Cybersouth City, Cyberjaya

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  • 27 October 2015

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Cybersouth City

A street view of Cybersouth


Cybersouth City, an expansive development that sprawled across a 417-acre of piece leasehold land, is the latest residential phenomenon that is happening in Dengkil. Located in the golden triangle of southern Klang Valley, MCT’s Cybersouth is establishing itself as the center of gravity for Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, KLIA and other nearby townships. Together with its self-sustainable and wholesome guarded community, it truly holds a comfortable and secure place to stay. Besides, MCT promises to offer a perfect blend of suburban lifestyle with urban comforts and conveniences, all within the residential area. Having said that, this fully integrated township represents the hallmark of affordable luxury with mesmerizing beauty of scenic lake views and garden inspired designs.

Address:  Cybersouth, Dengkil, Selangor

Property Type: Terrace House / Superlink

Land Title: Residential

Tenure:  Leasehold

Bumi Discounts: 7%

Sales Gallery: Available

Site GPS Coordinates: 2.881028, 101.662250


Expected Date of Completion:

  • GreenCasa: 2018
  • CasaView: 2018

Total Units:

  • GreenCasa: 418 units
  • CasaView: 530 units

Built Up: 417 acres

Facilities & Amenities:

Listing Price: Starts from RM629,000

Price per Sq. Ft.: RM320 (average)

Maintenance Fee per Sq. Ft.: From RM80/month

Parking Bay per Unit: 1 car porch

Special Features: fully integrated and self-sustaining township, guarded community, connected to major expressways & highways, garden themed concept, 25 acres of Central Park, next to upcoming UiTM Dengkil campus

Development Type: Residential – Phase 2

Unit Type:   Type A (1,959 sq.ft, 20’ x 70’)

Type A1 (2,166 sq. ft, 22’ x 70’)

Type A2 (1,971 sq. ft, 20 x 70’)

Type B (2,434 sq. ft, 22 x 75’)
Type B1 (2,702 sq. ft, 24’ x 75’)

Type B2 (2,463 sq. ft, 22’ x 75’)

Project Details

cyber 5

An overall view of the project (Source Eco Green City Sdn Bhd)

Right now, there’s literally nothing to observe at the construction site, besides the empty land that is being developed. While that is happening, the Phase 1 of the project, Greencasa, has almost been fully sold out and the Phase 2 of the project, Casaview, was just recently launched.
In future, once it is ready for occupancy, there will be several convenient amenities available within the compound such as grocery stores, childcare centres, clinics, retail and F&B outlets and commercial centres.

cyber 6

The enticing entrance (Source Eco Gree City Sdn Bhd)

A community club house, which houses a swimming pool and gymnasium, will also be included for family recreation.

For those who fancy to cycle around the township or just want to have a brisk walk, there is also a wholesome and serene central park dedicated to meet their demands.

Armed with facilities such as jogging & cycling tracks, forest and riverside walks, gardens, fishing and bbq decks and many more, the 10 acre Central Park will surely be useful and tranquil addition indeed.

cyber 1cyber 12

Ongoing construction works in Cybersouth City

cyber 13

Cycling and jogging tracks(Source Eco Green City Sdn Bhd)

Floor Plan

cyber 15

Various types of A (Source Eco Green City Sdn Bhd)

cyber 14

Type A (Source Eco Green City Sdn Bhd)

CasaView comes with 2 major designs- Type A and Type B. And within each plans, there are 3 different variants.

Firstly, Type A is the intermediate unit with built up area of 1,959 sq. ft. (20’ x 70’). It comes with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, which mimics the Type A2 unit, except that Type A2 has an additional 12 sq. ft and it is the end unit. Conversely, Type A1 is the corner lot with built up area of 2,166 sq. ft (22’ x 70’) and unlike type A and A2, it has an additional bathroom.

cyber 16

(Source Eco Green City Sdn Bhd)

cyber 17

Type B’s floor plans (Source Eco Green City Sdn Bhd)

On the other hand, the Type B unit is slightly larger than the Type A variants with built up area of 2,434 sq. ft (22’ x 75’). It is the intermediate unit and has identical numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms as the other Type B variants, which is 4 + 4. Nonetheless, it is also the smallest unit among them, with Type B1 coming on top. For Type B1 units, they are the corner lots with built up area of 2,702 sq. ft (24’ x 75’) while for Type B2 units, they are the end lots with built up area of 2,463 sq. ft.

In terms of interior designs, however, the developer has yet to finalize their sales gallery at this point of writing. There are several illustrations shown by the developer though, which should provide some sort of reference for CasaView’s concepts.

cyber 18

The kitchen and dining area (Source Eco Green City Sdn Bhd)

cyber 19

The living area (Source Eco Green City Sdn Bhd)

cyber 20

Stylish bedroom (Source Eco Green City Sdn Bhd)

Modern and classy. That would be the most suitable term to describe its interiors. From the pictures above, you will notice pretty decent floor finishes as well; with porcelain, vinyl and ceramic tiles being used accordingly. Besides, there are also timber flush doors and aluminium frame windows included in the units, along with a grasscrete paved driveway and a concrete imprinted car porch for its exteriors.


