Top 22 Interior Design Companies In Malaysia

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Top 22 Interior Design Companies In Malaysia
Interior design is much more than just making rooms look more stylish and attractive. It’s also about fulfilling the true potential of a space, and enhancing the homeowner’s living experience.
To help you kick-start your home renovation project with ease, in collaboration with Qanvast, we’ve put together a handy list of 22 top interior firms from across Malaysia, perfect for all your home improvement needs.
There’s no shortage of style among these IDs – from Modern Contemporary, to Scandinavian design – these people are experts at turning any empty room into something extraordinary!

Selangor and Kuala Lumpur

1) PINS Studio, Petaling Jaya

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Testimonial from Soonkit:

“We came across PINS Studio by luck nearly a year ago, and haven’t looked back since. We’re excited that the house is now completed but at the same time, there’s that tinge of sadness as we will surely miss working with the team, especially Si Yuan and Sin Yee.
Design-wise, they came out with what we had in mind, or even better. They’re not only creative, but also honest and nice to work with as well. Just hand them the key and let them do the rest. At least, that’s what we did!”

2) IQI Concept, Petaling Jaya

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Testimonial from Martin:

“IQI Concept team provides efficient, cost-effective designs that are practical and buildable. They were responsive to the challenges of the project by rendering alternative solutions and cost input during the early stages of the process, while consistently meeting our project schedule and budget requirements.
I wish to express my appreciation for a job well done, and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future, for years to come.”

3) The Grid Studio, Puchong

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Testimonial from Linda:

“Deacon and his team are true professionals, super creative, and great people to work with. They had a great vision, creative ideas, and paid attention to details. In addition to the design, I needed help coordinating and managing the entire project.
They did such a great job in ensuring the design was something that I would love. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help on home renovation!”

4) RK Interior Studio, Puchong

Qanvast - RK Interior - 1 (1)

Testimonial from Daniel Lee Kwan Leong:

“We have a good experience working with Jie Xi, Tania, and their team. Jie Xi is patient in understanding our needs and vision. She goes the extra mile in making changes, and gives good solutions to reflect our needs (budget, quality, and design).
Both Jie Xi and Tania are responsive when we need to get in touch. The finished design and delivery look more expensive than what others think it actually costs. I attribute this to their creativity and sharp design acumen!”

5) Considered Design, Seri Kembangan

Qanvast - Considered Design - 2 (1)

Testimonial from Jackie Tan:

“We got to know Nicholas through a friend of mine who strongly recommended their design and build service, so we contacted him to begin the discussion. Nicholas’ team was able to give good suggestions and ideas, adding on to what we had in mind.
They managed our project well, and were attentive to every detail. It was a pleasure working with Nicholas and his team. The workmanship and level of professionalism were great. Price was also reasonable and everything was completed within the timeline.
We’re very happy and will definitely recommend Considered Design to everyone looking for an ID for their home!”

6) Anwill Design, Kajang

Qanvast - Anwill Design - 2 (1)

Testimonial from Kayy Leong:

“Definitely a wise decision to have Anwill Design working with us! I’ve never thought it could be so hassle-free when it comes to renovating a new house, which is really great. Did I mention the team is really effective? Well, they are!
We got everything done in just less than one month from the day we engaged them. Kudos to the team, and I’ll definitely be recommending Anwill Design to all of my friends!”

7) Blaine Robert, Petaling Jaya

Qanvast - Blaine Robert - 1 (1)

Testimonial from Sabrina Lee:

“Working with Blaine, and the team of Blaine Robert Design, was a great experience. The professional advice provided, and overall execution of the project, was valuable in creating the show unit designed specifically to our prospective buyer’s needs.
The design provided in the 3D proposal and the finished show unit were almost exact. We knew what we were getting and we got it. We thank Blaine Robert Design for their hard work, and look forward to working together again in the future.”

8) Spazio Design, Cheras

Qanvast - Spazio Design - 2 (1)

Testimonial from Peggy:

“I browsed through Spazio Design and found their designs quite attractive. I called Ms Agnes Kang to set up an appointment to discuss further. She’s a friendly and patient person who listens to all my requests, and always gives me ideas.
I’m very satisfied with the work done, as she did everything I wanted and asked for. If it’s not possible, she’ll give me other suggestions. After a few months, she’s still following up with me, so I must say her after-sales service is very good.
Previously, I had terrible experiences dealing with many suppliers and vendors, but after my experience with Spazio Design, I believe it’s very good to deal with one interior designer to manage my whole project.”

9) D.Co Interior Design, Puchong

Qanvast - D.Co Interior Design - 1 (1)

Testimonial from Mr Kong:

“I got a condo unit and wanted to rent it out. I had a fixed budget for the renovation, and they were able to do up my unit within my budget. The design and work exceeded my expectations!”

10) Haven Interior and Construction, Subang Jaya

Qanvast - Haven Interior - 2 (1)

Testimonial from Iman:

“After a pending project for nearly 6 months from our previous contractor, Mior helped us redesign our interiors, which became simpler and family-friendly. His team managed to find errors from the previous contractor, and fixed them up immediately.
The project was completed as agreed, and the price was reasonable. Mior understands our needs and wants, as well as having the expertise. Hence, the delivery of the project was efficient. The quality of the workmanship was good as well!”

11) Interior+ Design, Bangsar

Qanvast - Interior+ Design - 1 (1)

Testimonials from Jegakaur:

“We had a fantastic time working with Jack Lim and his team from Interior+ Design. This was our first home, and renovation can be an overwhelming undertaking. However, their team made it an easy and a delightful process.
The on-site supervisor, Jason, was accommodating to every issue that needed to be rectified. They really understood what we wanted and delivered it, as shown in their 3D renderings. All our family and friends agree that the house is simply homely. Thank you to Jack Lim and Interior+ Design for making our home truly ours!”

