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In a simple context, a strata title is a form of ownership, usually meant for multi-level apartment blocks, and horizontal subdivisions with shared areas and facilities.
The full explanation is here in our handy guide: https://www.propertyguru.com.my/property-guides/what-is-strata-title-individual-title-updated-722

Also, strata titles will not impact the value of your property provided you keep it in good condition. There are many external factors that can impact the property value and here is a list to watch out for https://www.propertyguru.com.my/property-guides/10-factors-impact-property-value-Malaysia-13228

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David Wong Lai Kwong

Strata title are separate individual titles issued to units of houses, apartments or offices jointly developed within a development that shares common facilities such as gated & guarded, security, car parks and facilities governed by a common deed of mutual covenants.Under the Strata Title Act 1985 developers are required to apply for the strata titles on behalf of the purchasers.
Property values are not affected by the non issuance of strata titles as properties can be transacted through reassignment of the Sale & Purchase Agreement with the consent of the developers and in some cases the land office.

The ease of transactions are dependent on what is endorsed on the master title (in the absence of an individual strata title)

Property prices are generally based on demand and supply which are determined by location, accessibility,quality,purchasing power of buyers,developer's background and value add features.

With strata titles, you are able to transact the properties just like landed properties

The challenge about non issuance of strata titles is that the development will be at the mercy of the developer and their management prudence.
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Ramlah Binti Awang
Dear Florence, If your property do have strata tile, one obvious effect is that your name can be registered at the land office (memorials) . So even if the Developer wound up, your property does not come under purview of liquidator/Insolvency office, which means no liquidator's fee involved. Thus, you can sell ur property with less cost and save times If you wish to appoint an agent / negotiator to sell your property, please do not hesitate to call me at 016 295 3930  . Thank you. RAMLAH 016 295 3930  Registered Negotiator Read More
Strata tile means the owner already got individual title for a highrise property from developer and the owner already made the perfection (pay the premium amount). If with it, easy to process loan and consent of the house. Read More
If land house , the management fee will be higher, if sell the house hv to seek developer approval. value not effect a lot. Read More
If land house , the management fee will be higher, if sell the house hv to seek developer approval. value not effect a lot. Read More