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  • 19 February 2022

Pantai Hillpark is located near the residential enclaves of Bangsar South and Bukit Pantai. It was jointly developed by YTL Land & Development Bhd and the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). The project was first launched in 1991 and completed in 2010.

There are several phases – Pantai Hillpark Phase 1, Pantai Hillpark Phase 2, Pantai Hillpark Phase 3, Pantai Hillpark Phase 5, Pantai Hillpark Andalucia, Centrio, and Pantai Peak.

Pantai Hillpark straddles the border between Kuala Lumpur and the urban township of Petaling Jaya. This hilltop residences is considered as one of the great successes of property development in the Klang Valley

Pantai Hillpark straddles the border between Kuala Lumpur and the urban township of Petaling Jaya. This hilltop residence is considered as one of the great successes of property development in the Klang Valley. This is largely due to YTL Land’s commitment to setting new residential development concepts while providing homeowners with branded properties that add value to both their investments and lives.

The location of Pantai Hillpark in an established neighbourhood increases its appeal to both investors and tenants. This project sits at Taman Desa Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur, which is technically near Kerinchi.

With its central location, Pantai Hillpark continues to be in demand by urban dwellers, as each project is set against a lush backdrop of rolling hills and dense tropical vegetation, while being minutes away from popular business and leisure spots.

Pantai Hillpark is often remarked as a story of successful urban regeneration. Its breakthrough developments include the Mediterranean-inspired Andalucia, a low-rise settlement of dwellings that was inspired by the Alhambra and the Alcazar in Spain. On the other hand, Centrio offers upwardly-mobile city-slickers a more effortless way to work and play.

Pantai Hillpark straddles the border between Kuala Lumpur and the urban township of Petaling Jaya. This hilltop residences is considered as one of the great successes of property development in the Klang Valley

Kerinchi, or more popularly described as Bangsar South today, has a growing affluent population of locals and expatriates. Beyond residential developments, there are multiple hotels, offices, eateries, nightlife and entertainment. Through the decades, the area has transformed into a thriving, dynamic and self-contained locale.

Address: Jalan Pantai Murni 1, Pantai Hillpark, Pantai Dalam, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Property Type: Condominium

Land Title: Residential

Total Units: 

  • Pantai Hillpark Phase 1: 298 units
  • Pantai Hillpark Phase 2: 747 units
  • Pantai Hillpark Phase 3: 12 units
  • Pantai Hillpark Phase 5: N/A
  • Pantai Hillpark Andalucia: 216 units
  • Centrio Pantai Hillpark: 313 units
  • Pantai Peak: 254 units

Tenure: Leasehold

Year of Completion: 2018

Built-up Area: 

  • Pantai Hillpark Phase 1: 1,039 sq ft – 1,323 sq ft
  • Pantai Hillpark Phase 2: 850 sq ft – 1,228 sq ft
  • Pantai Hillpark Phase 3: Approx. 1,497 sq ft
  • Pantai Hillpark Phase 5: Approx. 1,093 sq ft
  • Pantai Hillpark Andalucia: 1,292 sq ft – 2,300 sq ft
  • Centrio Pantai Hillpark: 509 sq ft – 2,281 sq ft
  • Pantai Peak: From 9,700 sq ft

Launch Price: From RM152,300

Project Details

Early on during its planning, YTL realised the need to stay away from the typical products, due to the poor perception of the area. Hence, they arrived at the idea of 4-storey apartments with lifts.

They made the units look different by playing with the windows. Some units came with French windows, some louvred and some are not. This was done to make buyers feel that their homes are unique.

Units are carefully designed to reflect the YTL branding at Pantai Hillpark.

The first phase was low density, with 20 units per acre. Pantai Hillpark, with its signature entrance arch, projects a distinctly Mediterranean flavour, inspired by the palaces and villas of Moorish architecture in Spain. The developer replicated the architecture in Andalusia, a province in the south of Spain, at Pantai Hillpark.

