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The definition of a foreigner is outlined in the National Land Code 1965. It is defined as any natural citizen who is not a permanent resident of Malaysia.

There are foreign property ownership limits (minimum price) in the different states in Malaysia. This article provides a quick reference on the limits and rules in the different states: https://www.propertyguru.com.my/property-guides/complete-guide-to-foreigners-buying-property-in-malaysia-30975

All property purchases in Malaysia are subject to stamp duty when the SPA is stamped, and there are legal fees as well.

The details on foreign ownership are detailed here:

Also, do note that the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme has been temporarily suspended since Aug 2020.

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David Wong Lai Kwong
Currently, the Government policy is to allow foreigners to buy residential and commercial properties(both landed and strata units)above RM500,000 in value. Industrial properties, agriculture and development land have other requirements to comply. There are news that the Government may increase the threshold to RM1 million and above for foreigners eligibility to purchase if the Government concludes that foreigners are contributing to the substantial increase of property prices beyond the affordability of the average Malaysians. In short, it is easy for foreigners to own residential and commercial properties in Malaysia.
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