking distance of V Residence Suites there is a commercial hub by the name of “Queen’s Avenue” which hosts a variety of restaurants. There are also many old 3-storey shop lots in this area that host mainly electronic shops and coffee shops.


007 V Residence Suites - External Commercial Area

Heading down the road from here, we also discovered many well maintained medium cost flats and another school. It is one of the rare few convent schools of the city, SK Convent Jalan Peel. This school is a very appealing alternative for parents who wish for their daughters to have a chaste upbringing, but this school may also be the cause of many traffic congestions during peak hours.


In this city of endless possibilities, Sunway Velocity presents to buyers some of the most comprehensive highway and public transport networks that can be afforded to a single development. Depending on how familiar you are with the area, you will be able to easily access the SMART tunnel, New Pantai Expressway (NPE), KL-Seremban Highway, Besraya Eastern Extension Highway (BEE) and Maju Expressway (MEX). Hence heading to the heart of the city? No problem, you’ll be there in under 15 minutes. Need to get to Putrajaya in a hurry? You’ll be there in half an hour through the MEX highway. In fact by utilising the highways, you can get to anywhere within the city or its surrounding townships within half an hour.


008 V Residence Suites - Premium Location


Public transport via more reliable train services is also a wow factor of living at V Residence Suites, which is the component that makes it suitable for expatriates to live here. Sunway Velocity will be building an elevated walkway to both the Cochrane underground MRT station which is 100 metres from Sunway Velocity and another elevated walkway to the Maluri underground MRT and LRT interchange station that is slightly further away at a short 220 metres. These stations will place residents of V Residence Suites at two stations away from the Bukit Bintang station and five stations away from the KL Sentral the transit hub of Malaysia.


009 V Residence Suites - MRT Under Construction


The location of V Residence Suites may to some not be the most exciting of locations; depending on where you originally live. As a Cheras resident once said, residents of Cheras find Petaling Jaya to be absolutely horrible in terms of traffic and amenities and vice versa. As to what we say about that, to each his own. V Residence Suites is situated in the heart of Cheras, where to an outsider it may not very appealing due to its rather ‘low cost’ outlook. But to residents of Cheras and those familiar with the area, V Residence Suites is an absolute win of a development for its ideal and central location.

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Price Analysis


Coming from a developer that is very confident in the quality and value of their products; and has always presented slightly overpriced developments but sell them out within months of their launch nevertheless, V Residence Suites is naturally pricier than some of the many other developments in Cheras.


V Residence Suites is priced at RM1,200 psf which is a rather unheard of price in the regions of Cheras. Amongst some of the new developments close to V Residence Suites is J.Dupion, another just as highly anticipated development which is within only minutes of Sunway Velocity but is priced at approximately only RM650 psf. That is a price difference of almost half but with almost all the same amenities and conveniences. It is no wonder that many buyers have complained that V Residence Suites  is overpriced; but this has not slowed out their sales in the least with 80% of the development having been sold by the end of 2015.

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Upon carefully studying the development of V Residence Suites, we can conclude that a good development from a good developer is never overpriced if presented well with good connectivity and excellent amenities. V Residence Suites is clearly a development that is dedicated to investors who wish to gain long term rental yield from those who work within the city centre as V Residence Suites is so well connected to the city via public transport.


There is also no reason why this project will not succeed beyond expectations, hence the landfall sales of all the homes in Sunway Velocity. With the whole development to be completed within the next few years, V Residence Suites is anticipated to begin making returns soon.

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