Paralysed Scholar Is The Winner Of PropertyGuru Home Giveaway

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Paralysed Scholar Is The Winner Of PropertyGuru Home Giveaway
Having a roof over your head is one of the basic human needs, more so when you have a young family. The thought of having a safe space where everyone can call ‘home’ is a dream which many people aspire to.
All this man ever wanted was just that: Enough space for his two growing children, and a place where countless memories can be made. This is the story of how his dream came true in the happiest way possible!

Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight

It all began in 2000, when Dr Basri moved from Padang Serai, Kedah to Kuala Lumpur, for his course in Islamic Studies at University Malaya.
He was determined to create a better life for himself, and to make his family proud, by being the first of his siblings to achieve a university degree.
In doing so, he also met the love of his life, whom he would then go on to marry in 2008! Blessed with two children shortly after, the young family lived in Bukit Angkasa while he pursued his doctoral degree (PhD).
Sadly, this was where tragedy struck. Due to the run-down and unsanitary living conditions of the area, it became a hotspot for mosquito infestations.
Dr Basri unfortunately contracted dengue fever, which not only saw him hospitalised for 50 days, it also left a blood clot in his spinal cord.
Paralysed from the waist down, he was initially devastated that he would now need to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.
Thankfully, it was his wife’s undying love and never-ending support which gave him the strength he needed to continue living.
Her words to him weeks later were his wake-up call: “If we continue living like this, or if you’re constantly in tears, those tears won’t be able to raise our children.”
With her by his side, Dr Basri forged on in the pursuit of his PhD, all while living a meaningful life as well as remaining a devoted father and husband.

Giving Back To The Society

After years of hard work, Dr Basri finally attained his PhD and went on to become the Secretary of the Malaysian Spinal Cord Injury Advocacy Association (MASAA).
“I feel very lucky because my wife gives me so much support. I feel as if when my bones are broken, she is my bones. I have some friends who are not so lucky, and their partners left them because they are not able to cope with caring for a disabled person.
This association is a way to provide support for those affected, who are not as lucky as me. Managing this association is something I can do to give back to this community,” he said.
It was his way of advocating for those who lived with similar conditions as his, and to encourage the public to be more respectful of the disabled community, by being more considerate of the disabled facilities.
For example, those who are able-bodied could avoid parking in the disabled spaces or using the special bathrooms, as it could sometimes prove to be an inconvenience to the disabled who are striving to live active and normal lives.

A Dream Come True, At Last

It goes without saying that there will never be a shortage of people wanting to own a property, especially for their own stay.
According to our Consumer Sentiment Study H1 2021, the buying sentiment amongst Malaysians remained strong, with 1 in 3 still looking to own a property, even more so in 2021.
Dr Basri was no different, except that his homeownership dream was more than just a simple desire, considering that he is wheelchair-bound and limited by his partial paralysis.
Their current living quarters (a rented Rumah Malaysia unit) had narrow walls and lack of accessibility, which meant that moving around and performing simple tasks were difficult, at best.
The limited space was a hindrance, not only for him when he wanted to play with his children, but also for the young ones.
“My wife and I had always dreamt of a home where we can bring joy and happiness to our children. You see, as long as they are happy, I’m at my happiest,” he stated.
And now, thanks to the more than 130,000 Malaysians who voted for him in the PropertyGuru Home Giveaway initiative, his life took an unexpected turn for the best!
The campaign was part of PropertyGuru’s commitment to help people own a home. One deserving Malaysian would win a brand-new, fully furnished home at Tropicana Metropark, Subang Jaya, worth over RM600,000.
It was Dr Basri’s wife who nominated him, as she knew of his desire to have a space for his loved ones that not only ensured they could all live comfortably and safely, but also enabled his independence.
He shared, “It warms my heart to see so many Malaysians come together to support me in the PropertyGuru Home Giveaway campaign. My salary as a research assistant and my wife’s earnings from her part-time work all go towards our rental and daily expenses.
We never thought we would be able to own a brand-new home in such a prime location. Our lives have changed forever, and we are forever thankful for everyone who has helped play a part in supporting us.”
It was a well-deserved win for Dr Basri indeed, as he never once forgot his responsibility as the head of his family to take care of his wife and children.
Putting aside his personal afflictions, he worked tirelessly to complete his higher education, as he knew he would then be able to secure better career opportunities that can help him support his family and bring him a step closer to his homeownership aspiration.
Moved by his plight, Malaysians rallied behind him during the campaign, and made sure that his aspiration was a dream come true!
The rakyat’s comments on his video are testament to just how much he has inspired our people to appreciate life to the fullest, despite the hardships that one would need to endure. We included a few snippets below:
“Dr Basri is an inspiring, kind, and humble icon. We all support and appreciate his efforts and continued contributions towards our community of disabled people. May he be blessed with all the good things and health that life may bring,” quipped Lim Xin Yi.
Roselyn Hamzah echoes that sentiment, saying “Dr Basri is an inspiration. We support his efforts to be a good and inspiring father and husband, although he is disabled. He deserves that dream home. May Allah bless him and his family.”
“Dr Basri needs not the grandeur of the property, but rather the facilities and comfort it provides him and his family, to serve and give more to the community,” said Johara Bee Ibrahim.
Sheldon Fernandez, Country Manager of PropertyGuru, said, “Owning a home has been a financial milestone that’s hard to reach for many Malaysians even prior to the pandemic, and we’re glad to be able to help a deserving Malaysian like Dr. Basri make his dream of owning a home come true.
While the PropertyGuru Home Giveaway campaign has ended, we will continue to support Malaysians on their homeownership journey, by serving them with the right properties, insights, and solutions to make confident property decisions.”
Read more stories of people and their home journeys, or start your own process to purchasing your dream home on PropertyGuru.
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