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Cybersouth, an identity that oozes class and glamour, is in fact, a far more attractive name than Dengkil north. Sandwiched between the south of Cyberjaya and the north of Dengkil, it sits atop of what used to be a deep mining pool. As concerning as it sounds, the redevelopment of the ex-mining land may not be as bad as you think. Just look at Bandar Sunway for instance- it was built on a similar land as well and turned out to be more than just fine.


Cybersouth’s Masterplan


Location aside, Cybersouth City has zero issues in terms of accessibility. Connected to major highways such as LDP, ELITE, MEX, SKVE and NSE, there are ample of ways to get there.

If you are journeying from Petaling Jaya, the Lebuhraya Damansara- Puchong (LDP) would be the fastest highway that leads to Cybersouth City. Just drive along the E11 signage and you will be connected to the federal route 29, Putrajaya- Cyberjaya Expressway. Once you have bypassed the Cyber Valley Commercial Centre, Cybersouth will just be at the opposite end, beneath the highway that is.

Alternatively, if you are coming from KLCC or Bukit Jalil, you can use the E20, Maju Expressway (MEX) to penetrate Putrajaya & Cyberjaya. From there, you will be linked to the route 29 as well. In future, according to Maju Expressway Sdn Bhd, they plan to expand their existing expressway by 18km to connect it to KLIA, which is reported to be the fastest link between the city centre, the airport and Cybersouth City when it is completed.


Cybersouth Location Map


While that sounds exciting, those who are driving from Serdang, however, can use the E26, South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE) to connect to route 29. In this regard, route 29 is also linked to the E6, Elite Highway, for those who are coming from Shah Alam. Otherwise, the North South Expressway (NSE) is the best way to get to Cybersouth City for southerners, such as those coming from Nilai or Seremban.

Moving along route 29, you will pass by some retail lots around the Cyber Valley Commercial Centre. They appeared to be quite well designed and you can discover some decent places to eat and shop there. And if you travel further down the road, you can also grab a couple of cheap meals at the Dengkil “Medan Selera” or food court.

cyber 2cyber 11

A view of Dengkil town

cyber 3cyber 10

Cybervalley commercial centre

Once you are in the Dengkil Town, you will probably feel bored and uninterested. There’s not much urbanization going on, but you still can find several fast food and Chinese restaurants around the neighbourhood. As you drive deeper into the town, you will also notice a Chinese national school located conveniently along the road. This will be advantageous if you are planning to send your children there.

That being said, the town itself looked quite civilized with decent looking terrace houses along Taman Baiduri. And unlike Puchong or other parts of central Klang Valley, Dengkil has a less dense population and a much smoother traffic condition. Not to mention, it is also in close proximity to the traffic-free Cyberjaya Township.

In the end, Dengkil, a quaint little abandoned mining town with population of just over 2,000 people, will suit those who are looking for a quiet and tranquil place to stay.

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Price Analysis 

There are not many developments in Dengkil that could match MCT’s Cybersouth City. Its closest rival would perhaps be SP Setia’s Liu Li Gardens in Setia Eco Glades.

Name Tenure/Land Title AveragePrice (per Sq. Ft.) Approximate Maintenance Fee(per Sq. Ft.) Car Park Bays
(MCT- Cybersouth)
Leasehold RM320 TBC Car porch
Liu Li Gardens(SP Setia- Eco Glades) Freehold RM550 0.18 Car porch


Unlike the linked houses in SP Setia’s Liu Li Gardens which cost around RM1.7 million, MCT’s CasaView caters to a less affluent target market segment, with an initial entry price of only RM629,000. Besides, it is also located further away to south of Cyberjaya, hence, MCT could capitalize on its affordability. The downside, however, is that it is not a freehold property like Liu Li Gardens.

The Developer

Cybersouth City is developed by Eco Green City Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of MCT Bhd. They began their business operations in 1999 as Modular Construction Technology Sdn Bhd, a builder specialising in construction and engineering works and subsequently ventured into property development in 2004 with the development of USJ One Avenue. Recently, on 6th April 2015, following the completion of the reverse takeover exercise (“RTO”) of GW Plastics Holdings Berhad (“GW Plastics”) through the acquisition of MCT Consortium Berhad (“MCT Consortium”), MCT Bhd was successfully listed on the main market of Bursa Malaysia. Already a highly prestigious property developer in the making, MCT bhd is definitely one of major players you should look out for when buying a property.

cyber 3

MCT’s One City (Eco Green City Sdn Bhd)

cyber 4

LakeFront Villa (Source Eco Green City Sdn Bhd)

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Honestly, affordable landed properties in Klang Valley are getting very rare. And if you include gated and guarded communities as well, there are really not many options left. For one, MCT’s CasaView fits the criteria of an affordable luxury that is not only safe, but also easily accessible to many major highways. Furthermore, it is located just 1.5km away from Cyberjaya, 16km to Bandar Bukit Puchong, and 36km to KLCC. Thus, it is quite a distance away from the hustle and bustle of the city living but close enough to meet urban conveniences. Also showcasing a wholesome living with its integrated township and beautiful green garden concepts, it is truly an excellent investment and a great place to stay in future.

If you don’t mind living in a small town called Dengkil with a meagre population of only more than 2,000 people, then MCT’s CasaView would be a good buy for you. Ignoring the fact that it is also being built on an abandoned mining lake, this would be a limited opportunity for you to own a prestigious landed property for a price tag of less than RM1 million. Rest assured though, the land will not sink as easily as you feared because MCT is a reputable and trustworthy construction and engineering company.


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