Top 10 Most Viewed Project Reviews in Q1 2020

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Top 10 Most Viewed Project Reviews in Q1 2020
The first three months of the year has passed in a blink of an eye! And during the last 90 days, property seekers were spoilt by many new launches and properties that were introduced into the market.
Some developments instantly gained popularity for their affordable pricing while a handful were simply preferred for its location. But what took us by surprise is how there’s a certain interest among townships that made it to the list!
And one thing for sure is, they are seeking value-added information from online platforms before making their decisions – after all, we are in the new decade of things!
If you are intrigued on which development was so famous in this quarter, fret not, as we have compiled a list of the most viewed Project Reviews on PropertyGuru just for you!
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Editor’s note: All facts and figures below are accurate at time of publishing. This is not a sponsored post – findings based on PropertyGuru Analytics.
Let the countdown begin!

10) The Park Sky Residence, Bukit Jalil City

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Property Type: Serviced apartments
Built-ups: 869 sq ft – 1,565 sq ft
Price: RM811,000
Fun fact: The ‘front’ of The Park Sky Residence is actually the side oriented towards the park, which explains why the residence is called ‘The Park’.

9) Aria Luxury Residence, KLCC

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Property Type: Condominium
Built-up area: 630 sq ft – 1,502 sq ft
Price: From RM945,000
Fun fact: Aria is Italian for ‘any expressive melody’ usually performed by an Opera singer so it’s no wonder that this high-end condominium project is heavily influenced by music-inspired art.

8) 121 Residences, Petaling Jaya

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Property Type: Serviced Apartment
Built-up: 450 sq ft & 750 sq ft
Price: From RM318,000
Fun fact: The popularity of 121 Residences is due to the combination of pricing, location and connectivity.

7) Waltz Residences, Paradigm Garden City, OUG

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Property Type: Condominium
Built-up: 948 sq ft – 3,000 sq ft
Price: From RM814,000
Fun fact: Paradigm Garden City will be breaking new ground when it comes into such a matured township as OUG with its swanky mix of “happening” corporate office towers, retail offices, residences, hotel and well-known shopping paradise.

6) Emporis Serviced Residences, Kota Damansara

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Property Type: Serviced Residences
Built Up: 750 sq ft – 1,047 sq ft
Price psf: Average of RM750
Fun fact: Emporis in Kota Damansara not only holds a prime address but is close to other notable attractions such as The Curve.

5) Eco Ardence, Setia Alam

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Property Type: Semi-detached, Bungalows, Link houses, Terraces, Townhouses
Built-up area: From 2,391 sq ft
Price: From RM870,000
Fun fact: Eco World is a leading and reputable developer (both locally and abroad), so you can anticipate that their projects, particularly Eco Ardence, are ‘a cut above the rest’.

4) Eco Majestic, Semenyih

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Property Type:
  • Apartments
  • Double-storey terrace houses
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Cluster houses
  • Bungalows
  • Shop offices
Built-up Area:
  • Landed: 2,019 sq ft – 5,054 sq ft
  • Low- to medium-cost homes: 750 sq ft, 800 sq ft, 900 sq ft
  • Shop offices: N/A
  • Landed homes: From RM645,000
  • Apartments: From RM100,000
  • Shop offices: N/A
Fun fact: Eco Majestic is EcoWorld’s flagship township in the Klang Valley, and it is also the first township by EcoWorld to have its own auxiliary police office within the development itself.

3) Eco Forest, Broga Hills, Semenyih

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Property Type:
  • 2-storey terrace houses
  • Low/medium cost apartments
  • 2- and 3-storey terrace shops/offices
Built-up Area:
  • 2-storey terrace Artisan Homes: 1,865 sq ft – 2,309 sq ft
  • 2-storey terrace Garden Homes: 2,143 sq ft – 2,355 sq ft
  • 2-storey shop office Lindenway: 2,877 sq ft – 5,535 sq ft
  • Artisan Homes: From RM598,000
  • Garden Homes: From RM700,000
  • Lindenway: N/A
Fun fact: Houses in Eco Forest comes with an A-frame concept. This offers a fresh take on how terraces can look in an environment that embraces its natural surroundings.

2) SkyLuxe On The Park, Bukit Jalil

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Property Type: Serviced apartment
Built-ups: 661 sq ft – 2,102 sq ft
Price: From RM609,000
Fun fact: The Gym Room protrudes out of the building so that you get the feeling that you are exercising in mid air.

1) Eco Grandeur, Puncak Alam

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Property Type: Residential / Commercial
Built-up Area:
  • Graham Garden: 1,521 sq ft – 1,743 sq ft
  • Avenham Garden: 1,778 sq ft – 1,877 sq ft
  • Norton Garden: 2,159 sq ft – 2,516 sq ft
  • Esplanad: 22’ x 75’ – 46’ x 80’
  • Graham Garden: From RM529,000
  • Avenham Garden: From RM697,000
  • Norton Garden: From RM980,000
  • Esplanad: From RM1.29 million
Fun fact: The developer aims to achieve a Green Building Index (GBI) Certified Township status for Eco Grandeur.

If this list did not feature your desired project, then why not search for it amongst our comprehensive list of project reviews here!

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