Initially, there was some resistance to the approach due to the address. However, with competitive pricing and product variation, the various phases sold well and even had many repeat buyers for subsequent phases. The launch of Phase 2 in March 1995 was a big hit, where all 747 units were sold out on launch day itself.

Pantai HIllpark comes with high volume windows that promises amazing views.


Project Details

Launch Price

Pantai Hillpark Phase 1

·       298 units

·       1,039 sq ft – 1,323 sq ft

·       Completed: 1991

From RM152,300

Pantai Hillpark Phase 2

·       5 storeys

·       747 units

·       850 sq ft – 1,228 sq ft

·       Completed: 1997


Pantai Hillpark Phase 3

·       Low- to medium-rise

·       5 blocks

·       10 storeys

·       12 units

·       Approx. 1,497 sq ft

·       3 bedrooms

From RM610,000

Pantai Hillpark Phase 5

·       Low- and high-rise condominium

·       7 blocks

·       19 storeys

·       Approx. 1,093 sq ft

·       3 bedrooms

·       2 bathrooms

·       1 car park bay

From RM395,000

Pantai Hillpark Andalucia

·       Low-rise condominium

·       Mediterranean theme

·       12 blocks

·       4 to 7 storeys

·       216 condo villas

·       1,292 sq ft – 2,300 sq ft

·       Winner of FIABCI-Malaysia Property Award 2006

·       Completed: 2010

From RM298,000

Centrio Pantai Hillpark


·       3 blocks

·       268 units

·       727 sq ft – 1,371 sq ft


Office Suites

·       24 units

·       509 sq ft – 2,510 sq ft



·       21 units

·       628 sq ft – 2,281 sq ft (for leasing only)


Completed: 2010

SOHOs: From RM550 psf


Offices: From RM450 psf

Pantai Peak

·       233 units of semi-detached

·       21 units of bungalows

·       From 9,700 sq ft

·       Completed: 2018

From RM2 million


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Although its immediate surroundings are of kampung and squatter settlements, accessibility at Pantai Hillpark is good. One could say that it is a golden triangle as well, consisting of Pantai, Bangsar, and Pantai Dalam. The area is accessible to and from Bangsar and Damansara Heights via 3 major highways – Federal Highway, SPRINT Highway, and the New Pantai Expressway (NPE).

Although its immediate surroundings are of kampung and squatter settlements, accessibility at Pantai Hillpark is good.

There are several schools and learning institutions near the Pantai Hillpark development, which are just a few minutes away. Residents are also just minutes away from shopping centres including Mid Valley Megamall, The Gardens, Bangsar Village and Bangsar Shopping Centre.

These are the distances from Pantai Hillpark to key areas in KL.

  • 3km to Pantai Medical Centre
  • 4km to Mid Valley & Bangsar
  • 6km to KL Sentral
  • 10km to Bukit Bintang
  • 12km to KLCC


  • Jalan Pantai Permai
  • Jalan Kerinchi
  • New Pantai Expressway (NPE)
  • Federal Highway
  • Universiti LRT station           


  • SMK Seri Pantai
  • SRA Al Khawarizmi
  • SK Methodist
  • Kolej Bedford
  • Universiti Malaya

Medical Care

  • Cengild G.I. Medical Centre (Cgi)
  • Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre
  • Yak Su Dang Chinese Medical Center
  • Pantai Hospital


  • The Sphere
  • Nexus Bangsar South
  • KL Gateway Mall
  • Mid Valley Megamall
  • The Gardens
  • Bangsar Village I & II
  • Bangsar Shopping Centre


  • Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve

Although its immediate surroundings are of kampung and squatter settlements, accessibility at Pantai Hillpark is good.

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Launched in 1991, Pantai Hillpark has landed homes, retail outlets, boutique offices and condominium projects, from Pantai Hillpark phases 1 to 5, Pantai Peak, Andalucia, and Centrio.

