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Changing the land title of a Bumi Lot to a non-Bumi lot requires much time (counted in years), and procedures in order to obtain consent from the government. So please check with the developer.

Also, now, if you're a non-Bumi buyer who's looking to purchase, you'd have to keep in mind that a "released" property does NOT mean that it's no longer a Bumi Lot!

It actually still is, and a non-Bumi owner of that Bumi Lot would need to reapply for consent from the Land Office should there ever be a need to sell/transfer.

Read more about it here: https://www.propertyguru.com.my/property-guides/freehold-leasehold-or-bumi-lot-know-the-differences-and-restrictions-6946

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Hi Terrace,

1.If developer cannot sell all their bumiputra quota lots (different from Malay Reserved)they can apply to the local authority for a waiver to sell to non-bumiputra provided the developer can show proof that they have tried advertising and marketing aggressively to bumiputra buyers over a sufficient period of time of more than 6 months.

2.Ask the developer for the official release letter.

3. If you are buying on condition that the unit will be released to non-bumiputra make sure that your deposit is refundable and no costs is incurred on your part if the approval is not granted.
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