12) Klaasmen Shd Bhd, Seputeh

Qanvast - Klaasmen - 1 (1)

Testimonial from Li Ping Strachan:

“Both my husband and I are very pleased that the Klaasmen team is very reliable and always responsive. Given our past experience, it has always been very hard to find the right people and team, with committed passion to work out all the details and ensure smooth running of the entire renovation process.
Plus, we love the design outcome, harmonious and homely. Klaas surely exceeds our expectations and we’re already recommending Klaasmen to our friends and relatives. Two thumbs up!”

13) Interior Hunters, Petaling Jaya

Qanvast - Interior Hunters - 3 (1)

Testimonial from Shamsul Mohd Zain:

“When we first met Agnes at our apartment unit prior to renovation, it was to our surprise that she seemed very young. I guess it was not only us, but anyone present at that moment will have that doubt.
We gave her a chance and she definitely impressed us with a bunch of ideas and improvements from our initial design. So we had our apartment totally renovated. That means, a whole lot of things to look for, choose, and buy.
She had plenty of knowledge to share and whenever we ran out of ideas, we always referred to her. She’s an expert at her job and easy to work with. The renovation finished on time. Thanks to Agnes and the whole team for the splendid work!”

14) Box Design Studio, Taman Maluri

Qanvast - Box Design Studio - 2 (1)

Testimonial from Liang Siang Jung:

“If you’re looking for someone who can translate your aspiration of style into reality, you’re at the right place. I’m extremely happy working with Lucas Fong and the team, that has the strength in specifically designing a modern minimalist interior that’s close to my heart.
The design is simple with an uncomplicated form of detailing, and yet, provides plenty of storage space that is both functional and beautiful. The team is also very skilfully making sure natural light flows in seamlessly, creating a visual pleasure to stay in.
My family and I also wanted to thank Lucas and team who worked tirelessly to meet our strict timeline! Well done!”

15) Urban Designs Studio, Sentul

Qanvast - Urban Design Studio - 2 (1)

Testimonial from Marcus:

“I’m quite satisfied with the outcome design, the founder was very professional and approachable on the design concept. They have a strong sense of design and did the space planning very well. They make every single space more efficient, and even saved more cost after the planning.
Urban Design Studio is always helpful and a problem solver. They were always able to solve any issue as quickly as possible. Thank you to Ben and the design team for the good service, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you.”


1) Nevermore Group, Georgetown

Qanvast - Nevermore Group - 2 (1)

Testimonial from Sam Hock Seong:

“Besides knowing Say Yang and Say Win for years, both brothers have designed and consulted on a few projects of my family assets.
Having a vast experience from residential to commercial design; I applaud them for their passion and professionalism in being able to meet my expected deadlines for project completion. Their professional fees are reasonable, and most of all, I’m a satisfied client!”

2) Vault Design Lab, Tanjung Tokong

Qanvast - Vault Design Lab - 3 (1)

Testimonial from Benjamin Ng:

“I’m very satisfied with the service provided by Vault Design Lab. They are very attentive to all my requests and needs.
I feel overwhelmed by how they managed to transform my empty townhouse into an exclusive cozy space where I now spend most of my free time, and I’m happy to call it home. Special thanks to Mixy for the great effort and providing me a lot of ideas throughout the design process.”

3) Millewn Designs, Georgetown

Qanvast - Millewn Designs - 1 (1)

Testimonial from Stephanie:

“Michelle has done an amazing job with my kitchen renovation. After discussing with her on the style I have in mind – simple and modern – she provided me with suggestions on improving the kitchen’s aesthetic, practicality, as well as providing quality materials that met my budget. I’m able to get in touch with her easily, and was constantly informed about the progress of the renovation.
Although there were some minor issues during the construction process, Michelle has never once failed to come up with effective solutions to solve them, which put my mind at ease. Overall, I’m very happy with the outcome, and I’ll not hesitate to recommend Michelle for home renovations!”

4) IN.C Design, Georgetown

qantas-in.c design (1)

Testimonial from Jaiprashanth Ramalingam:

"It was a great experience! Edward and Josephine were really professional yet down-to-earth, from the start till the end. The design they presented was practical and concise with the existing layout. When we first met, they made the effort to walk us through the entire process.
They were organised and efficient in their planning and executions. Bottom line: Their attention to detail and professionalism are the main reasons why we had no regrets in choosing them as our designers."


1) Red Land Design, Ipoh

Qanvast - Red Land Design - 3 (1)

Testimonial from Lau Kook Fang:

“I’m truly amazed by how beautiful Red Land Design has transformed our house. We did an initial makeover project last year for our entryway, living room, kitchen, children room, and transitioning our study room (which is an area that we rarely used) into a music room for our children. All I can say is… WOW!!!”


1) MODS Design, Skudai


Testimonial from Loh Ming Yuan:

“I highly recommend all to consider Mods Design as their Interior Designer! We are pleased and happy with the outcome of the design and quality of the furnishing. Huge thanks to Waylon, Ms Liew and the rest of the team who were always very helpful with their suggestions (include helping us extensively on furniture, lighting & etc).
They were often going out of their way to cater to our preferences, even answering calls on weekends. Overall, I had a great experience with Mods Design!”

2) Sheng Renovation Works Sdn Bhd, Segamat


Testimonial from Zhi Ling:

“Sheng Renovation Works has an excellent team that catered to my needs to build my dream house. Friendly boss, designer and workers. Very good quality of work. Work is done within stipulated time.
Most impressive is, the outcome is nearly 100% the same as 3D design given. Satisfied customer from Negeri Sembilan! I will rate them 10/10 for their design and their teamwork in fulfilling my renovation needs.”
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