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  • 31 December 2015

featured image wangsa 9

Artist’s impression of Wangsa 9 Residency (Source www.wangsa9.com)

Banking on its great location, Wangsa 9 will be filling up the great skies of Wangsa Maju in years to come. This development is bound to change the façade of this mid-income majority area that could lure in a great number of migration from the city centre to Wangsa Maju.

Project Description- Wangsa 9, Wangsa Maju

Address: Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1, Wangsa Maju, 53300, Kuala Lumpur

Property Type: Condominium

Land Title: Residential

Tenure: Leasehold

Land Area: 7.5 acres

No. of Towers: 3

No. of Storeys: 48 storeys (1 block) hand 38 storeys (2 blocks)

No. of Units: 565 units overall

Built Ups: 1, 033- 2,390 sq. ft.

Unit Types:

  • Type A Unit 3, 2 Bedrooms 1,033 sq. ft.
  • Type A Unit 3A, 2 Bedrooms 1,033 sq. ft.
  • Type B Unit 5, 3+1 Bedrooms 1,733 sq. ft.
  • Type B2 Unit 5, 3+1 Bedrooms 1,755 sq. ft.
  • Type C Unit 6, 3+1 Bedrooms 1,647 sq. ft.
  • Type C2 Unit 6, 3+1 Bedrooms 1,690 sq. ft.
  • Type D Unit 1, 3+1 Bedrooms 2,336 sq. ft.
  • Type D Unit 2, 3+1 Bedrooms 2,336 sq. ft.
  • Type D3 Unit 1, 3+1 Bedrooms 2,390 sq. ft.


  • Tennis court
  • Basketball court
  • Squash court
  • Garden design from US
  • Infinity pool of 50 meters long
  • Three Jacuzzis
  • 5-Tier security
  • Stairs to Wangsa Walk
  • Bicycle Track
  • Jogging Track
  • Mini Waterpark

Selling Price Range: RM 750, 800- RM 1.6 mio

Price per sq. ft.: RM600 psf.

Maintenance Fees: RM 0.25 psf.

Expected TOP: 2018

Sales Office: 7, Jalan Rampai Maju 1, Rampai Business Park South, 53300, Wangsa Maju. Call 03- 4131 6628.

Project Details

wangsa 9 sale 4IMG_3542

Block B and C will be up by 2018

Wangsa 9 would wow potential buyers with its built and stature. It is now common to see high-end condominiums paving their way into Wangsa Maju. Wangsa 9 is no exception. Perhaps, time has come to expand the socioeconomic background of the community here. By having such expensive developments like Wangsa 9, those from the higher income bracket would definitely be tempted to move here.

Nestling on a 7.5-acre of land, Wangsa 9 consists of three blocks. Block B and Block C are currently open for booking and most of the units that have been booked are going through the final stages of loan approval. Meanwhile, Block A will be opening its door sometime next year for booking. Block A will be marketed as an upscale property to compare to the previous two blocks. The developer is targeting foreign buyers and homeowners.

wangsa 9 site 6IMG_3596

The progress of construction

wangsa 9 site 15IMG_3607

A mini waterpark is bound to hit the right notes among buyers with children

wangsa 9 sale 2IMG_3538

The mini waterpark

wangsa 9 site 5IMG_3594

The gazetted 40 acres land

What makes Wangsa 9 a stand out above the rest? The establishment itself has 30 over facilities that will cater to the various needs of the residents. Banking on the facilities is a great selling point given the kind and quality of these facilities.

The main marketing mantra is the waterpark that will be located at the 7th floor. This could be a great facility to the residents especially those with kids! There are various water rides and slopes with whimsical and colourful designs. This definitely screams ‘fun’ in the comfort of your own home for many parents.

There are various sports facilities that will be built here. These include tennis courts, basketball court and squash courts. They are even constructing bicycle and jogging tracks as well as a bridge that will lead to a 40-acre gazetted land located right behind of the condominium.

Wangsa 9 will have a 5-tier security as safety plays a crucial role in moulding Wangsa 9 as a high-end development. Besides that, a staircase leading to Wangsa Walk will be built in making amenities more accessible for the residents.

