The Olive, Sunsuria City, Salak Tinggi, Sepang

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  • 30 May 2017

The Olive Sunsuria City - Sunsuria Bhd

The Olive Sunsuria City – Sunsuria Bhd


The Olive Sunsuria City: A Juicy Review

The first residential property to be launched in Sunsuria City, The Olive will span 17.8 acres of the whole freehold township in Dengkil, Sepang by Sunsuria Bhd.

Beginning its operation since 1989, this developer has to-date delivered more than 2,500 projects be it light industrial factories, commercial units, or residential properties. Sunsuria Berhad even embarked on a 525 acres township in Salak Tinggi called Sunsuria City in 2013 that houses the likes of Xiamen University Malaysia and international premium shopping outlets. No wonder then this township has won the ‘Best Sustainable Township for 2016’ award by Property Insight.

Other awards they’ve won include ‘The EDGE-PEPS Value Creation Excellence Award 2014’ for The CORE in Kota Damansara, the ‘ASIA PACIFIC PROPERTY AWARDS Architectural 2015-2016 Highly Commended in the Office Architecture Malaysia Category’ for Sunsuria Seventh Avenue in Setia Alam, and ‘APPA Architectural 2015-2016 Best Residential Landscape Architecture Malaysia Category’ for Suria Residence in Bukit Jelutong.

Of their ongoing and completed projects include Sunsuria Ampang Sports Complex, Sunsuria Avenue, Suria Jelutong, Suria Residence, and The Forum @ Sunsuria Seventh Avenue.

Comprising of 663 units, The Olive will feature a three-bedroom, two bathrooms unit having a built-up of 818 sq ft spread over three blocks. The starting price for this project is around RM399,800 or from an average price per square foot of around RM480, with a gross development value (GDV) of RM273 million.

Seeing how far this township is from the two major cities of Klang Valley namely Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, you may then be wondering if this project is more worthy an investment for own-stay or rental gains right?

Well then, continue reading this review for The Olive Sunsuria City to find out.


Project Details

Address: Sunsuria City, Salak Tinggi, Dengkil

Land Title: Residential

Tenure: Freehold

Site GPS Coordinates: 2°50’2″N 101°42’10″E


Expected Date of Completion: NA


Property Details

Property Type: Condominium

Total Units: 663

Built Up in Sq Ft: 818

Price: Starting from RM399,800

Special Features:

  • Freehold tenure
  • Nearby Xiamen University
  • Walking distance to Korean themed shopping mall, KLIO etc.


  • Children’s Playground
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wading Pool
  • Gymnasium

Unit Type:

  • 818 sq ft – 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car park bays

Project Details

The Olive Sunsuria City

The Olive Sunsuria City


The Olive Sunsuria City: An Overview

Fun fact: Did you know that in Greek mythology, the olive tree apparently was the result of this contest between Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, and Poseidon, God of the Sea, to see who’d give the citizens of Attica a more useful and precious gift? Poseidon for some reason chose to bless the people with salty water (seriously?) while Athena went with the delicious fruit. No brainer there as to who emerged the winner.

So was there an educated reasoning as to the choice of naming the first residential property in Sunsuria City which is also home to the Xiamen University, The Olive? Alas, no. What transpired was that the name was inspired by an award-winning Spanish watercolour painter by the name of Ceferí Olivé. But then again, the painter was from a Romance ethnic group so there you have it.


The Olive Sunsuria City - Xiamen University Malaysia

The Olive Sunsuria City – Xiamen University Malaysia


Spanning 17.8 acres worth of freehold land in this soon-to-become a self-sustaining township, The Olive consists of 663 apartment units spread in three blocks. There will be three lifts serving each block for the convenience of the residents there. Having a built-up size of 818 sq ft and spotting three rooms and two bathrooms, each unit will also be given two car park bays each.

Having a freehold tenure and a residential title with an average price per square foot of around RM480, the listing price for The Olive is expected to start from around RM399,800. The whole project has a GDV value of RM273 million.

The layout is as common as a typical high-rise condo goes nowadays, with an integrated kitchen, dining area, and living room next to a family hall that houses the three rooms. The master bedroom will also come with an ensuite.

The facilities provided is pretty standard for a high-rise nowadays. One will get to enjoy the likes of a swimming pool, wading pool, gym, children’s playground, and landscaped garden to name a few. The maintenance fee for The Olive is yet to be determined.


The Olive Sunsuria City - Jasper Square

The Olive Sunsuria City – Jasper Square


Sunsuria City is expected to have more residential launches in the near future including small-office, home-office (SoHo), serviced apartments, condominiums, and landed homes. There’s expected to be more than 2,000 units altogether to cover the housing aspect of this township.

Commercial-wise, a street mall called Bell Avenue which was launched in December 2015 and a commercial shops centre called Jasper Square which was launched in February 2016 both received encouraging responses at 80% and 30% converted sales each.


The Olive Sunsuria City - Amenities in Sunsuria City

The Olive Sunsuria City – Amenities in Sunsuria City


What’s more, this RM10 billion township that encompasses 525 acres of freehold land will also witness more developments in the future like corporate office towers near the Salak Tinggi ERL station, a factory outlet shopping mall called Kuala Lumpur International Outlet (KLIO) that sells off-seasoned high-end products, a Korean-themed development that houses a boutique hotel, a wedding avenue and more.

