How One Property Agent Became A Trusted Friend In The End!

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How One Property Agent Became A Trusted Friend In The End!
It was Sarah Ding’s cousin who had persuaded her to buy a unit in 28 Boulevard, Ampang. Just a stone’s throw away from her own unit, her cousin had reasoned that it was a good idea for family members to stay near to one another.
As both ladies were close, and enthusiastic about the idea of living in close proximity, they agreed that they could help and support each other when needed. However, Sarah was attracted to buy the unit not just because she wanted to live near her relative.
In fact, it was the modern and tasteful design of the 450 sq ft studio unit that made her fall in love, and which she eventually purchased. Moreover, Sarah shared how she was impressed the very first time she came to view the development.

We’re Off To A Good Start

First of all, the lobby looked like it belonged to an upscale hotel, what with the double-volume ceiling and the grand arrival plaza outside. Whereas the state-of-the-art car lifts could take vehicles speedily to their assigned parking floor, up until the tenth floor in fact!
“However, to me, the most important factor for buying a property is the location. This is followed by safety, and finally a reputable developer. 28 Boulevard is near Ikea Cheras, which is my favourite mall. It was a dream come true to be able to buy a home so close to one of my regular hangout spots,” said Sarah with a cheerful smile.
“In addition to that, there is a park with a lake nearby and other malls in the vicinity, including AEON Taman Maluri and One Shamelin Shopping Mall. All of these made the area attractive to live in.”
Sarah went on to recall how she did her research on the property, “I checked for the price range of units via PropertyGuru’s listing pages. Then, I showed my husband the available floor plans, and even took him through the unit in a video call. After discussing, we agreed to buy the unit. As my husband didn’t have any debt, the home loan approval process by the bank was smooth.”
She also loved the great unobstructed view that the development enjoyed. From 28 Boulevard, there are two views – KLCC or the lake nearby.
On special celebrations and other major festivities, residents can watch the fireworks in the distance from the comfort of their own balconies and windows.
Besides that, the ease of connectivity was also a plus point for Sarah. 28 Boulevard provides a shuttle service every hour to and from Sunway Velocity Mall and the Maluri MRT Station.

Having To Hold The Fort Alone

It was a great feeling when it came time to sign on the dotted line, and be able to call a place “home”. Just like that, Sarah and her husband had finally bought their first property together.
However, there was a slight twist to the story. Sarah was not the typical first-time homebuyer who was eagerly waiting to move in: Her husband was still away working in Singapore.
Since she was currently living some distance away from her newly purchased home, she decided to rent out the unit first, and would only move in to occupy the place once her husband returns to reside in Malaysia for good.
In the meantime, she needed the help of a trustworthy and reliable property agent to manage the entire process of renting out her unit. The idea of having to regularly commute between her current residence/workplace and 28 Boulevard (quite the substantial distance!) was not an attractive option.

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

“When I first bought the unit in 2018, it was still under construction. I took vacant possession after it was completed in June 2019. Then, after I made the decision to rent out the place, I found myself a real estate agent. At first, he seemed alright, but to my dismay, he didn’t do anything at all for months. My unit remained vacant, much to my frustration. I had to keep pushing him to help me find me a tenant,” Sarah recounted.
“I quickly decided that the situation was unacceptable. Then, I found Kris on PropertyGuru’s website. My experience with Kris was vastly different, and so much more positive. She was very proactive, and shortly after I agreed to work with her, she was presenting profiles of potential tenants to me, without my insistence. It was rented out shortly after!” added Sarah.
Sarah recalled how her decision to work with Kris changed her perception towards real estate agents.
“Kris has helped me a lot, so that I have peace of mind to do my own things and manage other matters. She is efficient, reliable, responsible, and honest. I trust her to take any action, as she has my best interests at heart,” Sarah shared. “Having Kris around has made a big difference, as she is a thoughtful and considerate person. We have become good friends since then.”
“Having an honest and proactive agent to manage my property is indeed a blessing. Kris took the initiative to manage the tenant and my unit in an orderly manner, without needing any direction from me. She also took it upon herself to get the best deal and best outcome for me, so words cannot fully explain how much I appreciate her presence,” she added.
Her voice swelling with gratitude as she speaks, Sarah says, “Thanks to PropertyGuru and Kris, I never knew that the process of renting out a property can be easier than they say. You have made a wonderful difference in my life.”
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