Back then, the area is known as a squatter settlement, and not many developers wanted to venture there. This was long before Bangsar South came into fruition.

All units come with faciltiies.

Pantai Hillpark was a ‘swap arrangement with the government’. By building low-cost housing for the government, and YTL got the rights to develop the land. The developer turned the area around by launching low-rise, low-density launches with Mediterranean architecture, which were sold out within days.

YTL Land & Development Bhd’s strategy was to maximise underutilised land in key locations. This has reaped rewards, as the developments have led to  price growth in surrounding properties. For example, condominium units in Pantai Hillpark phase 1 transacted at a median price of RM113.33 psf upon launch in Q1 1991. Today, it is about RM454 psf.

A 1,323 sq ft unit at Pantai Hillpark phase 1 listed for sale on PropertyGuru in January 2021 is from RM500,000 to RM560,000. For rent, it is available at approximately RM2,000. For a unit purchased at RM530,000, and rented out at RM2,000 per month, the gross rental yield would be 4.53% per annum.

Here’s a look at residential properties in Bangsar.


Land Tenure

Property Type



Approximate Launch Price

Andalucia by YTL Land & Development Bhd




1,292 sq ft – 2,300 sq ft

From RM298,000

Camelia Services Suites by UOA Development Bhd


Serviced Residence


638 sq ft, 861 sq ft & 1,419 sq ft

From RM590,000

Novum @ South Bangsar by Eupe Corp Bhd


Serviced Apartment


647 sq ft –1,441 sq ft



From RM720,000

KL Gateway Premium Residences by Suez Capital Sdn Bhd


Serviced Apartment


1,143 sq ft – 1,449 sq ft

From RM1.18 million


South Link Lifestyle Apartments by UOA Development



Serviced Apartment


450 sq ft – 1,141 sq ft

From RM360,000

Cubic Botanical by Ancubic Group of Company



Serviced Residence


518 sq ft – 900 sq ft

From RM380,000

Inwood Residences @ Pantai Sentral Park by IJM Land Berhad




1,125 sq ft – 1,965 sq ft

From RM950,800

KL Gateway Residences by Suez Capital Sdn Bhd


Serviced Residence


500 sq ft – 1,098 sq ft

From RM600 psf

Pantai Panorama by Amcorp Properties Berhad




700 sq ft – 6,000 sq ft

From RM530,000

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YTL Land & Development Bhd have successfully refurbished the image of Pantai Dalam with its Pantai Hillpark development. It transformed a once-neglected area into a preferred address located just minutes from the affluent Bangsar and Pantai neighbourhoods.

Units at Pantai Hillpark have views of the remaining Gasing forest.

Further down the road, Bangsar South and KL Gateway changed the Kampung Kerinchi skyline, and with that, came improved land and property prices. In 1990, YTL Land entered into a joint-venture with DBKL to develop the 90-acre tract. DBKL mooted the idea for low-cost homes to be built, but YTL suggested that while some of it could be developed into low-cost homes, there should be some allocation for higher-end development due to its strategic location.

On the flip side, some opined that the developments affected the livelihood of the locals in Kampung Kerinchi. Life changed drastically, and many struggled with the high cost of living, as food became more expensive.

Here are estimated loan figures for a unit at Pantai Hillpark priced at RM550,000.

  • LTV / margin of finance: 90%
  • Down payment (10%): RM55,000
  • Loan amount: RM495,000
  • Loan term: 30 years
  • Interest rate: 3.2%
  • Monthly repayment: RM2,141
  • Approximate required gross annual income: RM86,000*

* Assumptions: No other monthly debt obligations, with 30% of gross income spent on the home loan. As a rule of thumb, banks usually loan up to 30% of your gross annual income.

These figures are calculated based on the PropertyGuru Home Loan Calculator, and PropertyGuru’s Home Loan Eligibility and Affordability Calculator.


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