And what makes this township more appealing is that all these developments are centred around none other than the 150-acre Xiamen University Malaysia, China’s first overseas campus. This non-profit educational institution is expected to eventually cater to around 10,000 to 20,000 students, offering various fields of studies including Engineering, Accounting, and even Traditional Chinese Medicine.


The Olive Sunsuria City - Malaysian Universities that made it to the QS Rankings

The Olive Sunsuria City – Malaysian Universities that made it to the QS Rankings


Considering its QS University Rankings in the 451-460 tier is pretty impressive out of more than 100 private and government universities and colleges in Malaysia, only nine other universities made it to the list like University of Malaya and University Putra Malaysia, of which Xiamen University beat four out of those nine.

With such huge potential, The Olive may just be what students of this university would look for in an off-campus accommodation for more freedom right?

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The Olive Sunsuria City - Location Map

The Olive Sunsuria City – Location Map


Sunsuria City: Where exactly is it?

Sure you’ll straightaway get a picture of the F1 International Circuit and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) whenever Sepang is mentioned. In fact, your mind will most likely and automatically wander to picturing the map of Malaysian peninsular and focusing on the southern part of the Selangor and Kuala Lumpur states, right?

Well, you’re not wrong. While Putrajaya and Cyberjaya may be able to trick some people into thinking that they’re to the east or west of the Greater Klang Valley, Sepang unfortunately leaves little to the imagination.


The Olive Sunsuria City - KLIA

The Olive Sunsuria City – KLIA


However, before that imagination of yours runs too wild, know this, Cyberjaya is part of Sepang while Putrajaya is surrounded by Sepang. Now that doesn’t seem too way over there now, does it?

More famously known as the ‘Airport City’, it is surrounded by many convenient highways like LDP, MEX, Lebuhraya KLIA Extension, ELITE highway, Lebuhraya Utara Selatan and SKVE. Very convenient in fact that it’ll take around 38 kilometres through MEX to get to Kuala Lumpur city centre, and around 41 kilometres through LDP to get to Petaling Jaya.

That’s still far yes, but bear in mind that Putrajaya is only around 20 kilometres away while Cyberjaya is half of that; the same goes for KLIA International Airport from where Sunsuria City is located.

Still not convinced? Well Nilai, a well-established town part of Seremban district with its own amenities like tons of educational institutions and commercial centres is relatively close-by, around 17 kilometres away.


The Olive Sunsuria City - Project Model

The Olive Sunsuria City – Project Model


Nestled in between the sleepy town of Dengkil and the fast growing city of Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Sunsuria City is what one would call “a sleeping dragon” if you may. Are you aware of the slightly under-utilized Express Rail Link (ERL)? Better known as KLIA Transit, it is a rail service that connects one from KLIA all the way to KL Sentral. And guess what? One of its stops, namely Salak Tinggi, is located in Sunsuria City itself.  

Sure the fares may be costly (more than RM15 for an adult ticket from Salak Selatan to KL Sentral) but in the future, once ERL is fully utilized as a rail service that connects KL city centre to the borders of Klang Valley and not just as a means for one to travel from KL to KLIA, chances are the prices may turn out to be more reasonable since more and more people are bound to use the service right? Oh well, at least one can hope.

Healthcare-wise sure there’ll be clinics everywhere but for hospitals, the nearest unfortunately include Nilai Medical Centre at around 14 kilometres away or Hospital Putrajaya at 18 kilometres away. More on that in the ‘Project Details’ section.


The Olive Sunsuria City - Alamanda Putrajaya

The Olive Sunsuria City – Alamanda Putrajaya


What about education and entertainment though the two don’t always necessarily go together? For the time being, the surrounding townships like Dengkil has Sekolah Kebangsaan Dengkil and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dengkil at around 10 kilometres away, while for a shopping spree, there’s Alamanda Shopping Centre in Putrajaya at around 25 kilometres away. Far yes, but not all hope is lost. Again, more on that in the ‘Project Details’ section.

So that now you’re a bit more familiar of where Sunsuria City is, what’s your thoughts about its location? Is there a hidden potential somewhere? Continue reading folks.

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The Olive Sunsuria City: An Assessment

Obviously for this part of the Greater Klang Valley, there won’t be much high-rise properties since land is abundant. Around 10 kilometres away however is a five storey medium-cost apartment called Casa Dahlia by Oriental Interest Berhad (OIB). Let’s compare these two to see how well the reception for high-rise living here is.


Name Tenure/Land Title Launch Price Built-up Total Units
The Olive Sunsuria City Freehold/Residential Indicatively from RM399, 800 818 sq ft 663
Casa Dahlia Freehold/Residential Indicatively from RM208,000 853 sq ft 280


The final block for Casa Dahlia was sold in 2015 at the launch price of RM208,000 and was quite well-received. Currently, it can fetch a rental rate of around RM450 per month.

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The Olive Sunsuria City: The Verdict

Given that it will take some time for Sunsuria City township to be finished, The Olive obviously is more suited as an investment for rental gains from Xiamen University.

Once it’s more well-developed however with lots of offerings like international offices, KLIO, Korean-themed mall etc. it’s not impossible that this project may prove to be a worthy contender for own-stay as well.

After all, who’s to say that KL city living is the only way to go?

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