A Silent Guide To Finding Peace And Quiet At The Right Property

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A Silent Guide To Finding Peace And Quiet At The Right Property
Quiet places to live truly are something special. Nobody wants to live next to noisy neighbours from hell, or ever-rumbling construction sites. We all deserve a bit of peace and serenity in our life.
Finding quiet apartments isn’t just a case of luck. There are a range of techniques you can consider to steer away from thin walls and blaring car horns, and find the soundproof apartments you need.

1) Locations unlock quiet

Location matters when it comes to property! We all know that. But location is also your first step towards a peaceful place to live.
Even with the best windows in the world, a home that’s right next to a busy highway or frequent commuter train route isn’t going to be silent at all.
Make sure to do a scouting trip around the local area when visiting, and understand what key elements like traffic noise, public transport links, and even airplane routes in big cities, might be like.
Don’t forget that being near schools can also add elements of joyous, if somewhat persistently high-pitched, child-like noise too!

2) Visit at different times of day

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Noise levels vary throughout the day, whether that’s down to jams and honking horns at rush hour, or screaming kids in a playground during the evening.
Be smart and visit at different times of the day if possible, so you get a good idea of how the noise levels vary.
This can also impact night-time hours as well, for example helping identify noisy neighbours that play music too loud, or even a local night spot you hadn’t noticed before that goes on into the early hours of the morning.
If you’re visiting a condo or apartment complex, you might not be able to enter the unit late at night (sellers need to sleep too!), but you can still potentially explore the area or even the wider complex as a guest.
A cheeky lift up to the floor you’re thinking of buying a property on should offer some insight – although remember that doors tend to be less soundproof than walls between apartments. Information is power on your quest for quiet places to live!

3) Go rural for peace and quiet

It might seem extreme, but if you’re someone who really wants some peace and quiet, then why not consider a more rural lifestyle?
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With the remote working (or better known as the ‘work-from-home/WFH’) phenomenon, this might be a more viable option for many than it was even a year ago.
You don’t have to retire to a kampung lifestyle to enjoy the peace and quiet of a rural location. There are numerous eco-focused developments and rural townships, which are designed with modern infrastructure and amenities on hand.
Take a look at developments like Penduline @ Bander Rimbayu and Marvelane Homes by the Lake @ Putra Heights in Selangor; Eco Spring in Johor; Setia Greens in Penang, and a range of similar properties across the country.

4) Live low-density

If moving to a more rural location is a little extreme for your urban lifestyle, then why not consider exploring some low-density living options instead.
The more densely populated an area is, the more opportunities there are for noise. That’s true of condominiums/apartments with lotsss of units too!
Low-density high-rises are designed to reduce the number of units on one floor and in one building, not only meaning more space to live, but potentially meaning fewer (noisy?) neighbours too.

5) Beware of empty land

Okay, this may sound like the start of a horror movie, but it’s not! Malaysia is a rapidly developing nation, and urban areas in particular have seen significant growth over the last decade. That means empty land often doesn’t stay empty for long.
If you’re on a quest for quiet, then be wary of properties which overlook (or are adjacent) to empty land in urban areas, as it’s likely they will be developed at some point in the future.
Not only can that change your view, it can also change your noise levels. Construction isn’t a silent game, especially if you have a baby on the way!
Now, you may try to ask the developer of the property you’re looking at about the empty plots of land nearby (if any), but chances are, you’d only get a vague answer.
On one hand, the developer probably wouldn’t know about other developers’ potential plans. And on the other hand, they’re going to want to sell off their units, so they’d be sure not to scare you off!

6) Go to the top

In high-rise living, there’s often a peace and quiet bonus for heading to the top. One of the worst problems of living in an apartment is having a noisy neighbour upstairs, who inexplicably walks around the house in high heels, or seems to like moving the furniture round at 3am.
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Living in a penthouse or top floor unit means you’re the person at the top, so you’re less likely to get that all-hours dance party going on above you.
A word of caution however: Malaysian developments often have wonderful rooftop amenities that are open to all its development residents.
So, you should definitely consider how the potential opening hours could change the noise levels, and how directly this might overshadow your property of choice. If you don’t fancy the top, don’t be put off however!
Stratified property is covered by shared agreements between owners, with the Strata Management Act, a complementary Deed of Mutual Covenant or similar agreement, ensuring rules around appropriate behaviour are clear to all residents.

7) Check the soundproofing

This seems so obvious, but it’s good to remind people! Take time within a home visit to listen to what’s going on around you.
That means standing in any of the rooms in complete silence, to appreciate what you can hear from outside. This is an important way to assess how soundproof your apartment or landed property might be.
Remember that soundproofing isn’t something outside your control! If you find flimsy windows letting in lots of road noise for example, it shouldn’t automatically put you off a property.
It might take some spending, but investing in new double-glazed windows should cut out a lot of that noise. Soundproof apartments and landed homes can be created, as well as bought!
There are a whole range of other soundproofing measures you can take, like heavy sound-reducing curtains, clever positioning of furniture, draft and sound excluders for doors, or even perhaps some internal remodelling!

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