All units will be furnished with kitchen cabinets from Signature Kitchen, hob and hood, oven, built in wardrobes, air conditioners in all living areas and rooms, water heaters as well as luxurious bathtubs in Type B and Type D. Meanwhile, smaller units will receive two carparks while bigger units will be given three to four carparks.

wangsa 9 sale 5IMG_3545

Type B is sold out!

wangsa 9 sale 6IMG_3546

Another option to Type B is C

wangsa 9 sale 7IMG_3547

Among the biggest unit at Block B and Block C is Type

On a whole, Block B and C have four basic layouts. Type A is sized at 1, 033 sq.ft. with two bedrooms. Ironically, this is the least popular unit here as there are ample of Type As up for grab. It is said that most buyers would prefer to buy bigger units due to its high price tag as the development is deemed as a long term investment for the family to live in.

Meanwhile, Type B is sized at 1, 733 sq.ft., It has three bedrooms along with one utility room. The selling point for this particular type is that it has three amazing views- Bukit Tabung, Wangsa Walk and the gazetted land as each room will have different scenery. Plus, rooms here are spacious as they range from 150 sq.ft. to 250 sq.ft. The living areas are relatively small, though.

If buyers are looking for bigger living space in contra to bigger rooms, they would probably opt for Type C. Sized at 1, 647 sq.ft., Type C has smaller rooms but bigger living and dining areas.

For those with money to burn, Type D would fit the bill. Sized at 2,336 sq.ft., it has three bedrooms with one utility room as well as a powder room for houseguests.Type Ds are located on the higher floors. Due to such exclusivity, there will be a private lift lobby for the tenants of these units.


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wangsa 9 google map location

Strategic location is very appealing (Source Google Map)

One just cannot stop gushing on Wangsa 9’s great location. Strategically located in an established suburb of Wangsa Maju, Wangsa 9 could be the ‘go to’ destination for folks with a growing family to reside.

Wangsa 9 can be reached via Jalan Genting Kelang, MRR2 and DUKE highway. There is even a connected route to Jalan Ampang via Jalan Jelatek and Jalan Setiawangsa. Just a reminder that getting there can lead into a bit of a bottleneck jam especially during the peak hours in the morning and in the evening. Heavy traveling occurs out from the area heading to Kuala Lumpur as people would be rushing for work.

wangsa 9 site 7IMG_3606

Main roads such as AKLEH are accessible here at Wangsa Maju

wangsa 9 site 13IMG_3615

DUKE is merely minutes away

wangsa 9 site 2IMG_3587

Sri Rampai Station is merely 150 meters away from Wangsa 9

The RAPID LRT here is simply efficient and well-connected. There are four main LRT stations and these include Wangsa Maju Station, Sri Rampai Station, Jelatek Station and Taman Melati Station. The closest LRT station is Sri Rampai LRT Station that is just minutes away by foot.

Besides that, RapidKL busses are now getting efficient in comparison to a decade ago. The frequency of these busses has been increased to very half an hour and the number of bus stations have rose to cater to the demands of new residential areas.

Taxis are everywhere in this part of Greater Kuala Lumpur. Given the fact that there are numerous malls and offices around the area, cabs are often seen waiting for customers.

wangsa 9 site 13IMG_3609

RAPID busses are on the go

wangsa 9 site 11IMG_3576

Facilities at your doorsteps such as Wangsa Walk

By the way, Wangsa 9 is minutes away from Wangsa Walk, a popular shopping destination among the folks here. It is just across the street from the condominium. It provides basic amenities and entertainment outlets such as ColdStorage, TGV Cinema, various eateries, fashion boutiques, indoor playground and even a gym.

There are even rows of shop lot located behind of Wangsa Walk that offer even more variety in fashion, food, specialised boutiques and tuition centres.  Banks are scattered all over within this area. This is definitely banking made easy for the folks of Wangsa 9.

Besides that, AEON Big is within a short commute from Wangsa 9. Residents do have wider range of options and alternatives in getting basic needs and groceries by living here. There wouldn’t be any issue of inaccessibility as residents have no reason to travel beyond Wangsa Maju for good amenities.

wangsa 9 site 9IMG_3614

AEON BIG is another option for groceries shopping

wangsa 9 site 1IMG_3549

Constructions and more constructions are filling up Wangsa Maju

wangsa 9 site 12IMG_3584

Another condominium is on the rise nearby

As mentioned, this is a family friendly neighbourhood. Access to education is another pulling point that can lure families to Wangsa Maju. Among government and private schools that are located within the area are:

  • Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Zon R1 Wangsa Maju
  • Sekolah Kebangsaan Wangsa Maju Seksyen 5
  • Sekolah Kebangsaan Wangsa Maju Zon R10
  • Sekolah Kebangsaan Wangsa Maju Seksyen 1
  • SMK Seri Rampai
  • Sekolah Rendah Agama Taman Wangsa Melawati
  • Fairview International School located at Seksyen 6 of Wangsa Maju
  • Sri Utama School of Sri Rampai
  • International Islamic School located at Gombak
  • Sayfool International School located along Jalan Ampang Hilir  
  • Tadika GC Seri Rampai 
  • Real Kids Wangsa Melawati
  • EyeLevel Wangsa Maju

Hospitals and clinics are a short drive away. Wangsa Maju has ample of healthcare services such as clinics for every sections and zones. Gleneagles Hospital, Ampang Puteri Specialist, Prince Court Medical Centre and Tawakkal Hospital are also reachable within 20 minutes of driving.

But there are countless of massive constructions around.  This is where headaches would start to kick in given the sight and sound! Without a doubt, this is one of the best ‘go to’ areas to live. And developers are taking notes by grabbing any chances that they could in bringing high-rise condominiums to Wangsa Maju.

Constructions are literally everywhere at every inch of this area. Trucks and tractors are commuting in and out of Wangsa Maju, leaving roads muddy and crooked. Perhaps, this is the price to pay in establishing Wangsa Maju as an alternative living hub to KL’s city centre. In fact, even high-end developments are making its presence felt here, competing with mid ranged apartments and condos.

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Price Analysis

Name Land Tenure No. of Blocks No. Storey/Units Selling Price
Wangsa 9 Residency by Mitrajayahomes Sdn Bhd(Completion by 2018) Leasehold 3 48 and 38 Storeys/565 units RM 750, 000- RM 1.6 mio 
Seasons Garden by SCP Group (Completion by Q3 2018) Leasehold 4 900 units RM442, 000 to RM 517 000
Irama Wangsa by Beneton Properties (Completion by Q3 2018) Freehold 3 21-26 storeys/ 655 units RM750, 000 – RM1.8 mio 

Rental rate is predicted to start from RM 3 000 for the smallest and unfurnished units here. Given the years to come, expect more hikes in its rate.

 About The Developer

Mitrajayahomes Sdn Bhd’s corporate philosophy is based on the belief that a business organisation, while in pursuit of profit, should fulfill its role as an agent of progress and discharge its moral responsibility to society and employees. The company strives to harmonise precious human resource and the operating environment whereby professionalism, teamwork, total commitment and loyalty could be cultivated and nurtured to become its corporate culture and ethics.

Mitrajayahomes Sdn Bhd is able to combine its resources and technology to create the synergy for the company’s growth over the years. Its RM630million 250-acre integrated township of Puchong Prima is a fine example of a comprehensive master plan undertaken by the company. This carefully-planned township signifies a concerted effort of the company’s commitment in developing a multi-faceted community rather than just constructing buildings. Its landscape architecture bears testimony to the company’s strong belief in continually contributing to the success of Malaysia’s effort in building a developed nation.

The company’s continued efforts in expanding its land bank is evident in the securing of an additional 90 acres of land for its future development plans. Its commitment in providing homebuyers with superb location is further cemented with the acquisition of various prime locations in the Klang Valley, including a 3-acre piece of land in the upmarket locale of Mont Kiara and also a 7-acre piece in the established suburbs of Wangsa Maju.

(Source www.mitrajayahomes.com)

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Beyond a reasonable doubt, living in Wangsa Maju is a long term plan for most families. The amenities are developed and have been established for decades. Parents with children would definitely give Wangsa 9 some serious consideration given its strategic location and great ambiance to raise a family. The facilities here are exceptional. Waterpark, nursery and sports facilities are able to cater to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle for the residents.

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